Cryptome pwned by lulz-happy hackers in search of Wikileaks dirt, John Young's secret-leaking site that preceded Wikileaks by more than a decade, was hacked over the weekend: defaced, and all files deleted.

Young is nothing if not prepared and paranoid, so there were backups and the site has since been restored.

Wired spoke to the individuals claiming responsibility. They apparently sought and obtained info on the "Wikileaks Insider" who's been spilling internal Wikileaks dirt to Cryptome. The recent Cryptome intrustion may have exposed the identities of whistleblowers and other confidential sources.


  1. In the Wired comments, I posted “Are you going to rat out this guy like you did Manning?” A bit childish, but it was met with comment deletion once they saw it.

    I regret nothing.

  2. So the security was breached on a super secret whistleblower site by guessing someone’s EarthLink password – good to know

  3. Nice one, K! It needed saying, especially since the story plays the same piggy-in-the-middle hide-the-salami games they did with their Manning stories.

  4. What hacker would target Cryptome?

    Even the most half-witted script-kiddie would recognize that Cryptome is a site that governments and security agencies don’t like. Why hack it?

    How many hackers would spend time hacking The Pirate Bay? But how many large corporations or government agencies would love to see The Pirate Bay hacked?

    If a hacker was actually looking for info about wikileaks, do you think they would have announced their presence in such a stereotypical way?

    If you’re going to hack a website and delete it’s content, can you at least pick a worthy target? cough cough twitter cough.


    1. Cryptome is one of those outlets which, like Wired, whether right or wrong, seems to have it in for Wikileaks and specifically Assange. So it’s only natural that a hacker or script kiddie who supports Wikileaks would go after Cryptome.

      1. I disagree that cryptome is against WL. They post every side, and some of that questions WL or JA. But cryptome is an earlier version of WL without, until recently, strong anonymity. And John’s ability to keep the site up (eg against legal challenges
        and once in N years script kiddies) is pretty darn good. From my point of view, they’re pretty similar, folks I know have submitted to both sites, and been both rejected and published.

        Anonymity + irrevokability = first amendment
        Love it or bomb it.

  5. Eugh, they couldn’t apparently manage to go for 100 words without being homophobic.

  6. I see, funny accounting is the new black.

    I was always wondering how Wikileaks was funding their nuclear bunker underground server farm complete with Herman Miller furniture and dramatic backlighting.

  7. The wikileaks fanboyz don’t seem to realise that, as this story points out, cryptome has been doing this stuff for years before Wikileaks was even heard of. The difference is that John Young and the others involved have never sought out fame, courted publicity or tried to make themselves the story. They just put information that people have tried to hide, out there, and they just keep doing it.

  8. It’s probably Adrian Lamo working for the u.s. government, again. Anything to keep from going to jail.

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