Fire tornado photos

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This is a fire tornado that emerged from a brush fire on Sunday near Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano. National Geographic posted a gallery of amazing shots of these strange blazing whirlwinds. "Fire-Tornado Pictures: Why They Form, How to Fight Them"


    1. surely that reads “…how to fight the m.”

      God only know this enigmatic ‘M’ is but it must be hella-scary if it only makes an appearance when fire tornadoes form!

      Hawaii sure is one amazing place!

  1. The last Stanford pre-Big Game bonfire in November of 1993 burned in such a way that twin fire tornadoes rose up from either side of it. Unbelievable sight close up. Well as close as you could tolerate anyhow. It was pretty warm.

  2. Not really a tornadoe. Closer to a dust devil. A tornadoe forms in the clouds and extends down to the ground. This forms on the ground and extends upward.

  3. You know somebody in hollywood is writing a script right now where one of these ignites the gulf oilspill, just in time for an earthquake and/or meteorite strike to create a flaming tsunami.

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