Chile: 17yo girl protesting animal cruelty at rodeo is roped, dragged like animal

Via the BB Submitterator, reader muis says,

A 17-year-old kid (or "woman", as the press prefers to call it) is lassoed and dragged by a horseman after she and other animal rights activists entered a corral to protest against the rodeo. According to the news article linked here, the Chilean Rodeo Federation's director "regretted what happened, but at the same time justified the attitude of the riders".
News report at El Mercurio, a Spanish-language newspaper in Chile, and here is the YouTube video link. Her name is Constance. From the YouTube description: the incident occurred on September 19, during the "Patriotic Celebration Festival" at the National Stadium. The video shows three young people entering the corral to peacefully protest animal abuse by the rodeo; then we see riders on horseback and rodeo men on foot lassoing one female protester later identified as a 17-year-old child.

Any Boing Boing readers know whether a specific animal rights organization was behind the protest?


  1. From the looks of things the rodeo men did her a favour. Now her story is worth thinking about, where as if she had not been abused she would have been thought of by many as just another shrill protester.

  2. Brings to mind the well established links between non-human animal abuse, and violent behavior towards humans.

    Also, meanwilliegreen….fuck…i can’t think of a way to maintain my normally civil tone here, so I guess I’ll just not feed trolls.

  3. I read the title and was horrified, I watched the video and was slightly less. I would prefer the sensationalism kept to a minimum, we get enough of that in the mainstream media.

    1. I read the title and was horrified, I watched the video and was slightly less. I would prefer the sensationalism kept to a minimum, we get enough of that in the mainstream media.

      My reactions exactly. I was horrified by the title, but when I saw the video I was relieved. I had expected something bad and instead saw a very skillfully executed removal of a protester from an event stage where she was interrupting and unwelcome. She wasn’t dragged. She was on her feet pulling against the rope until the horse stopped moving at which point her friend and her sat down, dug their feet in, and started pulling on the rope. I tried to feel bad for her, but couldn’t. I’m just glad she wasn’t hurt by one of the rodeo animals she was trying to help. That is a very real possibility when you interrupt a rodeo. Maybe a rope wasn’t the best choice to move her to safety, but from the video it seems things were handled pretty well. Didn’t look like anyone was hurt, just restrained and removed. Phew.

    2. you can’t really see the whipping in the videos, the huasos freaking whip the calves when they aren’t helping the shows, and they whipped her and the other protesters.

  4. From what I heard on TV they were on their own, not members of any organization. The same thing happened somewhere else that day: protesters jumped into the ring and they were chased around by the “huasos” on their horses. I remember one of them being pulled by the hair.
    Somebody mentioned that the way they treated the girl on the video would be, according to rodeo regulations, unacceptable if it were done to the calves.
    Apparently, they’ll face charges.

  5. meh. looked pretty skilled with the lasso and the horsemanship to me (ie – amazingly didn’t seem to hurt anyone while moving her out of the way with a rope and a half-ton animal). I’m against cruelty to animals, but unless you’re an extremist, the kind of agriculture and lifestyle practiced by traditional huasos seems like something worth emulating rather than protesting. anyway, flame on.

  6. Well, I am a little insulted that my comment lost a lot of its validity and should not be taken seriously as I have now attained the status of ‘troll’. So I suppose I will be the first one to break my normally civil tone here.

    First of all, this was not a peaceful protest. It was most certainly a disruption. The girl who was “dragged like an animal” entered the corral within which the rodeo was taking place. If you don’t like the play, you don’t jump on stage and try out your own lines. She could have just as easily protested at the entrance of the rodeo or even next to the corral.

    Second, It also irks me that Xeni has labeled her as a ‘child’. A child knows better than to jump into a ring full of men on horses with ropes. (Honestly, what did she expect?) Although I have no factual evidence for this claim, from what I have seen I believe that this girl was just foolhardy and looking to cause a righteous disturbance.

    So yes, just desserts.

    1. “A child knows better than to jump into a ring full of men on horses with ropes.”
      WRONG. A child’s parent knows better than to let the child jump in there. A child doesn’t know better. I agree with the rest of them, you ARE a troll.

    2. You have a warped idea of violence if you think that this girl was behaving violently. There’s nothing about nonviolent protest that says it shouldn’t be disruptive. Protest that is not disruptive isn’t a protest.

    3. FWIW, I don’t think you’re trolling. What these young folks did was stupid, and I don’t think the response was out of line given the disruption.

      Maybe all the “Think of the children!” posters are the trolls…

    1. If it were me who got roped, next time I’d take a gun.

      Just because you don’t like something doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want.

      This goes both ways. Additionally, just because you (or a group of people) like something doesn’t give you/them the right to do whatever you/they want. So… what is your point exactly?

      Second, It also irks me that Xeni has labeled her as a ‘child’.

      Is a 17 year old an adult? No? That would make her an adolescent child… So Xeni’s label is correct. F off troll.

