Tea Party website 4Channed

The official Tea party website, teaparty.org, has apparently been compromised by los del 4Chan. The "Photos" section of teaparty.org currently links to this url, which (duh, 4chan!) now contains lots of porn and racist/shock visual jokes.


  1. YES! Omg, I just hope 4chan starts to hack their social security accounts… the old folks don’t want socialism, take away their checks!

    GO 4CHAN!

  2. Taking down douche organizations like MPAA is fine..but why people are cheering that their freedom to associate is being attacked confounds me.

    This is NOT something to be happy about folks.

    1. Its not the freedom to associate that’s being attacked. Its the being part of a party that seems to embrace ignorance that’s being attacked.

          1. This is a great point. 4chan fucking with the Tea Party represents no more of an intrusion of constitutional liberties than does the Tea Party fucking with everybody else’s experience of everyday civic life.

            For the recrord, I would feel the same way if someone hacked moveon.org.

        1. Is anything preventing those people from embracing ignorance? Not a thing at all. No one is saying they can’t say what they are saying.

          Constitution does not guarantee an unharrassed website…

          1. Heck, the Constitution doesn’t even make any mention of websites at all, therefore websites are unconstitutional! Amirite?

            (I am not right)

        2. Indeed it does guarantee your right to be a ignorant racist douchecanoe. And, in its grand and august majesty, similarly guarantees my right to mock you from here to the antipodes for it.

        3. Since when has ignorance of the law been a defense in the USA?

          NEVER. You just haven’t read the Constitution bubba. Otherwise you would be saying “I thought the constitution guaranteed” Instead you would be showing us where and how it guarantees.

          You are the ignorance you defend and defend lamely I might add.

          1. “You just haven’t read the Constitution bubba. Otherwise you would be saying “I thought the constitution guaranteed” Instead you would be showing us where and how it guarantees.”

            the constitution guarantees nothing, grants nothing; it only restricts government. your right to free speech doesn’t come from the BoR; it’s inherent in your existence. rights are not granted by governments and documents. the only thing governments and documents have to do with rights is recognizing and respecting them.

        4. You should re-read the Constitution. Its protections don’t extend to the internet (in a context like this) anyhow.

      1. Oh, not just embracing ignorance. Reveling it in, snorting it, stripping naked and rolling in it, and then murdering logic in an ignorance-induced haze and dancing on its grave singing “Yessir, I Can Boogie.”

    2. I think the Tea Party’s ability to “free associate” hasn’t been hindered in any way. Ignorance can’t be GIF’d out of existence.

    3. Whatever happened to humor? Can’t you just laugh at this without feeling like you’ve been personally violated? It’s not an attack, it isn’t internet guerrilla warfare. A group of pranksters are just mocking an organization that takes itself WAY too seriously. Jeez, lighten up. Laugh or gtfo.

      1. “Whatever happened to humor?”

        If you want humor, this is it. It may not be your brand, but this is it.

        In general I’m against defacing stuff. But I am 1% behind taking something that exists solely to propagate rage and intolerance and making it funny. More please.

        1. “But I am 1% behind taking something that exists solely to propagate rage and intolerance and making it funny.”

          We need more people with that sort of commitment around here.

          Also: cocaine bear f**ing loves cocaine

    4. And the Tea Party isn’t a “douche organization”? Its the creation of a couple of disgruntled billionaires, the Koch Brothers, who, in the words of an ex-employee, “get rednecks to do their dirty work”. And with the impact they’re having on this country, I’d put the Tea Party’s douche factor several hundred levels of douche above the MPAA.

      Personally I wish 4chan had chosen better pictures. Maybe pictures of mis-spelled signs from Tea Party rallies.

      1. Agreed for the most part.

        But, I think this will only help martyr the morons. You know how much conservatives love playing the victim no matter how much they have going for them (or not). This won’t halp the overall, hairy, sweaty, steamy, tea bagger situation. Boy! That was a mouthful.

        And, that said, hahahahahaha… you Koch brother droogs.

        [cow feeling a little chaotic good tonight]

      2. I’d respond to the claim that the Koch brothers are funding us wingnuts but they didn’t send my pay check on time…

        1. “I’d respond to the claim that the Koch brothers are funding us wingnuts but they didn’t send my pay check on time…”

          Well they don’t need to give YOU a check, they give the checks to a few people and organizations who get you all worked up about fictitious tax hikes, imaginary authoritarianism, revisionist history, racial fear mongering and other bugaboos. And the stroke of genius is they make you feel like an activist for doing their bidding. Pure brilliance on their part. On the part of the average teabagger, not so much.

