Tornado in Brooklyn

Steve Silberman says: "This video is like Cloverfield meets 2012: Brooklyn Tornado 9/16/10."

One YouTuber called this a "bronado." You'll learn why. Language not safe for work.

Tornado in Brooklyn


  1. meh, malaysian thunderstorms are like this on their best behaviour. on their worse, landslides and roofs ripped apart, trees uprooted and worse…

    of course, i understand the novelty of a tornado IN brooklyn… just that on this video it doesnt look like much.

    1. True, but then when that cold white stuff falls from the sky and everything shuts down because ice is scary they get to look right back at Texans like me and call us the same thing.

    2. Not to mention Florida. That’s a normal afternoon thunderstorm. No tornado here folks, move along.

      Not to say there wasn’t a tornado in Brooklyn yesterday. Just that these guys weren’t in it.

  2. First thought, come live in the Midwest. Second thought, damn, that’s intense. Last thought, who the hell lives in A10?

  3. I am embarrassed for all Brooklynites. Most of us don’t scream like little children when the wind blows. Sure it was pretty bad, but c’mon, it’s nothing compared to what they get in the midwest.

  4. These guys need to get out of Brooklyn more often. We were getting storms like this once or twice a week in the Chicago area this summer. Amusing for a few minutes, then annoying if you lose power or your basement takes water.

  5. These guys are ridiculous.
    There was a tornado as part of that storm – but i don’t think it hit their neighborhood.

    I think they just got the super intense freak storm that came with it.

    That storm hit North Brooklyn too. The winds got so intense trees were listing and branches just snapped off in mid air. The looked like little kids blowing seeds off a dandelion.

    And then it hailed ice cubes. 1 – 1.5″ chunks of ice dropped from the sky.

    I’ve never seen such an intense storm hit NYC. even if it was only for 5 minutes.

    1. True that. If they’d been in a real tornado, they’d have been pulled off the balcony or their screen doors would’ve blown out.

      Definitely a major severe thunderstorm that doesn’t hit NYC very often. And that storm line was moving FAST! But I have yet to see any videos from the event that convince me the person was actually in or near a tornado.

  6. Interesting video, ruined by drunken camerawork and constant Swedish Chef-with-Tourettes “dood, dood” noises.

  7. What a bunch of butt-monkeys!!! I’ve been in worse storms in a canoe on a river. These guys are in the relative safety of a building and they are running around like a bunch of chickens when a cat comes through. A heavy rain and a bunch of wind blows these turds away and because they can’t hold a f’n camera steady and get the shot we award them a butt-monkey of the year award to ALL of them. This is just like those UFO nutz who can be still and get a shot. That was no tornado. Just a big wind like the one that was probably storming through the apartment when these clowns finally settled down. What a dissapointment…

  8. Omg! Omg! Look at the coddled city people freaking out over a storm! Omg! Omg! Look that tree lost a branch! Holy mother of god!

    I wonder what these doofuses would’ve done when we had ice storms in NE that had trees exploding like cannons as their trunks snapped.

  9. I can hear thousands of mid-westerners laughing and saying “yes, right, go stand near the window during a tornado! Nice move Brooklyn!”

  10. Branches are being ripped from the tree across the street, there is flying debris landing on their balcony, and these guys are right up against a window. Are they trying for a Darwin Award nomination?

  11. Do they know how editing works? Do they know they’re now famous for squealing like girls about the weather?
    3 years ago a REAL tornado yanked the whole roof off of my dad’s house, totaled his car and pitched a set of stadium bleachers 1/4 mile and through his garage door. They never did find his shed. 2 houses on the block were demolished.

  12. Ah yes, the near ubiquitous squeals of New Yorkers who believe that everything is bigger and badder in their city. A real tornado would have them getting away from the windows, trees flying, cars flying, cats and dogs living together, etc. Of course, this is the city that was put on alert last year because of a coyote that somehow made it into Manhattan. Hide your children! Carry pepper spray! Damn, Nature! You scary!

  13. It happened once in Brooklyn?

    Upcoming New York Times headline: Twisters: The Hip, New Trend Sweeping the Nation

  14. And from Southern Ontario, Canada’s own tornado alley (New and improved! Now with bigger tornadoes!) : Grow a pair, guys.

  15. Here on Jupiter we have storms that could devour millions of your so-called Midwestern States. You are mere indeterminate genitalia!

  16. Just to try and salvage some of Brooklyn’s rep – my 3-year old, born and raised here in BK unlike the yokel transplants in this video, was WAY more calm about the whole thing. She simply said ‘i guess now it’s fall.’ Because that’s what all the trees did.

