Longshot Magazine's treasure map: follow it and win $750


7 Responses to “Longshot Magazine's treasure map: follow it and win $750”

  1. Jackasimov says:

    found :(

  2. t3knomanser says:

    What am I waiting for?

    An excuse to go to San Francisco. Which, let’s be honest: $750 is not enough of an excuse. I’d be better off hiding $750 in Pittsburgh and hoping somebody finds it. “Somebody” being me. Which should be trivial, if I’m the one that hides it.

    Based on the map, I’m fairly convinced you could find this money in Frick Park, so they may still have hidden it in Pittsburgh.

  3. Motion select says:

    It was under a giant W.

  4. knoxblox says:

    As an ex-analyst of maps, I can state that them’s some poor cartography skills there.

  5. SkullHyphy says:

    Argh! I know where it is, but I’m not in the city! I suppose it’ll be found soon; probably already has.

  6. lucidprose says:

    “Below a tank array you’ll find your tonic I’d keep my eye out for a bottle of Tanqueray

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