  7. EPIC WIN!
    Rodeos aren’t my choice of entertainment but I certainly don’t think they are cruel, or no more cruel than the ham and turkey lunch meat in my fridge.

  8. Watching the video, it occurs to me that being roped may be better than being maced, tasered or wrestled to the ground in submission pose.

    1. when you’re maced you don’t get anything dislodged… guess what: She got her ankle dislodged when she was dragged arround

  9. teapot +1
    querent +1

    Rodeos, bullfights, all that shit is cruel. Take a moment to actually be kind to an animal & maybe you’d grow some compassion.

    I’m looking at you tas12790 & meanwilliegreen

  10. I was afraid this would be much worse than it was. As far as being lassoed and dragged goes, that didn’t look so bad. And I’m happy for that.

    It seems like two people with bad judgment crossed paths that day, which is unfortunate.

  11. Because I personally don’t find rodeos abhorrent I must be some inbreed cruel douche bag with no compassion. Gotcha.

  12. I wouldn’t call a 17-year-old a “child” unless I was deliberately trying to be patronizing. While a 17-year-old is not legally considered an “adult” (at least not in the US — not sure about Chile), that doesn’t mean she is still a “child”. We shouldn’t think of “child” and “adult” as binary concepts: There’s a transitional period between childhood and adulthood that needs to be recognized. Call her an “adolescent” or a “teenager” or even a “minor”; but “child” seems to imply that she is too young to be responsible for her own actions. A 17-year-old would likely find it demeaning if you referred to her as a “child”.

    As for what happened in the video, the rodeo participants should have just called the police to have the protestors removed rather than taking matters into their own hands. However, had the police been called in, and had the protestors refused to leave when ordered to, the cops would likely have used a lot more force against them than the cowboys did.

    Bottom line, as I see it: There were no heroes here; there were no villains here; there were no victims here. All parties involved — including the rodeo participants and the protestors — were (apparently) doing what they thought was the right thing to do; but all of them exercised poor judgment. Fortunately, it appears that no one was hurt.

  13. Protesters jump into rodeo ring, probably yelling, and definitely moving around frantically amongst horses that could easily spook and stomp them to little bits. One red-shirted idiot actually shoves her way between two horses!

    Instead of chasing them around and spooking the horses further, someone simply loops their lasso around one of them and slowly walks them to the edge of the ring. The girl wasn’t dragged, and didn’t fall down until one of her “friends” (the same red-shirted idiot who had no respect for the horses’ space before) grabs a hold of the rope and starts yanking down on it. Think about this for a second, if one end of a rope is attached to an animal who weighs half a ton, and who is used to pulling huge steers around, and on the other end is a 17 year old girl, what do you suppose happens when you grab the taut rope and yank down?

    Generally, when someone is behaving in a manner which could get them killed, it is acceptable to use some force to remove them from the situation before it gets worse.

    What should the riders have done? Tried to move the horses out of the ring amidst the running protesters? Tried to keep the horses calm while people were acting like idiots around them?

    I’m all for animal rights, but the only people I see behaving poorly towards animals in this clip is the protesters, at least one of which was dealt with in a calm and simple manner.

    If these horses had been less well trained, or if the girls had done the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong horse, this “peaceful” protest could have easily turned bloody.

    1. lilomar, we were writing the same thing at the same time, yours was better worded though!


      dragged like animal

      on a slightly more humorous note, humans ARE animals, makes it hard to be dragged like a plant or mineral.

  14. “If these horses had been less well trained, or if the girls had done the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong horse, this “peaceful” protest could have easily turned bloody.”

    Have to agree on this one. If the horses had been less well trained, they and their riders would have had no business in the ring in the first place. The red shirt girl is lucky she didn’t get her face kicked in by one of the horses when she goes to help her friend by dragging her off her feet.

  15. If one wishes to instill positive change within ones culture they have the choice of doing so in a civilized and law abiding manor. Through education, lobbying, and respect of others for starters.

  16. The protesters were idiots. It’s a good thing they didn’t spook the horses and get seriously hurt.

    And come on- did you really expect Xeni to be objective about an issue like this?

  17. Regardless of how one feels about the actions of either party, what I do have a problem with is this trend is society to label all people under 18 children.

    I graduated high school and began college when I was 17, and I was hardly a “child.” Likewise, I began driving when I was 15 with a permit and was fully licensed on my 16th birthday. Again, not a responsibility given to “children.”

    My grandfather dropped out of high school to join the Marines during WWII. Was he also a child?

    Maybe since adolescence today seems to extend well into the 20’s, teenagers are indeed children. But if so, this is a sad commentary on today’s youth.

    1. In the original article she is referred to as a “joven” akin to “youth” or “minor” since in Chile you are not a legal adult until age 18 but the press apparently makes the distinction between a child and an adolescent.

  18. – A 17 year-old is a child?! Is she studing in an “highschool kindergaden”?