    1. yeah, you know youve lived in ny when youre more interested in the apartment fixtures than the storm… and then you try to guess their rent.

  17. ” “This video is like Cloverfield meets 2012: Brooklyn Tornado 9/16/10.””

    I’d say it’s more like “City slicker frat boys meet normal midwestern weather”

  18. Seriously, these guys need to read a few of those “Boost Your Word Power” articles, or visit the Midwest where undoubtedly they have 37 different words for “tornado”.

  19. I have to jump in and defend my hometown here. First off, these guys are from California, they aren’t NY’ers. Real NY’ers are experts at saving their own asses. We know better than to stand in front of a wall of glass during a tornado. Second, they shot this in Greenpoint, which is North Brooklyn. We did get a real tornado, but it was in South Brooklyn. Very far from where this guys are. A woman was killed, roofs were torn off houses etc, trees down etc. It’s a mess out here today.

    1. “First off, these guys are from California, they aren’t NY’ers. Real NY’ers are experts at saving their own asses.”

      Funny, we say the same things about people who go through earthquakes out here and scream about it. But those are just earthquakes…

    2. That is not Greenpoint. That is Bushwick, dammit. That condo building has been annoying me with rancid Top-40 spinning DJ roof parties all summer. If I have to hear coked up co-eds sing along to Justin Bieber at 3AM one more time, I’m getting a slingshot. My house, btw, is on the left of the screen at 1:16. If you squint you could see my killjoy sourapples face if I wasn’t at work a mile away.

  20. We get these fairly regularly – scratch that, all the time – down south. To be fair, they can be very frightening for someone who has never experienced one before. I’ve been frightened by one or two myself, and I pretty much grew up hiding with my hands on my head in the hallways of darkened schools and homes while yet another twister roared by. I think my point is that the bravest among us can be rendered into inarticulate gibbering crybabies when exposed to the truly primordial. Cut these “bros” a break.

  21. As a long time Kansas resident, I’d love to point and laugh, but I have neighbors who stand on their back porches and rebuke the storm in the name of Jesus, so perhaps I’m in no position. :-)

    Yeah, it’s all eff-ing awesome until the debris starts busting out all the windows you’re standing in front of.

  22. For the first two minutes, I thought “That right thar is whut hWe in Texas call a ‘Rainstorm’.”.

    Then the tree shredded.


  23. …My brother once picked up two “Seen-It-All” teens hitch hiking their way out of Brooklyn. They made it as far as the edge of Pennsylvania, and then they went completely batshit at their first sight of actual, life-sized cows. Scared the peapods out of these two self-convinced worldly badasses, who had been under the impression that cattle were about the size of German Shepherds.

    My brother dropped them off at a state police-manned weigh station and let them sort it out. Morons.

  24. that looks like an F1. having lived through an F2 that took down my timber-frame barn and threw it into my house last year, I can only say these guys are IDIOTS. the force of our tornado exploded a bedroom window in our house – it embedded shards of glass into the wall and ceiling 11 feet away. that could have been our eyeballs had we not had the common sense to go to the basement. NEVER stand near glass while watching a storm that might be a tornado.

    yes, I know it’s exciting, boys. set up the camera and WALK AWAY.

  25. i was in the city when the “tornado” hit but i still haven’t seen one convincing photo or video of it.

    sorry, world, there ARE a lot of dumb hipsters here. feel free to laugh at our expense. as long as they stay out of Queens, I don’t care…

  26. I imagine that when cavemen discovered fire, they had a similar reaction. Grunting, howling, dashing towards the fire and then running away.

  27. I think perhaps what some commenters aren’t considering is that dude oh my god dude holy shit tornado dude oh my god oh my god holy shit dude.


  29. To everyone saying “come live in he midwest,” it’s all relative, you know. Clearly they were excited. Clearly they are possibly mildly retarded. Yes, they are probably from here in California (sadly). It’s a good video. As a native Californian (?) I NEVER get a good storm, so I love stuff like this. And I had a good laugh while watching as well.
    Oklahoma? Pussies. Try living on Jupiter. ;)

  30. I don’t think you could get milder weather than southern California. Wait till these guys see their first blizzard.

    DDUDUUUUUUUUUUDE! Snow flakes! HUNDREDS of ’em!

    1. Reminds me of a sweet California transplant who went to high school here in Wichita and sat next to me in Biology. The teacher had to let her go outside to see her first snowfall.

      By the way, we had grapefruit-sized hail yesterday in some parts of the city and surrounding areas. That Brooklyn-ite standing on the balcony would have been pulverized.

  31. Sorry folks. Those are straight-line winds, likely generated by a bowing section of an MCS (mesoscale convective system) formed from supercells that grew in New Jersey.