          All you have to do is plop yourself down in front of Fox News or whatever Rush Limbaugh-y subsidiary and you’ll continue to pay them dividends on their investment.

          1. “all worked up about fictitious tax hikes”

            show me a single year in your lifetime when tax rates AND revenue decreased, adjusted for inflation. tax hikes aren’t ‘fictitious’, they’re routine.

        2. You are a foot soldier, merely a toothless whore. That is the sad thing…you are not getting PAID. That’s the whole Fcuking point! That is where the Koch Bros are awesome in what they have done. You are being pimped for their own ends and it is scary and sad.

          If I were you I would start demanding your pay bc when they are done you are not going to have health insurance, guaranteed living/minimal wage, and social security. Cause that’s all socialist shit, right? So you better find out who is getting paid, bc someone’s surely IS, and DEMAND your cut.

    5. I take your point, and I do think a part of the enjoyment is an unacknowledged desire to silence the opposition. Although, their *right* to freely associate is not being challenged. They are free to figure out how to un-4chan their website, start a new website, disseminate anti-4chan hate literature…regardless, it’s undeniably funny. Look at the picture of the bear, and think about how pissed off so many people are because of it. Come on.

    6. I agree.

      Where are the free speech absolutists screaming about “dissent is patriotic” and “offensive speech is protected speech?”

      Then you have moronic hate-mongering bigots propagating ad-hoc lies and innuendo about “celebrating racism and ignorance” crap, without examining their own ignorance and bigotry.

      Takes all kinds, I guess.

      But that’s what fascist loving liberals do: selective application of First Amendment rights.

      1. “But that’s what fascist loving liberals do: selective application of First Amendment rights.”

        I don’t see anyone saying that the Tea Party cannot legally do what they are doing.

        I see a lot of people cheering on 4chan for picking on a group that a lot of people don’t like.

        There’s a mile of difference between “I disagree with you,” and “I think you should be legally prohibited from expressing your opinion.” Most people criticizing the Tea Party are in the former camp. Strangely enough, a lot of Tea Partiers are in the latter camp. Which, again, doesn’t really jive with a limited government in the slightest.

        Don’t give me too much credit for Teahadist. Peace Nerd @ #32 beat me to it. ;)

    7. Hey kspraydad – these people are whackjobs with high egos that need to be taken down like fifty pegs. Anonymous was awesome for this raid.

    8. They are attacking the tea partiers.. of course you should know this is a good thing unless you don’t follow politics and don’t understand what the tea party is. It’s a bunch of flaming hypocrites that are so upset they just want to destroy our economy and government, rather than see their rivals win. The Tea Party is a Spite party, and is filled with confederates and racists. If you really support the tea party, then you are evil (and that’s a fact).

      GO 4CHAN

    9. Freedom to associate? I don’t recall any such freedom. Unless you mean freedom of assembly? It typically refers to in-person gatherings. They can still assemble.

      And carry their signs like “We came unarmed (this time)”

      What was that about douchebag organisations?

  3. The “Tea Party” openly celebrates racism and ignorance under the guise of free speech. This IS something to be happy about folks.

          1. Here ya go……..

            Now then. Keep telling us you’re not convinced for some reason or another and keep digging your hole (and keep looking PFS).

            Oh… that’s right… they are all librul plants. sigh….

        1. ..and municipal sewage systems are too a dangerous socialist experiment!
          Forcing me to send my shit down a common tube with other people’s! (Shudder!)

        2. “fire engines are socialist though. pretty much any kind of state-owned emergency service. ”

          fire engines are not socialist, they’re public safety agencies. they are not in the business of redistributing wealth.

          1. Of course modern fire departments are socialist services, just like public schools and libraries and police departments and roads. Just because something is done in the name of public safety doesn’t mean it isn’t socialist. Anything and everything paid for by tax dollars is some form of “redistribution of wealth,” in that case a small portion of your wealth just happens to be paying for fire trucks and first responders’ salaries instead of, say, universal health care.

