Watch a man learn the meaning of "kleptoparasitism" (video)

A gentleman enjoys a sandwich by the sea… for a moment. Kleptoparasitism strikes again!

There's nothing like taking some time out for yourself, sitting down to enjoy your sandwich, and watching the waves roll in.

In the world where wings do dance,
Where skies are blue, and sunbeams prance,
There lies a tale of cunning might,
Of feathered thieves in day and night.

From cliffs and shores and urban sprawls,
Birds engage in crafty brawls.
A sandwich here, an ice cream cone,
No picnic safe, nor lunch alone.

Gulls and ravens, clever crew,
With beady eyes and beaks so true,
Watch and wait for moments prime,
To strike and steal in perfect time.

The seagull swoops, the raven darts,
A game of skill, of cunning arts.
They pilfer snacks with deft display,
A meal secured, they're on their way.

No honor among these avian thieves,
Their bold heists bring no reprieves.
Yet in their larceny, we find,
A glimpse of nature's playful mind.

For in the skies, where freedom reigns,
Even thieves wear beauty's chains.
A kleptoparasite's sly dance,
A risky bet, a chance, a glance.

So guard your treats, be ever wise,
Against the robbers of the skies.
For in their flight, both wild and free,
They teach us of life's subtle glee.

ChatGPT poem on Kleptoparasitism