  32. Not even close to any tornado…where is the freaky yellow-green sky? Where are the golf-ball to fist-sized hailstones?

    I go for walks in worse weather than this.

  33. Someone *please* photoshop the wicked witch of the East riding a bicycle through the storm!

    Oh, and nice apartment. (yes I’m from NY)

  34. if you’re going to risk your life filming a tornado, at least get some good footage, bro. gives me a headache watching that

    I live right around the corner from these guys… the coolest part was the sky turning green. And when people have said that before, I didn’t realize it’s not really just the sky, it’s like the air and light itself down to street level was green, then it was like a bomb went off

    several 200 pound branches landed on my tomatoes :(

  35. This video actually shows the tornado rotation at the end. Watch the debris pattern change before the cameraperson bailed. Judging by the location given though, it was probably the funnel cloud that touched down further into Brooklyn.

  36. Yeah, with all the Duuudes and Ohmigods and Ho-lee-shits, I took these guys for Californians. Couldn’t they at least have mixed up the interjections a bit, maybe tossed in a “Zounds!” or a “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” or two?

    Dignity-free, and only noteworthy because of the location, but still worth a few giggles.

    At my 10-year high school reunion back in 1998, we had a beach party on Crown Point in San Diego on the second day. At one point, we were treated to the spectacle of an actual waterspout tootling along up Fiesta Bay. It was rather eye-popping, and not the sort of thing any of us had seen before, but when it started heading toward our section of beach, the only reaction was to get the kids out of the Jolly Jump.

    These boys are quite excitable. Poor A10.

  37. This is ridiculous. That green steeple belongs to a church right by my place off the JMZ line. I didn’t even know there was a real storm until my parents called me after classes in Manhattan!

    1. figured, heh… XXX and 000s to ya…

      Dorthy, Toto, Flying Monkeys, etc.

      we need the whole kit and kaboodle!

      WW flying about is also a great suggestion.

  38. “Second, they shot this in Greenpoint, which is North Brooklyn.”

    If they were in Greenpoint, then this was shot a little over three MILES from Park Slope, where most people think the tornado hit.

    We’re not talking something as visually impressive as an F4 hurtling across the plains, but please note that Park Slope has a population density of 70,000 people per square mile. An F0 or F1 can do incredible damage in a neighborhood like this because it’s chock full of stuff and there’s not a lot of open space for debris to land.

    And there absolutely was a green sky. Many people have mentioned it, and I personally saw it in Manhattan, 8 or 10 miles away from all this. I had no idea what it meant, I just remember thinking “WTF? Jade sky? That’s weird.”

    Also, if it wasn’t a tornado, please tell me what kind of storm literally sucks up a mid-sized tree, ripping its trunk apart from its roots and tossing its base on top of a car’s hood in the street. It didn’t splinter at its trunk like it was pushed over by a strong wind, there wasn’t any tree debris between the trunk hold and the trunk on top of the car. It literally looks like a giant toothpick that some enormous hand plucked out of the ground and then dropped so part of it fell on the car.

    1. Yep, green sky is typical for tornado storms (even if you don’t get a funnel).

      If the sky looks like it is bruised, all weird purples and greens, then you are below a dangerous clod.

      I grew up in tornado alley, I watched a lot of these go by, most not dropping a funnel.

      After watching these two chuckleheads stand right next to plate glass, I don’t feel at all bad about not cowering in the basement for an hour during a tornado warning.

  39. “I am embarrassed for all Brooklynites. Most of us don’t scream like little children when the wind blows. Sure it was pretty bad, but c’mon, it’s nothing compared to what they get in the midwest.”

    Agreed. Nice pad for those hipsters, I’m figuring daddy’s money. Surprised the little girls didn’t also call their mothers.

    I also grew up in OK, currently living in NYC. We gathered the family to the center of the house, and sometimes even sat in the heaviest item, the bathtub. About twice a month, every summer. Then you come out to see which houses are still standing.

    Part of the problem, is that kids like this when recording anything, often/always intend to post it on YouTube or Facebook. So they kind-of know they’re “performing” for the stage, and their behavior isn’t completely natural.

  40. High winds typically associated with severe thunderstorms are associated with either downbursts or tornadoes. Usually a mesocyclone is associated with these strong wind events. A mesocyclone rotates in the atmosphere but the mesocyclone does not touch the ground, but they can spawn tornadoes. Tornadoes are classified on the EF scale from EF0 to EF5 due their wind speed and associated structure damage. What is not known as well is that downbursts are classified on their areal extent into the categories of microbursts and macrobursts. High winds can exceed over 100mph in these downbursts are sometimes called ‘straight-line winds’ which still may resemble a tornado. It may have looked like winds were rotating due to the surrounding structures. New York City has many structures and the wind has to find the path of least resistance through these structures, and so may filter around buildings to give the appearance of rotation near the ground.

