Mickey Mouse discovers that Donald Duck/Glenn Beck mashup is a gubmint conspiracy

ikat381 sez, "This week, Glenn Beck Responded to Jonathan McIntosh's Donald Duck remix with accusations that the video is a government funded attack. I took this crazy response and remixed it to Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Discovers the Government Cartoon Conspiracy Against Glenn Beck (Thanks, ikat381!)


  1. Nicely done! Really good timing.

    I’m not sure which I find more discouraging: Glenn Back’s rants, or the fact that a substantial number of my fellow Americans take him seriously. And would continue to take him seriously even after the inevitable scandal involving a dead woman, live boy, or sedated badger in oestrus.

  2. what an interesting way to test the mettle of wingnuts. beck bit back cos he’s either a fake, or truly insane. i’d like to see more of this.

        1. Hahaha… Thanks for clearing that up. I’m not sure I could have been any more stupid in not catching that, but I’ll try harder next time.

          Love that vid! :D

  3. anyone who is on the payroll of murdoch and co could survive anything-gate. money makes such good wallpaper.

  4. I clicked the link and listened to his response… and… wow. I always thought Glenn Beck was a nutjob who believed nutjob things, but I never believed that he was actually, clinically insane.

    But apparently. Some blogger puts up a clever video critical of him, and of course, it’s a government conspiracy. Because the entire federal government is obsessing about Glenn Beck. Because every person who critical of him has to be an agent of the Obama administration. That’s some paranoid personality disorder, right there!

    Also, I have no idea what the politics of Walt Disney himself was, but if you can’t see leftist themes in Donald Duck, you aren’t looking.

  5. Yes, funny thing about Walt Disney’s politics… He himself had to change his tune a bit when the war started.

  6. Beck intones in “scare quotes” and uses classic dog whistling to talk to his listeners, with what are practically code words, loaded with extra meaning.

    In his reply, listen to how he lingers over the word “chicago”, which had deep, deep meaning for the wingnuts.

    You know, Obama is a chicago gangster…

  7. I checked Glen Beck’s actual reply to see if this had been edited… it seemed too insane to be real. But while it’s edited down, it’s substantially the same. He even left out worse stuff. I try to avoid actually hearing Glen Beck, but his unhinged response to this honestly scares me.

    1. Yet he always makes sure to leave himself some wiggle room:

      “If I’m not mistaken…” and “…it’s all fair use, and it’s okay, because the truth shall set you free.”

      When his career comes to an end, he should feel lucky they don’t tar and feather people anymore.

  8. Equally crazy conspiracy theory (I don’t actually believe this:)

    Glenn Beck is sponsored by the government, to whip a portion of the citizenry into a rage, allowing the government to declare every American citizen a potential terrorist, and stripping all of our freedoms.

  9. Umm. Ahhh… Y’know, I’ve always felt that long-distance diagnosis of psychopathology is a bad thing, particularly when politics is involved. So… I’m just going to call Beck a liar and a scoundrel. And a shithead.

  10. You know who else felt the US goverment had Disney cartoons made that were specifically making fun of him? Hitler.

  11. I like how he practically spits out the word “propaganda”, like it’s a bad thing, since that’s all he spews.

  12. Alright, not to be critical of either video, there’s some brilliant stuff there, but let’s for a moment put outselves in Beck’s shoes…. or at least try to believe his story.

    The US Government is out to get him, and are funding the attacks on him…

    ….and the best they can do is a geek with a bunch Disney footage and a copy of iMovie?

    I mean, if you can manage to actually swallow that crap…. shouldn’t you be a little bit more worried that Washington is down to it’s last couple hundred bucks?

    1. If we accept the assumption that the US Government might take the time to do this for the sake of argument, it would be more cost effective and less likely to raise red flags if lots of small projects to mock and discredit him happened. After all, the Right has had a fair bit of success with astroturfing, why not use it for government propoganda? Even if it doesn’t work, it’s cheap as hell.

      But me, I think the whole idea is too nutty for any government department to bother spending a dime on.

  13. Well, apparently Beck has already inspired at least one right-wing lunatic fringe nutjob to attempt an act of terrorism: http://mediamatters.org/research/201010110002

    I’ll be extremely surprised if there aren’t more to come. The man is a menace; and he’s lucky that the worst thing that his critics have done to him is to remix Disney cartoons to mock him. If half the things he says about the Obama administration were really true, Beck would be in Guantanamo being waterboarded by now.

    1. If half the things he says about the Obama administration were really true, Beck would be in Guantanamo being waterboarded by now.

      How do YOU know they aren’t waterboarding him right now?

      I’m just askin’ questions.

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