Fox's Glenn Beck says Obama is building concentration camps for Republicans

Swiping material from the X-Files, Fox's Glenn Beck warns that Obama is setting up FEMA concentration camps to warehouse the nation's neocons, fundies, wingnuts, and dittoheads.

From Daily Kos:

In a recent spot on FOX and friends, Beck claimed that he had conducted "research on" the so-called concentration camps being built by the Obama White House as part of a conspiracy to establish totalitarian rule in America and the he could not "debunk them." According to Beck, "If you have any fear that we might be heading toward a totalitarian state, look out. There is something happening in our country and it ain't good."


  1. Why doesn’t he just reuse the FEMA concentration camps that Clinton was alleged to have built for exactly the same purpose?

    More to the point, W(here)TF was this guy’s stunted sense of outrage when we were, y’know, build a worldwide network of secret torture dungeons?

  2. “Obama is setting up FEMA concentration camps to warehouse the nation’s neocons, fundies, wingnuts, and dittoheads.”

    Sadly, BoingBoing’s posting system doesn’t allow for the dancing banana.

  3. So, between this and Beck’s little “We Surround Them” happy-face intimidation campaign, I’m guessing we should prepare ourselves for a resurgence of right-wing paranoia and violence that will seek to outdo that of the Clinton years.

  4. While I agree that Putin is “not a good man”, and while I agree that Ahmadinejad is “not a good man”, this guy is a fucking loon.

  5. I wonder if us lefties sounded as stupid as this guy when we where worried about bush rounding us all up in concentration camps. Except I guess the point is that bush actually did do that (see: RNC 2004).

  6. He’s asking me to “name evil”?


    George W. Bush
    Dick Cheney
    Donald Rumsfeld

    Oh, not THAT evil. Sorry.

  7. He and Nancy Graceless are the reasons I blocked Fox News on my remote.

    Beck’s ratings must be down, so he’s stunting.

  8. Glenn has confused “concentration camp” with “mental health facility” — he’s obviously got his own tickets booked.

  9. Ummm…the same FEMA we know today? Wow.

    Yaknow, today is St. Patrick’s day and Beck is a recovering alcoholic. Maybe he fell off the wagon. It makes total sense. But then again…he is a dittohead.

    still :facepalm:

    Disclaimer: this post in no way intends to poke fun at the horrible addiction that is alcoholism. Just blowhards like Beck.

  10. FEMA camps, if such exist, seem to have been a product of the Bush administration. A quick google for “fema camp” gets lots of stuff from 2006.

    If they’re not on their way to being shut down, I’m disappointed in Obama, again (“change we can believe in”, my left kidney).

  11. funny – the FEMA concentration camps that I got to see and hear about had barely any fundamentalist neo-cons in them. They had sick and starving minorities in them during and for a few weeks after a hurricane.

    But I didn’t notice a single commentator on FOX freaking out and inciting people to action over any of that. “Blaming the Mayor” seemed to be the most acceptable course of action at that time.

  12. This is really interesting to me.

    Sean Hannity is just a jerk.
    Bill O’Reilly is also a jerk.

    But Glenn Beck? He is legitimately INSANE.

    1. Have to agree. The others are jerks, but Beck is dangerous.

      I hate to invoke the Hitler clause, but they laughed at Hitler too as a little funny man.

      Beck is sick and dangerous. He makes wild accusations and innuendoes. Because HE can’t debunk it,it’s probably true???? Giv eme a break!

  13. Jesus, the sheer lunacy of these people is frightening. These are commentators for a mainstream “News” outlet. The magnitude of their insanity is terrifying.

    The neo-con fear mongering has already lead to murder, how long before it happens again?

  14. If only it were true… Glenn Beck would be the first one in, and we’d never have to hear from him again.

    Seriously, why is he still on TV? His ravings aren’t even entertaining, unlike some of the other Fox folks.

  15. @#10 YUUBI:

    The entire concentration camps for dissidents conspiracy is nothing new and pre-dates George W. Bush.