            We used to have non-socialist fire departments in this country. Walk around some of the older cities and you’ll still see emblems on certain buildings indicating that they were paid up on their fire insurance and the local engine company would show up to put out the fire if one started. The problem with that system was that even if you were protected, your next door neighbor might not be, so fires were often out of control by the time anybody responded to them. Thus we collectively decided to ditch the free-market version for our current socialized one.

          2. According to your interpretation of ‘socialism’, everything short of total anarchy must contain socialist elements, which pretty much negates the value of making the distinction in the first place.

            “Anything and everything paid for by tax dollars is some form of “redistribution of wealth,” in that case a small portion of your wealth just happens to be paying for fire trucks and first responders’ salaries”

            At that point it ceases to be wealth – wealth is assets and liquid capital. When it becomes wages, that is, when that wealth is spent and in turn earned by someone, it’s no longer ‘redistribution’, it’s plain old commerce.

            Redistribution of wealth means that the wealth does no work in getting from point A to point B. Welfare, Social Security etc are prime examples (And no, you cannot count the bureaucracies necessary to facilitate the redistribution as “work” as they are an end unto themselves.) of redistribution of wealth. Using taxes to pay for authorized services such as national defense or fire departments or police forces is not a RoW because the wealth is put to work as opposed to being merely transferred as an entitlement.

            “We used to have non-socialist fire departments in this country.”

            I think what you mean is “privately funded”, and yes, they still exist, my town has one. It is run on donations by volunteers who are minimally compensated if at all for their time and effort.

          3. According to your interpretation of ‘socialism’, everything short of total anarchy must contain socialist elements, which pretty much negates the value of making the distinction in the first place.

            Absolutely, just as anything short of totalitarianism must contain certain free market elements. The question intelligent people should ask themselves when debating these issues should not be “should we have socialism in this country or let the free market handle things?” The question should be WHICH services we socialize and which ones we leave to the free market.

          4. “Using taxes to pay for authorized services such as national defense or fire departments or police forces is not a RoW because the wealth is put to work as opposed to being merely transferred as an entitlement.”

            By this definition then of the “RoW”, socialized medicine is not socialistic because you would be putting doctors to work. Or the entire communist system is not communistic because the “wealth is put to work.” That’s what the commies do boy, they put people to work. But i guess, ultimately, what you mean by “authorized services” is “services I authorize to fit into my political philosophy regardless if they inherently contradict the basis of that philosophy.”

      1. Velkomen, Komradt Kraus!
        “Show me racism” is either the worst troll attempt of the day or a plea for your inclusion in a dialogue which (guaranteed) won’t end up making you feel as welcome or warm and fuzzy as the posts you could be making on the wingnut pages.
        Here’s the intelligent response to your post, ’cause I have a minute and don’t mind wasting my time fighting against Facism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism):
        Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. gave an excellent interview recently for National Public Radio’s On Point program (http://www.onpointradio.org/), pointing out that the thinly-veiled racism of ‘some’ Tea party members becomes clearer when you transpose all past presidents and view that against the questions of heritage and worldview(a la’ Forbes/Gingrich). Not to mention that evidence of racism is clearly posted via some of the ‘contributions’ on the Teaparty website in question. If you can’t see it then it’s because you either can’t, won’t, or don’t understand the definition of racism.
        I realize Gates is Black, so baggers immediately lack the capacity to understand he’s educated. Therefore, so even costumed nutcakes standing in fields with signs can have a turn at trying to understand what we’re dealing with, here’s a wingnut counterpoint presented in the average white suburban bagger vernacular:
        ‘Yo, you is all stupid, bro, for real! Don’t no NiJEERian be getting all up in mah Consitwoshonal Grill! Juggalos FAH LIFE, MO-FO!’
        I bid you all good day.

    1. Anon #5: “The “Tea Party” openly celebrates racism and ignorance under the guise of free speech. This IS something to be happy about folks.”

      Patently false, and you know it. And as to your second point… since when is it ok to commit a crime against someone whom says something you don’t like?

      Even if the Tea Party members were racist, that doesn’t give anyone the right to commit crimes against them. Sheesh, you’re worse than you think they are.

      1. @sgnp ha…..

        i wonder if that was the original catalyst for the 4chanisation of the teaparty site?

        stupid them from stealing from anon. ha!