    The National Weather Service is doing a damage survey which ultimately determines whether a macroburst or a tornado occurred. Since this event occurred in a heavily populated area, it will be easier to determine if this was a tornado or not. Due to the large amount of damage to examine though, it may take a while since Brooklyn is not a small town or field.

    The video sure is incredible but should be called “High Winds in Brooklyn” instead until this investigation is completed later today or Saturday.

    Hope this information helps.

  41. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder why crap like this is even posted on BB…

    Tornado my ass, I’m in a storm that bad about every year and I live in the South…in a city no less. Sure it’s a little hectic and makes your pulse go up, but I’m not freaking out like some little girl. Now when lightening hit a tree in my neighbors yard that had me up in the air a little.

    Perhaps the tree is shredding because it only sees wind like that every decade or so?

    Christ what a bunch of goobers.

  42. Ok, so it wasn’t exactly a tornado in North Brooklyn. But for some reason I feel I should defend them. The reason they’re acting like that is this weather came from NOWHERE. Little cloudy, little rain, then all of a sudden, the skies darken, turned green, and the wind came within seconds, dust, sheets of rain. Where I live, in Bushwick, ten people were killed by falling trees (Maria Hernandez Park). The hospital’s roof caved in. MASS DESTRUCTION!

    1. Check those facts on Bushwick, UstinJay. No deaths in the park, and the hospital’s roof most certainly did not cave in. Some insulation was torn from beneath the port-cochere (where taxis drop people off). Yes, lots and lots of tree damage, tragic amounts really – but no massacre.

      1. Checked later on today before reading you checking me… troof, no deaths. Last time I rely on news via roommates. :)

  43. A) Man, people in the Midwest assume everyone else is a hipster. These dudes are as frat-tastic as it gets. Hipsters avoid high winds because of low body mass/risk of unintentional flight (also, hard to light cigs)

    B) Rad carpeted cat ladder/scratching post, bros.

  44. What is it about fear/excitement that makes grown men run around screaming in falsetto?

    Evolution used to take care of these kinds of things.

  45. I live close to the city, and if I saw this I’d freak out too. Get off your bad weather high horses!
    Also, the bro-ness of this video is incredible.

  46. That’s like a baby F1. Wimps.

    As someone who lives in an area where tornadoes wipe out entire chunks of towns several times a year, these guys are laughable.

    Go ahead. Stand next to the window during that storm. It’s not like glass breaks or anything. Look at the tree. It’s smarter than you. Idiots.

    1. There´s just so many things to get excited about. Junk food, guns, musicals, huge cars, football, creationism, wars of conquest, shopping frenzies to name a few.

  47. When I was six and my brothers were 5 and 3 a series of tornadoes hit Florida while we were out grocery shopping. The front of the store was one solid wall of glass and we all stood there watching as three seperate tornadoes came at us. Hail the size of softballs smashed the glass, cars went rolling across the parking lot and the sound was indescribable. But we still didn’t scream and freak out half as much as these guys. Have they never seen weather before?

  48. I currently live in Brooklyn, I lived in MI for ten years, and I was in MA for hurricanes Gloria (85?) and Bob (early 90s?). I saw the storm come in over lower Manhattan, and by the time I got off the subway here in Park Slope I had missed it by about 5 minutes. One of the entrances to the subway was blocked with scaffolding debris. Foliage was everywhere, streets were closed due to trees and tree limbs.

    I don’t care what anyone labels it (tornado or not), it was not fun.

  49. Looks like somebody forgot their medication.

    How many times did the other guy close that patio door for “Oh my god dude!!!1111” to reopen it?

  50. I seem to remember reading ( or hearing?) that if a tornado is approaching, you should OPEN ALL of the windows and doors of the house, before retiring to an interior closet, or windowless bathroom or basement – so that the open windows would reduce the sudden pressure change that could otherwise explode the house, as the tornado passes over.
    Bullshit, or not?

    I hope I never need to make that decision, though.

    1. We were taught that too, growing up, but I’ve read more recently that the miniscule difference in pressure isn’t worth the effort, and will only guarantee you a horrible mess to clean up.

    2. It’s bullshit. Dangerous bullshit. Opening the windows just gives the wind a place to gain purchase on the interior walls and inflate your home to bursting.

  51. Dude, Oh my god, look at the tree!

    Of course, their over the top reaction has been put to music by the best in the parody music industry: Autotune the News, aka the Gregory Brothers:

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