Back To School Art Competition: De-CGI something and win prizes from HP/AMD


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  1. vadermoss says:

    So who won? I didn’t see any announcement on the date in question.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what a great idea for a contest! I think I will give it a try.. hmmmm…. . what to do… hmm

  3. LupinFan says:

    I decide to make a light cycle from the movie Tron using a sponge and a few sharpies.
    Here’s a before and after shot:


  4. Tsubasa no Kami says:

    i’m so going to do this!! :D

  5. vadermoss says:


    Here is my entry entitled ‘Totoro Wins Mario Kart’ which is done in water color on illustration board. Thanks for having this contest :-)

    Best wishes,

  6. Trent Hawkins says:

    A boing boing contest closed to Canada… sigh…

  7. LupinFan says:


  8. jungletek says:

    HP? Do not want. Laptops that overheat because of poor thermal design, crappy printers with overpriced ink, etc.

  9. zikzak says:

    Maybe some lawyer-type can parse this better than I – from the contest rules:

    entry into this Contest constitutes Entrant’s irrevocable and perpetual permission, consent and license, without further compensation or attribution, to use, reproduce, print, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, adapt, enhance, or display such Submission in connection with the Website, the Contest, the Sponsor and the Prize Provider and the advertising and Contest of the foregoing.

    It sounds to me like HP gets the right to edit and use any entry in this contest (whether it wins or not) in their own advertising for free, without giving credit, right? If so, seems like quite a bargain for HP…especially considering the high quality creative work I know all you mutants bring to the table :)

    • Rob Beschizza says:

      ZikZak, that section refers to us (me!). HP has no involvement at all in the competition other than providing the gear and getting the corresponding mentions here in the post. You’re giving us permission to publish the entry “in connection” with them, bla bla bla law law law.

      • zikzak says:

        I see, it was confusing with the terms “Sponsor” and “Prize Provider” thrown in there. In fact, i still don’t really get the legalese, but if you say so I guess I trust that. Thanks for the explanation!

      • agger says:

        Basically, what the legalese says is that if you submit an entry to Boing Boing’s competition, Boing Boing gets to post it. Which is, of course, entirely fair.

        But, I do have an issue. This is a clueful web site. Why on eart the legalise? If the above is what is to be understood, then why not just write that, clearly? Legalese is hostile and demeaning and seriously, I don’t think it’s necessary.

        • Rob Beschizza says:

          The legalese exists to protect us from lawsuits from ‘competition chaser’ lawyers. That’s all! It’s a necessary part of being able to run the contest.

  10. Withremote says:

    Here’s my 8-bit Black Mage from Final Fantasy

    39 x 27 inches aprox., each pixel is a 1 1/2 inch block of pine, hand painted and then glued.

  11. kwheelwr says:

    In response to comment #25, I took a whack at creating a little piece of Pandora here on earth.

    You’re welcome. ;)

  12. Daemon says:

    Meh. Not open to Canadians. Fail. At least set it up so that we can enter and have prize go to charity of our choice.

  13. soubriquet says:

    Could we perhaps have an edit of the post title to make clear at the outset that this is NOT a Boing-Boing competition, it’s a Boing-Boing USA only competition.

    We’re a global readership.

  14. LupinFan says:

    The last link I sent wasn’t a public one.
    Here it is:

  15. pKp says:

    Good luck to y’all US mutants.

    I don’t care anyway. My country has better health care AND better cheese.

  16. caipirina says:

    What #5 said .. and #6? Italy or France? :)

  17. Beatupclone says:

    Well, it just so happens that I finished this project last night. In Star Wars episode II and III, all of the clone troopers are completely CGI. I built a replica DC-15 blaster rifle from wood, PVC, and some plastic from a model airplane kit. Here is what the rifle looks like in the movies:

    Here is my take on it, assuming the clone got beat up pretty hard trying to kill Jedi when Order 66 was issued:

  18. Anonymous says:

    …this is one time where i wish i didn’t live in canada….