  4. kspraydad @3: If 4chan were a branch of the federal government, then I would be more sympathetic to your disapproval. But private organizations attacked by private disorganizations: boo hoo.

  5. I think BB is getting ahead of itself on this story. The masses of 4chan didn’t unite to do this, rather it was the work of a few individuals.

    1. 55 people, to be approximatively exact. but it only takes so many. at peak, there were 12000 images posted. it doesn’t take that many people to wreak havoc on such a poorly defended website.

  6. Anybody starts taking bets as to how long it will take the Koch brothers to get it taken down. THe longer it takes the WAAAAY more powerful and badass are their skillz. The sooner it takes, the far more the Koch brother’s are linked to the Tea Party.

    Yet another masterpiece for the 4chan wall.

  7. @kspraydad

    You’re right, it’s not something to be happy about… it’s something to jump up and down screaming “Hell Yeah!” and sharing with everyone you know.

    It’s not about the freedom to associate, it’s about willful ignorance. The Tea Party is not a grassroots movement. It’s a movement financed by the Koch Brothers (for more info see “own everything that needs to be closely regulated” ) & some of the big players on Wall Street, it’s organized largely by corporate lobbyists/thinktanks, war profiteers, and established religious extremist/racist organizations… anyone who does not understand that at this point is either stupid or remaining willfully ignorant.

    Thus, it’s not fighting “association” it’s fighting a machine designed to inflame and mobilize people against their own self interest.

  8. dude… that is so awesome.

    and if a large proportion of the 4chaners are american, it’d nicely balance out the batpoo insanity of some of the teaparty types over in the US….

  9. whats with all the why can’t i hold all these limes line? i take it i’ve missed that meme…

    looks like the pics are being taken down now though.

  10. This is the greatest thing 4Chan has ever done. And no, the pics are still up, or at least, they have been put back up.

  11. On a macro level (LOLcats, Anonymous, et al.) 4chan is teh awesome. On a micro level (actually visiting 4chan/b/) they’re hard to deal with.

    This is somewhere in the middle of that.

  12. I think a lot of the revelry from the left on this point is because the political leaders have failed to speak publicly in terms that resonate with the frustrations and all out aghast feelings of progressives with regards to the Tea Party’s agenda, talking points and general assault on America. 4chan’s ability to speak brutal truth to power (and yes, they throw in large volumes of porn and hatred to boot, but still…) is what endears them to the lefties in this particular case.

  13. 4chan -> Tea Party “Since you don’t believe in science, you should probably stop using the Internet. Maybe elevators too, it’ll be better for your heart.”

  14. You know, I understand that there are plenty of real ethical and legal issue in play here, but let’s not lose site of the big picture: Is it funny?


    End of story.

  15. Looks like the tea-bagger mods got on top of it, all i see now is tea-bagger propaganda. I find the real tea-bagger pics to be more disturbing than anything I have ever seen on /b/ due to these people actually being serious.

    Anyway, 4Chan wins again. Yes, morans have the “right” to revel in their ignorance and hate. But one of the best things about America is that everyone else has the right to ridicule them ruthlessly. In that sense, 4Chan *is* America.

  16. hahahhaa…. actually, the teabaggers haven’t gotten on top of anything. They are trying to cover up 4chans work by uploading lots o’ repeated teabagger friendly pictures.

    If you go about 20-30 pages in (at this time) you’ll see the content from 4chan.

    I.e. they haven’t figured out how to delete anything. Just trying to deny history by burying it.

    Sounds like a core value of the teabaggin’ movement right there.

  17. Meh. Maybe if 4chan went after Fox News I’d pay attention, but the Tea Party? They’re just a bunch of pawns.

  18. Tea party site taken down: teh funny.
    Wikileaks site taken down: waaah.

    Next time, could you please put two contrasting posts right side by side, instead of with a post in between? I realize the intervening post could be taken as a comedic beat, and I do find the irony funny, but generally hypocrisy works to best effect with a rapid-fire, one-two delivery. Thanks.

    1. Is it really hypocrisy to be happy when something bad happens to people you like and unhappy when something bad happens to people you don’t, or to say that 4chan is funnier than the MPAA? Not that this post really expresses approval, happiness, or anything other than interest.

  19. funnyiest shit of all for me, is anonymous has got a capital A now. you have anonymous… and then you have Anonymous. and watch out if you piss off the kiddies cos anonymous is their hero.