    The same basic story went around about Clinton, though at the time they were just concentration camps; while the “FEMA camp” descriptor appears to be the only part that can be attributed to the Bush (II) presidency, the concept itself is one of the old tinfoil theories that gets applied to whoever is in power by a subset of those opposed to them.

  16. Totally misleading headline. He didn’t say anything about the FEMA camps being for republicans.

    Boing boing, I’m very disappointed. I expect better.

  17. This guy got airtime on the networks, I wish I could say it surprises me, but then there’s been a lot of loonies on both sides of the fence screaming this or that lately.

    Clinton planned it, Bush built it and Obama is getting credit for it. The camps do exist, a Halliburton subsidiary received a contract to build them to the tune of a few hundred million a few years back and I suspect they’re probably finished by now.

    I doubt they’re concentration camps, that sounds too much like fear mongering, but they are for something, what is their true purpose? It does worry me that the government is building large camps like that, it’s not a good omen.

    I honestly wish I could name at least one politician that isn’t a crook. And that makes me real scared when I see them building big camps like that all over the country.

  18. There was a whole bunch of this FEMA-camp nonsense during the Bush Administration, too. How an agency can be both criminally incompetent and part of a grand super-secret plan to round up all dissenters of a certain stripe is beyond me.

  19. I thought that Beck’s position was that FEMA camps were only populated by ungrateful, welfare-mooching liberals. Nice to see he’s opening his perspective.

  20. The camps do exist, a Halliburton subsidiary received a contract to build them to the tune of a few hundred million a few years back and I suspect they’re probably finished by now.


  21. I live in a place full of yahoos like Beck, and sometimes putting them in camps doesn’t sound half bad.


    Gotta say, if tomorrow I wake up in Michigan to Californian social policy and weather, I will personally kiss Mr. Beck on his filthy, filthy mouth.

  23. there ARE some decent things about the guy:

    ‘Beck favors sound money and opposes the Federal Reserve.’

    ‘Beck supports an individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment, and is against gun control legislation.’

    ‘Beck often says “I am a conservative who happens to not be a Republican.”‘

    as for the FEMA camps, I don’t doubt they exist. What their purpose is, though, is still up in the air.

  24. Scientology makes more sense then this guy.

    The Bush admin Neocons are all scrambling to cover their asses and point fingers now that the golden era of “can’t see it from my house” is gone.


    Rush/Beck 2012

    Palin would be too distracted for any election if the Russians just catapulted Prada bags into Alaska.

  25. Hey Miss Jess?

    It looks like this….,2933,392081,00.html

    Remember him? The guy who started shooting up a church because he wanted to kill Liberals? Because he couldn’t get to the now famous list of “Liberals who are destroying the country.” Remember him? That is the face of nut-job, right-wing hate.

    Are all Conservatives and right wingers insane? Nope. Sadly there is a real vocal minority.

  26. I don’t know much about the validity of the claims about the FEMA camps (from what little I have read about them, it sounded pretty credible), but the talk about them goes back at least to the Reagan administration. The Christic Institute was talking about them back in the 1980’s. The camps got a mention in the excellent 80’s Alan Moore/Joyce Brabner authored graphic novel Brought to Light.

  27. Bevatron Repairman @23 How an agency can be both criminally incompetent and part of a grand super-secret plan to round up all dissenters of a certain stripe is beyond me.

    They’re not equipped to deal with actual emergencies because they’re focusing all their energy on the conspiracy, duh! :P

  28. @21,here’s a few Google search terms to get you started:

    Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City Bombing, skin heads, Aryan nation, Klu Klux Klan, etc.

    Let me know if you run out of stuff to read, because there’s always more.

  29. The hilarious bit is that even his fellow Fox News commentators think he’s crazy; I think Bill O’Reilly might be genuinely scared that Glenn Beck represents the future of the Republican party.

  30. I am not a good, kind, or reasonable person. I should not be taken seriously. But I really wish there were concentration camps for Republicans.