  19. Anonymous says:

    Rob, maybe I’m missing something, but how exactly are we to submit entries? The linked Contest Rules say: “Visit (the “Website”) during the Contest Period and follow the instructions to complete and submit the entry form.” I see no such thing.

  20. RogueEntomologist says:

    I have a question: I don’t have a driver’s license or state ID, but I do have a birth certificate and a Social Security card. Do either of those work? I would hate to be disqualified because I never learned to drive and have no use for a liquor ID!

  21. Rob Beschizza says:

    This form is the form — wherever you post your entry, link to it here.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If I’m not mistaken we’re supposed to annouce our eligibility here in the sommeents and that counts as our entry? If so, Then I’m eligible and I enter!

  23. Beatupclone says:

    “Only legal residents of the U.S. aged 18 and above, who notify us in the comments thread below of their entry, can win the prizes.”

  24. The Dharmatist says:

    I’m not seeing anything in the rules (or this post) about a deadline. When do submissions need to be sent in?

  25. oohShiny says:

    I don’t really know if it qualifies, because I made the digital image myself to work from, but I figured I’d share anyway.

    Just finished this little project. A bunch of my friends all went to York, and now that we’re moving in together in Boston, we’re naming the place the House of York, so I made us a sign.

    Maybe not what you’re looking for, but I had fun doing it anyway ^__^

  26. Anonymous says:

    watercolor rendering of boing boing blog post on iPhone…
    Jesse Vital
    Hollywood CA

  27. Jim Woodring says:

    Here’s my submission… a wireframe möebius strip rotation just like the one I used to watch on the bulky prototypes my father, a computer engineer, used to bring home in the 1960′s.

    and on my “blog”

  28. Xenu says:

    One Horrible Printer (HP) product was enough for me… would not take another one even as a gift.

    Too bad, because the contest sounds like a lot of fun.

  29. Rob Beschizza says:

    Midnight next Monday!

  30. andyhavens says:

    The saga of the broken blog continues…

    Just in case you’re still judging the competition, the pics are back on the blog. [Note: upgrading an SQL4 to SQL5 database is trickier than it sounds]

  31. kmcqueen says:

    This might be a stretch…..I’ve been converting diagnostic electron microscope images (of computer chip defects) into wall pieces (all with a removable wearable element).

    Here are a couple on flickr……

  32. glatt1 says:

    The contest rules say basically that if Boing Boing tries to contact the winners, and they don’t respond within 24 hours, the prizes will be awarded to someone else. Sounds reasonable. So the 20 or so contest participants need to keep coming to this thread every day to see if this is where the announcement will be made. It’s also possible the announcements will go to the email account used to register to make comments. The rules don’t say, but the participants better make sure to check that account each day as well.

    If it seems like the participants are getting restless, this may be why. They have been checking a couple different locations once a day for a couple of months.

    Everyone wants to know the results, but nobody wants to hurt their chances of winning by being obnoxious and pestering Boing Boing. It was a cool contest idea and it would be cool to have some feedback on the work submitted by the entrants.

    Thanks for hosting the contest!

    • Sillybicycle says:

      Don’t worry too much–I have a good feeling that everyone’s keeping track of their accounts. Last I heard (no regrets pestering), the results will be posted soon.

  33. Cinder says:

    This is a neat contest. I’m so in! Seven days almost seems like too much time… XD

  34. gregorz718 says:

    I’ll give it a shot – but what do I De-CGI…?

  35. h0n0rb says:

    Here’s my entry, a Flying Toasters Zoetrope:

  36. Rob Beschizza says:

    We’ll hold the prizes, don’t worry. TOMORROW AM FOR REALZ.

    It’s been a busy october. November. ish.

  37. teapot says:

    Nice work HP – concoct a promo competition offering your products as prizes, place it on a blog with large international readership, and then open the competition only to US citizens (legal? – what you gonna do, make ‘em produce papers you jokers?).

    I’m not in the market for a new PC anyway, but the fact that this competition is closed to non-US entrants just makes me think: Don’t buy HP products. Is that the marketing message and public-buzz you were aiming for with this campaign HP?

    If so, nice job! Another potential customer down the drain.