  20. Doesn’t anyone realize that this only gives them more ammo? Mark my words, this will be used to argue that people against the teabaggers are necessarily childish and uncouth.

    Thanks a lot, assholes. It’s bad enough that I’m routinely ridiculed as an “elitist” or some kind of communist; now I have to answer for your sandbox bullshit, too.

    1. Thanks a lot, assholes. It’s bad enough that I’m routinely ridiculed as an “elitist” or some kind of communist; now I have to answer for your sandbox bullshit, too.

      It’s very unfortunate your parents named you Fourchan. You must constantly get blamed for all kinds of shit. Well, at least you got credit for getting that crazy cat-trasher lady in trouble.

      You should look into having your name legally changed.

  21. I’m glad to see Anon are back to their usual hi-jinks. It was a bit odd having them doing good on the internet and making old peoples birthday special.

  22. Hmmmmm…….

    You have the freedom to be a flat-earther, creationist, and belive in a scosity where everyone needs to own a uzi.

    I have the right to mock you and make fun of you all I want.

  23. I am not American so initially i thought that people like Christine O’ Donnell and the Teabaggers where some kind of elaborate prank, real life trolling organized by a comedic genius.

    I have lost faith in the US of A that actually wants to elect a semi-retard that dabbles in witchcraft and wants to ban masturbation. That is the real WTF not 4Chan.

    Also Sarah Palin. I mean really? Common people what’s wrong with you?

  24. good to see the /b/tards doing something “useful” again…I hope they ridicule/marginalize the tea party like they did the scientologists.

  25. I wouldn’t say that they marginalized Scientology. Those nutjobs are still on business. I doubt that they will convince a single person that the tea party is a big joke either. Probably this will be spinned as an attack by nefarious elits and communists against the freedom loving rednecks and will only galvanize them to troll more in real life.

    But you have to love a good prank.

    1. So many of the pictures still up there are even better than anything 4chan posted. A couple more good ones:







      Wait, this one’s definitely 4chan, even has that black stroke around the Impact font. But its got a comment dated February 21!


      Can someone please start a “Tea Party Watch” and focus on all the unintentional Tea Party gems that they’re so good at producing? Please???

    2. That’s Kenny Powers from the TV show, Eastbound and Down. Is it for real? Roll up everything shocking/facepalming you’ve seen and learned from the Internet and grade it on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the worst case scenario. That picture? Real or not, I’d put it around 20.

  26. So I figured it out: the whole Tea Party thing is a promotion for the upcoming sequel to the movie Idiocracy. It has to be. Its all just too perfect.

    My latest giggle came from their POLE Requirements (I think they meant “Poll Requirements”), which is a description of what it takes to run for office as a Tea Party candidate. Its linked from this page.

    Down near the bottom, the “Candidates Pledge” (I think they meant “Candidate’s Pledge”) is pure Tea Party gold. The font is exactly what they’d have used in Idiocracy.

    “I pledge allegience to the U.S. Constitution. I will defend it regardless of party affiliation. I acknowledge that the U.S. Constitution is fundamentally Conservative and I have fidiciary responsibility to reduce the burden of Government on its citizens. I answer to the people of whom I’m elected in so much that their fickelness does not undermine the tenets of the Constitution. I will strive to bring value to that Office if Elected not for personal gain or ambition, but for protection and perservation of the U.S. Constitution.”

    I removed the 9 [sic]’s that I had originally added since they killed the dullard flow of the prose. If an English teacher were grading that paragraph they wouldn’t even bother marking it up, they’d simply write “SEE ME”.

    Kudos to Fox News or the Koch brothers or whoever for managing to mobilize this massive group of couch potatoes into a cohesive political force. Makes me wonder if in 5 years we’ll be looking back at all this like we do the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, watching someone jovially congratulate Karl Rove for being an “evil genius”.

  27. Non-Negotiable Core Beliefs Of The Tea Party

    1. Illegal Aliens Are Here Illegally.
    2. Pro-Domestic Employment Is Indispensable.
    3. Stronger Military Is Essential.
    4. Special Interests Eliminated.
    5. Gun Ownership Is Sacred.
    6. Government Must Be Downsized.
    7. National Budget Must Be Balanced.
    8. Deficit Spending Will End.
    9. Bail-Out And Stimulus Plans Are Illegal.
    10. Reduce Personal Income Taxes A Must.
    11. Reduce Business Income Taxes Is Mandatory.
    12. Political Offices Available To Average Citizens.
    13. Intrusive Government Stopped.
    14. English As Core Language Is Required.
    15. Traditional Family Values Are Encouraged.