  31. The GOP (Republican) party in America has been actively attempting to bankrupt the Federal Government. And guess what? There’s no such thing as an isolated economy anymore (North Korea being the sole exception), and hasn’t been since 1946. Bankrupt one major country, screw the entire world.

    For what the sonsofbitches in the Bush Administration allocated for an illegal invasion of Iraq so that Bush could hang some fucker (SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL WOULD HAVE BEEN WRONG WITH USING GUIDED MISSILES????) and be macho, the united states could have

    1: repaired the aging transportation infrastructure of the country


    2: overhauled that infrastructure to use renewable energy






    5: SAVED THE GODDAMNED WORLD ECONOMY FROM REPUBLICAN ECONOMIC POLICY (Are you enjoying the Greatest Depression yet?).

    And Glenn Beck has never had to wonder where his next meal is coming from.

  32. Civilian Inmate Labor Program

    The Civilian Inmate Labor Program is a program of the United States Army provided by Army Regulation 210-35. The regulation, first drafted in 1997, underwent a “rapid act revision” in January 2005; it provides policy for the creation of labor programs and prison camps on Army installations. The labor would be provided by persons under the supervision of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

    Labor programs set forth by the Civilian Inmate Labor Program regulation involve the use of minimum and low security inmates from facilities under the control of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, with a few apparent exceptions for State-held and locally-held inmates, on installations controlled by the Army.

    The regulation states that labor programs benefit the Army and the corrections facilities by supplying “a source of labor at no direct cost to the Army,” giving “meaningful work to inmates” and alleviation to “overcrowding in nearby corrections facilities” and by making use of otherwise unused land and buildings.
    The regulation indicates that the inmates could perform labor as allowed by 18 USC 4125(A).

    The regulation also sets forth policy for the creation of prison camps on Army installations. These would be used to keep inmates of the labor programs resident on the installations. In January 2006, Kellogg, Brown and Root reported that they had received a contract from the Department of Homeland Security to expand ICE DRO facilities “in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs.” A February news article comments that the “new programs” mentioned could include the Civilian Inmate Labour Program. ICE has “joint federal facilities” with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

  33. Maybe I’m a Brit not understanding the subtext, but can someone point me to the part of the video where he even implies that there are concentration camps?

    He seemed to be following a common-or-garden(in this country) “lock up the foreigners” rant to me,

  34. waitaminit … when Bush was in power these mythical FEMA camps were to house everyone BUT neocons, fundies, wingnuts, and dittoheads.

    so which is it?

    (or are they just going to swap out who is in the camp every 4 to 8 years when we switch administrations?)

  35. #27 Patrick Austin,
    As a fellow Michigander, all I can say is ROFL! I’d loves to have me some California-style policies rockin’ the Great Lakes. :D

  36. It’s really not fair, all the nut jobs are choosing right winged bastardism these days. Really, can you hold a real debate when idiots are out there rampaging against..something and spouting god?

    There used to be a place in this country for people who were pro-military, pro-gun, anti tax and anti-regulation, but then a bunch of nutjobs decided to throw some godawful variant of religious conservatism in the mix. Now you’ve got crazy shit like ID and anti-gay in there.

    I really hope guys like Glenn Beck die in a fire. His god and ‘truthiness’ rhetoric just ruins any attempt at logical debate. Right winged conservatism stinks more of xenophobia than anything these days. They discriminate based on lifestyle and cultural choice, completely alienating a lot of people that would be happy to be on their side.

  37. In 2006 Kellogg, Brown and Root was awarded a $385 million dollar NO BID contract by Homeland Security to construct detention and processing facilities in the event of a “national emergency”.
    Remember, in September 2008, The Bush regime warned congress that if they did not open the doors of the treasury to be looted by our Corporate Overlords, Martial Law may need to be declared.
    If the unemployment rate in the US continues to climb, social unrest will increase, and we may experience some interesting times: “By 1932, hunger marches and small riots were common throughout the nation.”

  38. Thank God for Glenn Beck. Now all Obama has to do is leave office without perpetrating a holocaust, and he can say “See, wasn’t that bad.”