  38. NJ says:

    One imagines the HP Marketing meeting:
    “This form factor business isn’t moving product as we’d hoped, so we’re adding a little something to this month’s sales contest. Anyone wanna see fourth prize?
    Fourth prize, set of steak knives. Fifth prize is you’re fired.”

  39. OhSnappl! says:

    Here’s my rushed attempt, I think its not so bad

  40. Rob Beschizza says:

    Winners to be announced on Monday, Oct 15. Thank you!

  41. dorkus1218 says:

    I recreated the Photoshop tool menu with real tools (mostly,) and with no “photoshopping” (gimp to crop.)

  42. Rob Beschizza says:

    Thank you all for your entries! Submissions are now closed!

  43. steotch says:

    Look at our entry:

    Just look at it.

    We started this the day the competition was posted, and finished it late last night.

    For more handmade stuff you’re sure to grok, see our whole newly-revealed online gallery at

  44. Anonymous says:

    I would like to take a stab at this. Fun.

  45. Luna21 says:

    I feel dumb for asking but how/where do we submit entries? I can’t figure it out.

  46. TotoroJoe says:

    I demand somebody produce a landscape from the world of Pandora, using genetically engineered flora and fauna. Please.

  47. Rob Beschizza says:

    ATTENTION! HP has graciously agreed to ship prizes to Canada also. I’ve updated the rules to reflect that. (However, please note that the published contest rules are Boing Boing’s, not HP’s.)

  48. GarageDragon says:

    Man, this was a fun project to work on!

    I present my submission: animated Paper Tetris!

    (The animated version is the original size version.)

    • robohobo says:

      How do I look at the animated version? There is no link to “original size” and you have downloads turned off. I’d love to see it!

  49. technoplastique says:

    I’ve been doing some paintings of space, and since I’m pretty sure they aren’t actually making movies/tv shows on location in space yet (though I’m sure it will happen eventually) I think this probably qualifies. Thanks for taking a look!

  50. fergus1948 says:


    “You retain the copyright in your entries.”

    Seeing as how BoingBoing (and Cory in particular) are always lambasting people who protect their creative work by evil legal means such as copyright, shouldn’t this say…

    “Your submissions belong to everyone, not you. Anyone can use them in any way for any reason. Stop trying to protect your own work, you jerks!”

    • agger says:

      Boing Boing has never, to my knowledge, written anything negative about the concept of copyright as such. They have been applauding people who have used novel ways to let people access and use copyrighted materials. As Cory does with his novels, or as we do when we use free software.

  51. agger says:

    One more question, mainly from puzzlement: If this is Boing Boing’s contest, not HP’s, then why limit participants to US residents? This is a strange behaviour in a blog one of whose partners is a Canadian resident in London. Why exclude the rest of the world?

    • Rob Beschizza says:

      You can *participate* anywhere, but HP can only *ship prizes* to certain places. The bottom line is that you will official not win a prize if you are abroad, but we’ll see if we can donate it on your behalf (so long as it is legal for us to do so) to a charity here in the U.S.

  52. Sillybicycle says:

    My piece is a sound waveform recreated to be tangible.

    Link to my Facebook album!

  53. LupinFan says:

    I’m definitely doing this. I haven’t done an art project since high school.

  54. rubirubi says:

    Here is my entry, a QR code quilt made from recycled clothes.

  55. glatt1 says:

    This is my entry into Boing Boing’s Back To School Art Competition.

    This stop motion animation pays homage to the CGI that Pixar did in its famous first all CGI film, Luxo Jr. back in 1986.

    Boing Boing fans will recognize Jackhammer Jill and the Unicorn Chaser.

    The animation consists of 194 individual still shots that I took with my still camera and joined together into an animation. Jackhammer Jill and the unicorn were drawn by me in crayon and Sharpie.

  56. RogueEntomologist says:

    Here is my entry, an analog robot finds kitten:

  57. Clemoh says:

    Blame Canada :D

  58. robohobo says:

    I made the 3d pipes screen saver from windows out of pvc. Check it out. :)

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