    This does not even make sense.

    1. @zio_donnie #111: I’m not a Tea Party member, but, I don’t really see a problem with any of the items on that list. If that’s what they believe, I just might have to check them out.

  28. Holy crap, this thread pretty much shows why nobody can have a serious political discussion nowadays.

    I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m a Tea Party member, but I do believe that budget deficits should be reduced at the federal and state levels. I guess that makes me racist, anti-science, anti-constition, anti-children, and possibly antimatter.

    1. If I may tease out your logic:

      Thread says tea party is racist and ignorant.
      Tea party says budget deficit should be reduced.
      You say budget deficit should be reduced.
      Therefore, thread says you are racist and ignorant.

      By the same logic:

      Vet says cats have a tail.
      Cats eat fish.
      You eat fish.
      Vet says you have a tail.

      See the problem?

    2. “I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m a Tea Party member, but I do believe that budget deficits should be reduced at the federal and state levels. I guess that makes me racist, anti-science, anti-constition, anti-children, and possibly antimatter.”

      No, that makes you financially conservative. You added the racist, anti-science, anti-constition, anti-children, and possibly antimatter. That is if you understand budgets, if you’re just out in the street protesting fed govt saying their socialist and stealing your money, then your also not financially conservative, you’re just an idiot (hopefully not you). Tea Party tends to fall in the latter category (and boy, have I had a lot of blank stares from tea partiers when I actually ask what plan they do want).

      I’m financially conservative, but I think the Tea Party are just a bunch of redneck whackjobs that are the current form of mob rule, mostly scared and clueless people being rounded up by some multi-billion dollar companies.

      But nice of you to try to tie in being against the Tea Party to being against managing budgets.

  29. The website seems to have a pretty decent sense of humor about the situation, at least. They don’t like it, but they’re dealing with it fairly rationally, rather than taking to the airwaves and demanding the FBI investigate 4chan or somesuch.

    Not that this makes the Tea Party any less an unwitting pawn of the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch.

    PS: Those list of 15 things are insane basically due to the self-contradictory nature of 90% of them. Family Values can’t be legislated without an intrusive government, and we can’t have a well-funded military without hefty taxes. Amongst other things.

    “I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m a Tea Party member, but I do believe that budget deficits should be reduced at the federal and state levels. I guess that makes me racist, anti-science, anti-constition, anti-children, and possibly antimatter.”

    If you wouldn’t say you’re a Tea Party member, no one’s saying you’re racist, anti-science, and anti-constitution. They’re saying that about Teahadists. If you’re not, then you’re not.

  30. I’m a member of the Tea Party Old School. You see, I’m still stuck in the mode of the Tea Party prior to the recent (?) election of a Democrat for president.

    Whenever I see the Neo-Tea Party people on my TV, I shout “Goddam Hippies! Get a Job! If you weren’t sucking on the Welfare tit, you wouldn’t have all this time to protest the American flag!” It just makes me so angry ’cause I have to work for a living, y’know?

    As a member of Tea Party Old School, I view the Right to Assembly as a nuisance utilized solely by dirtbags. I see no reason to update my views.

  31. A creative version of the technique that any parent or teacher knows well: if you keep kids busy, they won’t have time or energy to get into mischief.

  32. You know, if done to make a cohesive and coherent point or criticism, sure. As is, a bunch of offensive and worn out memes serves no constructive purpose and is only detrimental to the whole situation. Basically if you disagree with those guys, you get a cheap laugh. If you agree with them, or otherwise sympathize, you feed their ridiculous persecution complex and bolster the largely imaginary fears and assertions about the “other side”.

    Despite that, I chuckled.

  33. Just say no to family values:

    Birth of the “Tea Party” on the Chicago Options Exchange trading floor:

    You Americans kill me!
    Please stop.