    Seems that many BB commenters are so old to forget that when you are 17 years old you are NOT a kid anymore as you can do things like having sex, driving cars or bikes, raving, traveling alone, etc. (probably BB is the very first blog when “trolls” are often right)!

    – Not an expert of American culture but a rodeo is not a corrida. Protests are nice but if everyone will start to protest against any small thing they don’t like we will endup in an Orwellian society where all different cultures are eradicated and we all act in the same way.

  19. yay! passionate responses!

    having grown up on a ranch with horses, cattle, and human beings, I believe the protesters were done a (rough, probably painful) favor. given their behavior around these large animals, certainly it’s not a service they’d understand well enough to appreciate, but horses and calves can and will spook and kick or trample people behaving as they are. sprained ankle or not, it’s a far cry better than a hoof in the head. i’m perfectly willing to be called a troll and told to f off for an opinion based on my experience.

    that said, i’d guess their heart is in the right place. they want to see the animals treated well. that’s pretty noble. they execute terribly, but it’s a noble intent.

    the riders in this video might have found more delicate solutions to the issue as well. i think wanting to continue the program that they train hard for and to protect the well being of every being now in their corral is a pretty noble set of intentions, too.

    i, too, have contention with the notion that protest is peaceful when it involves deliberately endangering oneself. i wouldn’t call every instance of such an act invalid, but i’m not seeing much that would warrant it here. further, i have contention with the vast majority of the wording Xeni has chosen to represent this clip. i respect the majority of the opinions i’ve heard from her and on boingboing, generally, but you’ve lost me here.

    happy trails.

  20. Huh…
    I guess I am on the side of the trolls on this one. I read the title and expected to see a horse and rider come storming out of the gates of the arena and start roping protesters outside before violently dragging them down the street.

    Instead I saw a bunch of protesters running through the middle of an on-going rodeo before one is roped and pulled off to the side.

    I am in no way a rodeo fan, but the next time I trespass in order to stage an illegal protest during someone elses event, I should hope to be treated with that much restraint. It could have been a whole hell of a lot worse.

  21. And now I’m sad… I would never normally defend a rodeo or its participants.

    However “Chile: 17yo girl protesting animal cruelty at rodeo is roped, dragged like animal”, used to describe the situation I just saw in the above video, puts me in an awfully tricky place…

  22. While the actions of the rodeo riders leave a lot to be desired, running into an enclosed space containing several thousand kilograms of fast moving meat on legs isn’t exactly the smartest way of protesting. A seventeen year old still has the capacity to understand the potential for serious injury.

    Getting pulled off your feet isn’t the same as being dragged like an animal, either.

  23. Wow, if we don’t agree with Antinous here we are not only wrong, we are “Pasty Social Maladroits”.

    Well holy crap, I guess I better knuckle under and cry for the fricking idiots who jumped into the middle of a bunch of horses and risked themselves AND the horses as a method of fricking “peaceful protest”, and got (horrors) ROPED and moved out of the ring.

    OK, yeay team…

  24. To answer the question, no animal rights organization was oficially behind the protest, they were just a group of kids against rodeo. The worst part is the “huasos”‘s (the men on the horses) actitude. they were laughing and abusing their position, thowing their horses at the kids, also the speaker says, mocking, ‘takeeeee her out, that’s it, take her out, the sport is ours!’

  25. I didn’t know that the rodeo was such an important national chilean event:

    Rodeo is the traditional national sport of Chile. The rodeo is a unique occasion in Chile, being one of the few events that is authentically Chilean and one that dates back to colonial times. Chilean cowboys, more commonly known as huasos, take the sport extremely seriously.

    The tradition of rodeo is their national pride. This would be akin protesting on field in the middle of the superbowl in the USA because animals (humans) get hurt. I’m surprised it didn’t end worse.

  26. Ive been to a few small-town latin american rodeos. Security? The guys with the lassos are the security.

    She wasn’t dragged. She was getting removed from the ring in a rather entertaining manner and her protester buddy tried to intervene, knocking her to the ground. Notice that the horseman graciously stopped pulling her after they hit the ground…to avoid dragging her.

    I’d say everyone got what they came for. Good performance from all participants, the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Too bad her ankle got banged up, but that’ll happen when you perform in a rodeo.

  27. Listen, girlfriends.

    Here’s my executive summary:

    A) Whatever. Rodeo. Go on. Do it.

    B) Protesting. MMkay. Poor choice of venue, but whateves.

    C) Roping someone: PURE LAMENESS.

  28. You. Cannot. Lasso. A. Person.

    Bottom line. They want to arrest her, put her in handcuffs and haul her off to jail then fine. But you DO NOT use a lasso held by a person on a horse on a human regardless of age. The chances of strangulation, dismemberment, etc are just too abhorrent to consider.