  39. Beck often says “I am a conservative who happens to not be a Republican.”

    I love this one! Have heard this one buzzing about the office for the past 3-4 months on a regular basis.

    This mantra/meme has been firmly embeded in the Republican popular consciousness as a way of disowning any responsibility for the past 8 years. This allows Republicans to still own their precious moral high-ground so they can name-call and prophecize doom over “liberal” policy. (“liberal” meaning anyone who doesn’t agree with them)


  40. There most certainly is something happening in the country that ain’t good. But this leaning toward a totalitarian mode of suppression and fear-mongering was a war waged by the Bush administration, not the Obama administration so far. However, the Bush administration is and was fully representative of the country’s mood. If you are a criminal who wages war and destroys peoples’ rights and you get reelected to do the same for a second term, well, that means that the general population of the country you lead has become somewhat barbaric. No question. Our panic about the economy and wanting a new hero to come in and make things bright again does not change the fact that we, as a country, produced the horror of Bush and his criminal enterprise of an administration.

    A country that produces a George W. Bush as a leader is in serious deep trouble and it’s not going to get better quickly. The very fact of hero-worshiping Barack Obama is just another symptom of the same problem that produced Bush. Very very dangerous times these. Obama is fine, but the country has a sour nasty streak.

    I think Mr. Beck is secretly aware of this but cannot express it properly.

  41. In the earlier thread on the 11 April banking protest, I noted that: “the Americans who are just as guilty [for irresponsible behaviour as the banks] will wait for the demonstrations that praise the bigCorps they worship and pin the blame on the Mexicans or the Jews or the Illuminati.”

    Now I know who the grand marshal at those Know-Nothing parades will be. Bet he’ll have one heckuva uniform and cap, too.

  42. So now we have several comments calling for imprisonment and now death for people who do not share your world views. How enlightened. How tolerant. Many of you seem no different than those “insane” people you are condemning. Oh, he thinks differently than I do – OFF TO THE CAMPS WITH HIM!

    As for Mr. Beck’s drinking, let’s not go there when BB is constantly full of proponents for the use of marijuana. Be it alcohol or pot, drugs are drugs and if you live in a glass house, it’s usually not a good idea to throw rocks.

  43. Glenn Beck is a male Ann Coulter. Saying ridiculously outlandish things to attention whore himself and play to people’s tendency to hatemonger.


  44. Ah yes. Some right wing guys I know were going on about these a couple of weeks ago. They were insistent that searching for “FEMA camp” on YouTube would bring up all manner of “proof” that they exist and that their security measures are meant to guarantee that people remain inside them once there. Alas I was too far into my alcohol induced buzz to tell them that I have also seen videos on YouTube that “prove” that Bush pushed a button that blew up the World Trade Center and that Elvis was an alien phoenix like creature who emerged from his latest fire as Britney Spears. Fun stuff.

  45. The great thing about Beck is that he oftens makes disclaimers like “I don’t really know anything about this stuff, I’m not an expert, I just go with my gut and this is what my gut tells me…’ The horrible thing about his viewers is that they think he is just being self-effacing when he is actually being totally honest and direct. The guy is an insane loon with half baked ideas about stories he only half heard (not that that makes it impossible for him to be right on occasion just really makes the odds abysmal) but he is usually pretty up front about being just such a loon and that puts him a step ahead of the truly scary fools who think he is some sort of prophet

  46. This is very bad reporting, from Daily Kos and Boing Boing. He said nothing of the sort about the FEMA camps being for conservatives, et al. It’s clear from the context that he is upset that criminals are being released due to prison overcrowding when there are FEMA camps sitting unused.

    I don’t know if there are FEMA camps or not, but an evaluation of the video presented does not support the claims made by Daily Kos and this Boing Boing story.

    I’m not a fan of Fox News, but you don’t fight it by making hyperbolic statements and lies too.

    (I’m irritated by Daily Kos anyway because they didn’t even get basic, easily searchable facts right. The X-Files movie was released by 21st Century Fox, not Fox Searchlight. Bad reporting.)