    1. Well, my last comment now seems unfair to me,and i’m sorr about that.
      Mr Santelli did not specifically mention any particular mortgage lender, but I don’t recall him speaking so harshly about the AIG or Bear, Sterns bail-outs – just those which may benefit home-owners having difficulty paying the mortgage – many of which mortgages, it now seems, may turn out somewhat – well, dodgy – in terms of their legal formalities, and enforceability.

      1. I saw Santelli’s rant live on CNBC. It was a grand moment in TV history to see one of those analysts totally get OFF.

  34. I started this fiasco! Yes!

    About 3PM on Sept 21, a friend send me a link on facebook to what looked like a joke: a fire truck with a big X over it and the words “fight socialism.”

    Intrigued, I tried to post my own political bashing to the website, only to find out THEY DID NOT HAVE A VERIFICATION SYSTEM! Anyone could put in a fake email address and name and post up to 100 photos at a time!

    Idea! :D

    Just two posts on 4chan later, the internet exploded. The photo count before the attack was just about 1400. At the peak of the attack, around 8:30 mountain time, the web admins began to fight back, but by that time the photo count was over 13000!

    It was my single proudest moment of this week! :D

  35. I have mixed feelings about 4chan. On one hand, goatse, lemon party, overuse of offensive terms. On the other hand is stuff like this and the scientology protests.

  36. What amuses me most about this thread is the idea that there is an “official Tea Party website” where all the tea partiers check in for their marching orders.

    Based on a scan of their boards, I doubt there are more than a few hundred regular participants at “Teaparty.org”.

  37. How does Anonymous plan to deal with street fighting? Yeah, yeah, most of you guys are info/communication manipulators.

    So where is the bridge between net activity and street fighting? White anti-racists are not going to cut it in the real world. That’s why they don’t dare touch the lowly Redneck Shop in Laurens, SC or march on the big machine on Wall Street in NYC. Why don’t you try to interfere with either operation? Lol. We all know the answer.

    Homework for Anonymous:

    Google the Greensboro Massacre to read a funny story about some real Communists who dared the KKK to come out and fight them at a “Death To The Klan!” rally. The fight begins when some Klansmen and Neo-Nazi’s roll in to meet the challenge.

    +10pts Extra credit if you can find the video where it shows the live action shooting that takes the lives of five people.

  38. “It’s not socialism when you pay into an account and then get that money back when you retire.”

    it is if that money is not specifically earmarked for you and if you don’t have a choice in the matter.

  39. For the record 4chan didn’t hack anything. “A” person joined the Teaparty Ning network, which didn’t have user moderation enabled by its maintainer. They were then free to post messages to site forms and in this case posted a bunch of images. This took all of 20sec and no skill.

  40. You ppl talk entirely too much. Enjoy it for what it is, a simple slap in the face to a mockery of a institution.

    And kids, stop showing up on these 4Chan news items saying “checking in”, or “i was here”, or “i’m Anon” (seriously?). Its childish, media-whoring, and serves against any serious notion of the ongoing subjects by trivializing it as a pre-pubescent circle jerk of self recognition.

    That said, let it rain down.

    1. I believe that many many adults are far more childish and media whoring than the kids that drop by to say “first” and “i am Anon” on every 4chan post.

      And you can hardly have a serious discussion when people like Sarah Palin and the Reformed Masturbating Witch are involved.

      That said serious is overated, so go 4chan.

  41. I love the way Teabaggers and “Free Market” have been intertwined into this thread. It’s HILARIOUS! The former is a group of ill-educated, facist-leaning puppets imagining the world would run properly if the latter would be let loose. The latter, sadly, is a fantasy perpetuated by the transnational corporations when they need to drum up some patriotic (capitalist) fervor.
    WOOOHAH!Pretenders pretending to pretend! And trying to take back control of a global superpower! Damn! At least the Dominionists have a plan!

  42. All of us Jason Levin supporters need to hack more
    teabagger websites and put up embarrasing material
    to make them all look like a bunch of biggoted, homophobic,
    racist, jackasses so that it destroys the teabaggers from within
    “Crash The Tea Party”!
    Jason Levin lives on!!!

  43. For 2 whole days, the last comment in the thread was: “We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

    It was very (very!) creepy. I kept dreaming up wild conspiracy theories in which Boing Boing was 4Chan’s legit public front, much as Sinn Fein was for the IRA.

    It would be cool if the mods had a way of keeping that as the last thread, but I’m guessing they can’t.

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