    And if you want to argue that they were “skilled” then I have a shooting range I would like to have you stand in while “skilled” gunmen fire at you. Rather not? Didn’t think so.

    1. You. Cannot. Lasso. A. Person.

      Balderdash. I’ve roped my little brother plenty of times.

      Clearly some people responding to this thread have zero experience around horses. What would have happened if she had spooked one of the horses and been kicked? Or, if she had caused one of the riders to be thrown? You can be seriously injured by falling from a horse (just ask Superman).

      Her behaviour was reckless; and put herself, the riders, and the horses, at risk. A sprained arm (most likely caused by her friend dragging her to the ground) isn’t much to pay considering a horse could have kicked her head in.

  29. The term “troll” seems to get used a lot here for anyone who disagrees with your opinion, even if their tone is civil and their explanation reasonable from a point of view.

    And mdh also seems to like to personally attack people for their comments while playing self-righteous. I don’t know why that isn’t trolling. In fact, the only reason I’m posting anonymously is so s/he doesn’t attack me at my next comment, as s/he seems wont to do.

    Personally, I’m not much into rodeos or lassoing protesters, but I did think the explanations from those with a differing opinion were worth a read…

    1. imag said:

      In fact, the only reason I’m posting anonymously is so s/he doesn’t attack me at my next comment, as s/he seems wont to do


  30. “I can’t think of any other reason why someone would agree with lassoing this woman instead of riding to the edge of the arena and letting security remove her peacefully.”

    I don’t think there are likely big professional security force at these things. I would suspect it is much more likely they are self-policing. When you have a bunch of guys on horseback with lassos’s, professional security is just needless redundency.

  31. Why is it that antinous’ comments are quite often the opposite of moderate? Throwing gas on the fire for teh lulz?

    As others have said, intruding into an area with large animals has the potential for disaster. With that in mind, their protest had the potential to becoming very violent very quickly. Maybe not on a humans part, but I would hold the protesters responsible if they spooked a horse and it trampled or tossed someone.

    Why not protest in front of the stadium/corral? They intruded into an area designated for animals and trained professionals specifically for the safety of the people watching(ie laymen). If this wasn’t a deliberate ploy to extract a ‘violent’ reaction from the housas or animals, then it was pure idiocy practiced by anthropomorphizing dumb-asses.

    1. Symmetrical trolling. When I see a bunch of guys going on about how it’s perfectly appropriate for a bunch of men on horseback to rope and injure a teenage girl, I have to assume that they’re just trolling. I mean, otherwise, there’s something horribly, horribly wrong with them, and I’d hate to think that.

      1. The general consensus seems to be they both acted inappropriately.

        And if someone could translate the part where she was injured I would appreciate it.

        I guess the word “troll” has a completely different meaning in BoingBoing Land.

      2. When it is not a few individuals, but the overwhelming majority of commentators who disagree with you Antinous, perhaps that is a sign that you should take the unprecedented step of re-examining your own opinions. The idea that anyone who disagrees with you is a troll is troublesome in a moderator.

        1. Yeah, I always go with the overwhelming majority, they have such an excellent track record for critical thought.

          If I mention Nazi’s will that end the thread? Christ I hope so.

      3. why, oh why, must the only two options be crazy:
        1. we are all somehow organized in an a synchronized effort to “troll” on-topic (is that even trolling?).
        2. there is something horribly horribly wrong with all of us.

        there is a third, much more sane option:
        3. we share a different opinion then yours and are discussing it in an informed and civilized manner and don’t deserve to be attacked through crude and baseless emotional accusations.

        if you have something to add to the conversation, then please by all means do. no one else here is posting emotional attacks to elicit a response. it really isn’t necessary or productive. i really wish a moderator wouldn’t attack bb user as a whole.

        troll: “a troll is someone who posts with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”


        *darn, you aren’t supposed to feed them are you?…oh well…sighs*

        1. Is ‘person with Empathy Deficit Disorder’ politically correct enough for you. The girl in question was roped and injured by jeering men on horseback. And you’re squeaking because I used the word troll? You need to sort out your priorities.

          1. Shouldn’t you be passively monitoring the discussion in order to ensure civility (which has not noticeably been breached), rather than expressing your belief that anyone who disagrees with you has a psychological disorder? Maybe you should use your other account, the one that doesn’t highlight your posts inside a grey rectangle.

          2. I always love it when people get all worked up about the roles and responsibilities of an Offical Blog Moderator. Like they were some state appointed branch of the police force, whose integrity must constantly be kept in check, or the terrorists win.

          3. Some people don’t appreciate BB’s hands-on approach to moderation, but, to be fair, no one has ever been lassoed and dragged out of a comment thread. Well, hardly ever.

          4. You’re correct. Obviously this is yet another major event we all need to get up in arms and righteously indignant about.

            Guess I’ll have to accept that I am a person with a serious empathy deficit disorder.

            OK. Now what?

          5. “disproportionate response to minor threats.”