  47. Beck is an LDS, so what do you expect? And I will start to be concerned about our government when I see giant portraits of Obama on the walls of buildings.

  48. Bevatron Repairman @23 & jackie31337@33:
    FEMA was not set up for anything to do with natural disasters. It was set up for Continuity of Government when the commies nuke us. The part of FEMA we see in post-Katrina NOLA was more of an afterthought, trying to shoehorn the post-nuclear martial-law paradigm into a feed-the-starving-homeless-people thing.

    Kind of like how the U.S. Military is real good at conventional warfare but has been having real trouble with asymmetrical warfare and essentially policing in the Middle East.

  49. I hate that ‘gut’ mantra. Following your gut is something everyone should do, and I don’t blame him for following his own instincts…

    What I DO blame him is for trying to get us to follow HIS gut instinct. We trust other people because there’s proof, there’s a relationship, something. There’s no good reason why we should listen to anyone particular on TV, least of all someone who fails to present evidence, method..or, well, anything!

  50. Generally, it’s not good to imprison people just because we feel like it. But if it’s for neocons, and he needs an “off-site” location not covered by American law, Gitmo-styled; I’m sure many governments around the world would be more than happy to make an exception.

  51. I’m probably failing at teh Google, but if anyone has a link to the transcript of what he says, I’d really appreciate it.

  52. I think the country is headed for a comeuppance – not that it is deserved when compared to what will likely happen. The economic woes will become a depression of great proportions. This will lead to civil strife on both the right and the left. A civil war, unlike ‘the War between the States’, will erupt on several fronts: a war between the haves and the have nots (class war), a war between the Wingnuts and the Left, a war between the U.S. government and perceived threats (rioters on either side), and a war between U.S. government and the Mexican drug cartels. Most people will be caught in the middle. It will be f&*cking hard to make a living dodging pipe bombs. Obama, god bless him, will be the wrong man at the wrong time. He will get a lot of the blame even though none of it is his fault – though because many of his lieutenants are idiots, will follow their advice and make too many mistakes. This really is Bush and (to some extent) Clinton’s legacy – and it will be YEARS – more than 20 at least, before it’s cleaned up. The crystal ball gets foggy at that point.

  53. Good.
    When they come for the Republicans, I will not raise my voice against it. In fact, I’ll sign up for a job as camp guard.

  54. @21

    it was called “the militia movement” and was a loose affiliation of government separatist groups, NRA types, christian identity groups, and white supremacist groups. it was like redneck version of al-qaeda or the IRA.

    books that come from the movement include “unintended consquences” and “the turner diaries” though i think the latter was actually written in the 70’s.

    funny story: the turner diaries features a guy flying a plane into the pentagon.

    there was a string of abortion clinic bombings in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

    black churches in the south were burned during the mid 90’s as well (and a string of black church fires flowing obama’s election).

    plus ruby ridge, waco, the oklahoma city bombing, and the olympic park bombing.

  55. 1. The tone of this segment reminds me of fundamentalist Christian TV shows, convinced they are surrounded on all sides by evil.

    2. I’ve heard of these camps before too, and don’t know what they’re for, but during the Bush years liberals hypothesized they were for a right-wing totalitarian state, and now Beck is assuming they’re for a left-wing totalitarian state. Same camps. (Would Fox and Friends have entertained a liberal 3 years ago who said the camps were for detaining liberals?)

    3. On the concept of “naming evil”– listen, so Hillary shook hands with “evil” recently, we’ve all seen the photos of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein, and for the entire Cold War we had diplomacy with the USSR (the original “Evil Empire” for the right wing), so what? Why is the right wing in the US so anti-diplomacy? Is war really better than diplomacy? I had a right winger tell me recently that he wished we’d bombed the USSR back during the cold war (huh? WHY? didn’t the US win WITHOUT going nuclear? Insane.) Besides, who can really define “evil”? We all have some evil in us, that’s why regular people suddenly snap and shoot their neighbors, and why students doing a psychological prison experiment go awry and become needlessly sadistic.

