Teaching robots to lie

Come the robot revolution, we'll all probably be forced to play hide-and-seek a lot. Researchers at Georgia Tech have worked out algorithms that allow robots to learn when a situation might call for some less-than-honest behavior, and help our soon-to-be-overlords figure out how best to deceive us. So far, the robots have only used this new-found ability to lay false trails during games of hide-and-go-seek. But I think we all know what's coming. Eventually.


  1. creating an algorithm for a robot to take different actions for different situations… is not “teaching how to lie”

  2. Here’s a fun scenario…

    Some years down the line, robots do take over and subjugate and/or eliminate humanity from earth. Then, some spacefaring civilization (possibly even some earthlings that came back to visit) sees the devastation, checks the records, and sees that every single step that led to the rise of the robot overlords was met with people playfully joking that it would lead to the rise of the robotic overlords.

    It would indeed boggle the mind of the future visitors, how we could be such dumbasses on the matter.

    1. bardfinn said,

      “This was a triumph.

      I’m making a note here: Huge Success.

      It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.”

      I concur. Us hu-mans are very smart.

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