            Funny. That’s kinda what I thought about some of the reactions on here.

            BTW. Funny link. No sarcasm.

          6. As much as i love the juicy irony of someone being a complete ahole to others about their supposed perceived lack of compassion to others, it is getting old and hijacking what was otherwise a rational and civilized conversation.

            As a Moderator isn’t it your job to stop people from doing exactly what you are doing? Are you not at all accountable for your posts or actions? Does BB have no minimum standard they hold their moderators to?

  32. Definitely a poor choice of words for the title of the article. “Moved” would be better. Animal cruelty sucks, including the cruelty inflicted on the animals most of the readers of this blog probably eat. At the very least, this issue might get some more attention.

  33. Well, as a chilean citizen, I must say I´m entirely disappointed by the way my country appears.

    Just for the record, here, while people under 18 aren´t considered adults, they are capable of being criminally prosecuted, though they face more lenient sanctions.

    What I see here are two idiots: One who thought it would be nice to disrupt a massive celebration (this is our bicentennial, 200 years since the first signs of an independentist movement), and in the other, an idiot who thought it would be a good idea to treat her like the very same animals he was lassoing (please excuse my bad english :( ).

    As a country, Chile has made enormous improvements in life quality, security, etc. in this 200 years. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour shows me we still have a long way to go :'(

  34. Watched my neighbor’s kid rope his little sister with a jump rope and pull her around their yard over the weekend.

    He gets more style points for actually pulling someone around like an animal.

    The video wins in the “Best Soundtrack” category though.

    Overall… Meh.

    1. How is a person a victim if he deliberately puts himself in harm’s way? If I run into the interstate to protest carbon emissions, and am struck by a car, would you say that castigating me for my rash actions is “blaming the victim?” Or do you acknowledge that it is possible for a person ostensibly standing up for the noble cause of animal rights to act inappropriately?

      1. If I run into the interstate to protest carbon emissions, and am struck by a car, would you say that castigating me for my rash actions is “blaming the victim?

        She didn’t get accidentally stepped on by a horse. She was intentionally lassoed and dragged by a guy on a horse. If you’re okay with that, fine. I’m not.

        1. Ok, but she wasn’t taking a stroll on the street when she was unexpectedly lassoed. She was trespassing into a rodeo in order to force her own beliefs on everyone in attendance. When you consider the significant physical danger in which she carelessly placed herself, perhaps we should be grateful that she was removed from the arena before she could injure herself or someone else.

          By the way, I’m not opposed to animal rights, and I’m certainly what you would call pro-civil liberties. I’m just allergic to self-righteousness.

          1. So if you run a red light, which is certainly more dangerous than what she did, you won’t have any objection to being slammed onto your trunk by a gang of cops, resulting in a dislocated joint. Because when you ran that red light, you were asking for it. Anyone who ever does anything wrong or poorly thought out should be subjected to physical violence, right? Especially women and adolescents, because you can’t hardly subdue one of those monsters without outnumbering them four to one.

          2. “So if you run a red light, which is certainly more dangerous than what she did”

            This seems a tacit acceptance that both parties accept blame for what happened. Such a moderate conclusion hardly seems worthy of the opprobrium you’ve heaped upon anyone who disputes the notion that the cowboys are sexist, knuckle-dragging Neanderthal thugs…

            which isn’t to say that they aren’t. What riles me is the contemptuousness with which you express your opinions, as you hide behind your post as moderator. As I mentioned, I’m hardly in favor of abuses against animal rights, including the rights of humans, but since you are a non-contributor I don’t see why your particularly uncivil posts ought to carry any special imprimatur.

  35. Personally, I think the protestors are stupid for their actions, and the rider showed very poor judgement.

    But Antinous is beyond the pale here; every comment is confrontational and dripping with snark. Posters are disagreeing here but no one else is showing anywhere near the degree of contempt as Antinous. If we, the plebs, behaved like that, we’d be disemvolved instantly.

  36. Teenage girl hops into a rodeo ring full of galloping horses to prove a point, gets lassoed and falls on her butt. Yep, on the scale of Chilean human rights travesties this ranks right up there with Pinochet.

  37. Chilean here. I just see vegan agenda. In Chilean rodeo, a team (called a collera) consisting of two riders (called Huasos) and two horses rides laps around an arena trying to stop a calf, pinning him against massive cushions (yes, the walls are cushioned to protect the calf) Points are earned for every time the steer is properly driven around the corral, with deductions for faults. The Objective is not to harm the calf!

    At least we don’t taze our bulls before riding them…

    And cow meat (and horse meat) is tasty. Deal with it.

  38. Well, at the risk of being a big kiss-ass, Antinous just cracks me up, especially if he really goes over the top and is completely out of line. He’s kind of a cross between Oscar Wilde and something out of a Robert Rodriguez movie. And really this thread is pretty mild.

