Tom the Dancing Bug: Super-Fun-Pak Comix

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    1. An excellent early webcomic, “Bruno the Bandit”, went under because the author had time in the day to draw the comic, but not to perform the relentless social-media bullshit you need to survive against all the other social media-oriented webcomics.

      (And, BTW, what is Mikey so excited about there..?)

  1. me: I’m an atheist.
    him: I believe in god.
    me: Defend your point.
    him: The world is too complicated, interesting and beautiful to be an accident explainable by physics.
    me: You are ultimately alone, a drop of protoplasm adrift in an incomprehensibly vast, utterly uncaring universe.
    him: O…K. Bye.

    1. Fallacy of excluded middle, false dichotomy, appeal to reverence, etc. And yet everyone falls for it, every time! C-:

      1. Neither of us fell for anything (shades of gray?), and we didn’t get to explore each others’ guts :(

  2. Listen, pal. I don’t know where you get your information, but my guts are NOT 23 feet long. I had surgery.

  3. Only a superhero of Garry Winton’s strength can get away with wearing TWO collared shirts at the same time.

  4. This could be trouble. It seems that Betty is beginning to suspect that Gary Winton and Gary-Winton-Man are one and the same.

    Perhaps Gary Winton can get his butler to appear as Gary-Winton-Man (he would lend the butler his green collared shirt as a disguise) and they both could appear in front of Betty at the same time, therefore alleviating her suspicions.

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