    Personally, if I was you guys, I’d back slowly out of the room and not make any sudden movements, but by all means keep going. It’s Friday afternoon where I am and this is more interesting than work.

    1. It’s much less funny if you’ve been censored for disagreeing with him, especially when he routinely writes inappropriate comments with no apparent repercussions. But I like you since you once wrote a funny comment on a thread about the Tern test, so I wish you a good Friday in GMT+n land.

  39. Wow, I thought I was a nice guy, but my indignation is just too under-developed to take this seriously. Perhaps I do have troll ancestry.
    Say the riders could have avoided the protesters (not clear that they had the option – given the antics of red-shirt in particular). Say there actually was professional private security on hand to haul the protesters out (as opposed to pissed off fans). What do you think would have been the physical process of getting them out? Don’t you think it would have involved grabbing their arms and hauling them, perhaps in an armlock? And if they had resisted that, they would likely have lost balance and been dragged. Its not nice, and I’ve seen enough cops do it at protests, but its the most humane option Antinous came up with. One with the same outcome.
    If these guys had ridden into an animal rights protest and done that to a “child”, then yeah, I’d be outraged.

  40. Who would have thought it – a thread as benign as this would instigate the “Antinous backlash”. This is way more entertaining than the original topic (horses and ropes right?). Robulus, you are so right…..

    1. Who was it that once said, “You come to BB for the articles, and you stay for the fully-automatic moderation”, or words to that effect?

  41. I wonder how the 17 year old Xeni would have reacted to something “Well, she’s a child, so…”

    A 17 year old in Chile is not a child. Isn’t in Europe and America either, even though reports from Free Range Kids indicate that society does their best to treat anyone below the age of 21 as an imbecile, incapable of crossing a street.

  42. So if the horse riders all got off their horses and kindly escorted the young protesters off the corral, and no one submitted the video since it would be so mundane, would the non-trolls still take knowledge of it and congratulate the good behaviors of all parties involved?

  43. Won’t someone think of the children?

    So taking a position that shows no empathy for an idealistic 17 year old is automatically considered a troll, and for that the opinion is automatically discounted.

    That’s an ad hominem attack, and belongs on Youtube comment pages.

    If you’re incapable of addressing a point of view on its own merits, you become the troll.

  44. Hi Antinous. Tony (can I call you Tony? Is that ok?).

    See, the thing is, my friends and I have a pretty similar view of the world (we don’t like the whitey). But we also disagree about a lot of the smaller stuff. And a lot of the bigger stuff too… But that’s ok. Because when we debate and discuses we never fall into the trap of calling each other names.

    See, we argue the point and not the person. I know, it’s kinda “post 5th-grade”, and pretty much exactly the opposite of what I’m doing right now but, well, you started it……

  45. Yet another commenter horrified by title but amused by video. A protest like this is ill-conceived to say the least, and I thought the reaction of the cowboys was pretty restrained and chock full of nutritious irony.

  46. Thanks for removing a post contrary to the moderation approved opinion here in this comment thread!
    Thanks also for removing another post reasonabl critizising the behavior of Antinous.
    What´s next?
    Banning me for disagreeing?

    1. Ditto.

      This is classic too:

      “You. Cannot. Lasso. A. Person.

      But you DO NOT use a lasso held by a person on a horse on a human regardless of age. The chances of strangulation, dismemberment, etc are just too abhorrent to consider.”

      Well we have already gone from dragged off like an animal to bones popping out of sockets. It’s only a matter of posts before “her head popped off like a dandelion. You just can’t see it in the video.”

      RIP poor little victim.

    2. It’s not the opinion so much as the constant pile-on of both Antinous and Xeni, which is getting very redundant. If we were deleting posts and banning people simply for disagreeing, this would be a very short comment thread.

      1. Except my post was deleted immediately. It was the third or fourth one and disagreed with the blog… Long before any moderators posted.

  47. I would second that haggidubious except that I was not horrified by the title at all.

    The only reason she got dragged was due to the ill-considered actions of her red shirted friend who caused the injury.

    What I did see was what I considered a reasonable use of force. If La Policia had removed her I would not have been surprised at whatever injuries were inflicted.

    This conceit that a 17 yr. old is a child is laughable. Society continues to pay a heavy price for treating young adults as if they had rights without concurrent responsibility.

    The differing ages for legal sex, homicide (military service), drinking, driving etc. are a marvel to behold.

  48. Hi, lot of comments, don´t have the time to read them all.
    So i don’t know if this is new to you:

    I am 31 years old, I live in Chile, and you people of the free press should turn your eyes to this little country.

    This situation occured during the national independence day of Chile (18 sept), a country that recently moved from a Pseudo-Left-Capitalist Government to an Extremely Far Right – Opeus Dei – Ultracapitalist – Facist Govenrment.

    Right now, as we speak, 36 Mapuche are diying of Hunger Strike, as our Ministro del Interior, inspired by CIA and MOSSAD tactics, it triying, to prosecute them under an illegal “anti-terrorist” law, using hidden witneses ala Pinochet style.

    This video is just a sample of what the Chilean Activists are suffering at the hands of the Government and the Media and th Corporations.

    You should explore more of this thin strip of land, horrible things are hapenning.

  49. I am most disappointed by the sensationalism of the Boing Boing reporting on this particular story. The words that describe the event do not match what I see in the video.

  50. Someone’s been spending too much time on HuffPo…

    Besides, it actually helps the activist’s point as she’s being treated the same by the gaucho as he would the animal in question.

  51. Don’t sing ‘Rawhide’, that’ll get your post deleted too.
    So I’ll state my original point, which is that the red-shirted friend seems to have caused the apparent damage to the protestor by their subtle use of a barreling run-up across the arena into a flying tackle on said protestor.

    I hardly see a constant pile-on. What I do see is people disagreeing with the ethics of the topic and getting unnecessarily insulted by a moderator for their troubles.
    And this thread is hardly alone in that dynamic.

  52. The “dragged like an animal” headline does not describe anything that actually happens in the video.

    It was stupid of her friend (let’s call her that) to tackle the girl. Who gets in a wrestling match with a horse on purpose? Based on how things were going up until that point, she did her a serious disservice.

    The notion that “security” would have been gentle with her is the usual dangerous fantasy that you can forcibly remove someone without using force. A realistic view would accept that *any* use of violent coercion has the potential for serious injury. If you don’t accept that, your only other options are acquiescence and harsh language. If that’s what you think is the appropriate response to the protest, then fine, but otherwise don’t kid yourself.

    This applies equally on the other side of the argument: a lasso is a weapon, and a horse applies an absurd amount of muscle to it. While it does look like it was handled in a controlled fashion here, it certainly *could* have been much worse.

  53. Xeni, the way you describe the video is so heavy-handed that after seeing the video I’m more annoyed by those girls than shocked by the rodeo people’s behavior, just my two cents…

  54. Were I too have the time, cause really, I don’t even have the time for this. I would click on a couple of troll handles and see their comment history. I expect that they might have initially signed in around the time of the 4chan teaparty hack, or maybe when Xeni started submitting ICP articles. Point, no point, your ball.

    When you say a teenage girl deserves physical abuse in the face of nonviolent protest, then chances are pretty hight that you are a male between the ages of 16-24, whose only sexual experience has been mano a weenio.

    1. I would say that the trolls are the ones who insist on using insults and derogatory slurs and who like to speculate on members’ signup dates and origin whilst at the same time admitting to have not even bothered to check.
      You sir, are a troll.

  55. On the bright side, the rodeo guys made it clear that they don’t discriminate, animal or human. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is left as an exercise for the viewer.

  56. “It’s not the opinion so much as the constant pile-on of both Antinous and Xeni, which is getting very redundant. If we were deleting posts and banning people simply for disagreeing, this would be a very short comment thread.”

    Nobody is piling on. Or at least nobody wasn’t until the thread became more about moderation policy than about the orginal post. The reason everyone is so upset is that the implied (if not explicit) social contract on this site is that opinions and argument are welcome as long as the tone stays civil and you try to build an argument. It’s what keeps these comment sections from becoming a cess-pool like those on the Fox News or a million other websites, and what keeps a lot of us coming back. It’s just really disturbing to a lot of us when that contract is broken, especially by people we trust to enforce it.

  57. When you speak out in a bold way against an injustice, you risk a similar reaction from those you speak out against.

    She did that, and got that.

    It was a pretty dick move to rope her and drag her around, but it was also a pretty dick move to jump into a rodeo and flail about like that’s ever going to change anything. They’re clearly the bigger dicks, but since they were the ones abusing animals in the first place, that was probably obvious.

    She wanted theatrics, she got it.

    I do feel like the OP is rife with sensationalism. It sucked and was wrong, but it wasn’t a horrible violence. Though I guess hoping for moderation from Xeni on this issue is kind of like hoping for moderation from Cory about a story where the MPAA lassos someone, so no harm. :)

  58. “it was a pretty dick move to rope her and drag her around, but it was also a pretty dick move to jump into a rodeo and flail about”

    It’s akin to busting into a biker bar and yelling at everyone about how their hogs are ruining the environment. You will be ejected with the exact amount of respect and dignity that you yourself have shown them.

    In a case of two assholes, the only thing that matters is, who was an asshole first?

  59. These rural sports are almost exclusively performed by people who are very familiar indeed with the day to day realities of large animal husbandry.
    In my experience, the care and concern which they show to the animals which they use is second-to-none. None. These activities also come in “coarser” and “finer” flavors, too:

    They are traditional, indeed ancient sports, reflecting equally ancient ways and means, and participated in by a smaller and smaller group of people who have the necessary skills and experience.

    IMO, the protests on behalf of the animals ought to take place outside of the venue, at the gates: disrupting the performance itself can be dangerous, and serves to alienate the people whose minds you are attempting to change.
    It would be better, IMO, to protest the factory-farming tech, or the bull- or dog- or cock-fighters (or even the ‘ratters’, or the poachers): all of those activities truly do devalue the animals involved (as well as the suffering of those unfortunate animals).
    Rather than protest the activities of those who put their hands on, that is to say those who literally get physically involved with, large animals for sport.

  60. “You. Cannot. Lasso. A. Person.”

    Just imagine William Shatner saying that!

    One of my fondest memories is of one of my friends lassoing me, dragging me around the back yard and then tickling me until I wet myself.

    1. “”You. Cannot. Lasso. A. Person.”

      Just imagine William Shatner saying that!”

      or that wheezy kid from Malcolm In The Middle.

  61. “One of my fondest memories is of one of my friends lassoing me, dragging me around the back yard and then tickling me until I wet myself.”

    Bwahaha! I have similarly fond memories of lassoing my little sister before triumphantly tying her to the mailbox. Her memories of the incident? Not so fond… ;)

  62. I think the lasso men also deserve being dragged and pinned against the safety cushions every now and then. They should experience that fun! (I’m am not saying butchering and hanging the corpses for human consumption)

    1. think the lasso men also deserve being dragged and pinned against the safety cushions every now and then. They should experience that fun!

      I can almost guarantee you that every one of them has been roped and dragged at least once. Seriously, these people spend hours and hours on ranches, in the saddle. Do you think that not one of them looked at their rope, then at their buddy, and went, “Hmmm…”?


      Does anyone think that the public response would have been different if the protester was male?

      1. No.

        After perusing the interweb this morning I can find little if no support whatsoever for these little terrorists. What sparse attention regarding this non event I can find is overwhelmingly in favor of the riders.

        1. This is what I mean. I don’t think, had these been men, that anyone would give it a second thought. Its a bunch of Rescue the Princess nonsense.

      2. “Does anyone think that the public response would have been different if the protester was male?”

        I think that there wouldn’t have been much of a ‘public response’ at all.


        Also, calling a 17 year old a “child” seems rather disingenuous. Mostly because she isn’t.

        “a child is generally a human between the stages of birth and puberty.”

        She’s a minor, a girl, a youth, a young adult, but not a child. Calling her a child dilutes her responsibility for her actions. Yet there is no demonstrable, measurable difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old. No magic switch is flipped and that yardstick is arbitrary to begin with (solar cycles are functions of celestial physics and there’s nothing magical about 18 of them).

      3. that might be true but they don’t do that as a public show (somehow it’s not fun to see a torero being teased by a team of professionals)

        – Nodoby could just TALK to the teenagers?

        1. that might be true but they don’t do that as a public show (somehow it’s not fun to see a torero being teased by a team of professionals)

          First, public or private is irrelevant. Second, no one was teasing them.

          Nodoby could just TALK to the teenagers?

          This isn’t a situation where someone is recording the cops and gets the crap beaten out them. They were an immediate danger to themselves, the riders, and the horses. What would your opinion of the events be if one of the riders had been thrown and died from a blow to the head?

  63. Phew! Made it through all the comments. What’s been said was said, dominoes slapped down on the table, fingers wagged in various faces. Moderators stomping their feet trying to get their point across, commentators stomping their feet waving fists. Now this is a good old fashioned hoe down!

    Is it wrong to have wanted to see in the video one of the horsemen leaning forward on his horse, hat flying back off of his head, whipping his horse on one side as the horse is galloping at full speed, and dragging behind the horse, with dust and dirt flying obscuring the video, a person roped by the ankles twisting and turning on the ground – just like in all of the good old American Westerns that we would watch on television at 2 in the morning as Gene Autry sang along. If you are an American of a certain age, that was what you were hoping to see when you watched the video. I know I was. Of course after being titillated then the righteous indignation would begin about how horrible the protester was treated. Still, you wanted, needed to see it. It’s alright. I needed to see it too and was disappointed when I didn’t.

  64. Now that dragged and pulled are interchangeable:

    “I walked up to the slot machine, dragged the arm and lost my last quarter.”
    “I’ll have the dragged pork sandwich.”
    “I think he looks good in pull.”

  65. IJ Reilly • #7 • 6:25 PM Thursday, Sep 23, 2010 • Reply

    Just because you don’t like something doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want.

    yeah – because when you don’t like something, you should always just sit back and say nothing….that really works

  66. Yo Yo I’m real happy for ya, and Imma let you finish your rodeo, but that Cirque Du Soleil was the best rodeo of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  67. Perhaps in the future BoingBoing could attach tags to each post indicating whether we’re allowed to disagree or if we have to stick to the Official BoingBoing Opinion.

  68. She created this situation by doing something stupid and dangerous. Getting her out of there was an act of kindness by the gauchos. She could have been trampled to death.

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