    4. For the last time, socialism is NOT the same as totalitarianism, ok? All those socialist countries in Europe– last I checked they were US allies, and still free, and had better overall standards of living than the US, so Glenn if you are going to “be honest”, be COMPLETELY honest.

  56. I know I’m the fourth or fifth person to say this, but…

    The headline doesn’t remotely belong with that video. He doesn’t say anything of the sort.

    What gives, BoingBoing?

    Did someone submit this with that headline, and you posted it without watching? Was there originally a different video?

  57. these have been in the works since bush’s first term, possibly even since clinton’s admin, but they were always trotted out on leftward conspiracy websites as where all the lefties would end up on some bunk charge (or detained without charges) after FEMA gets martial law declared and the president activates executive orders Garden Plot, Cable Splicer, etc.

    leave it to GOP-koolaid-stained Glenn Fucking Beck to bring this crapola into the mainstream with a full political polarity reversal. Glenn Beck, you asshole you

  58. Glenn Beck never explicitly claims the camps are designed for conservatives, true, however that IS his implication: he does claim we are slipping into a socialist totalitarian state, so who else could the camps be for, when clearly the camps aren’t being used for illegal immigrants (as he would prefer)?

    It’s all insane hyperbole: “we don’t even know what freedom IS anymore!”


  59. The economic woes will become a depression of great proportions. This will lead to civil strife on both the right and the left. A civil war, unlike ‘the War between the States’, will erupt on several fronts

    I recommend everyone watch Mamoru Oshii’s Jin-Roh. (Trailer)

  60. Conservativism is a mental illness.
    The Republican party is based on a belief system of cowardice and fear mongering, and they are single-handedly responsible for pretty much every problem we currently have in this country.
    Good job. You guys are real winners.

  61. Anyone have a link to the clip with Glen Beck ranting about how socialists are going to arrest him for eating ice cream and being too fat?

    Its pure gold i tell you.

  62. So when necons are in the White House and curtail our freedoms (with plenty of echoes of nazism) it’s “national security”

    And when intelligent people who make decisions that benefit the people and work hard are in the white house, then it’s “totalitarian state”.


  63. The FEMA concentration camp story has been the same since the Clinton administration at least. The far right (e.g. Alex Jones) kept “reporting” it straight through the second Bush administration, but the mainstream right (e.g. Limbaugh and Fox News) will only bring it up when a Democrat is in the White House.

    The mentality that produced the FEMA concentration camp story has been chugging along since the 1950s, when the John Birch Society decided Eisenhower was a “Communist dupe.”

  64. Actually Obama is a closet conservative and the FEMA camps are for all the whack job liberals.

  65. There used to be a place in this country for people who were pro-military, pro-gun, anti tax and anti-regulation

    Yeah, that’s in Afghanistan now.

    See the guy down at the strip mall with all the “I Want You!” posters for your free ticket.

  66. People are conditioned to be outraged about anything called a “camp” because of Auschwitz. An identical facility is fine if it’s called a “prison.” America has plenty of “prisons.”

  67. 8 years of Clinton worked these assholes into such a froth that they brought down the president for a few consensual BJs. Obama seems pretty wholesome, are they going to try to bust him on harboring minors in the white house or some shit? Or worse….
    Meanwhile, their sacred cows continue to walk free on war crimes allegations. Where the lefty rage? When are we gonna Hague those guys?

  68. #91 – Gee, using Military bases as disaster shelters. Oh my goodness how could anyone NOT see the evil?

  69. [after massive vomiting, but still suffering nausea.]
    Let me understand this.
    Glenn Beck is concerned about personal liberties and totalitarian leanings of the government under Obama’s administration? 8 years of Cheney and CIA’s secret prisons and NSA’s domestic wiretapping and legalization of torture and renditioning and imprisoning detainees for 5 years without any due process and the coopting of the Justice Department and the OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) which was supposed to have oversight of the Justice Dept instead of being its collaborator and …
    He sleeps through all that and when Obama works to stop and reverse the previous trappings of authoritarianism he has the gall to accuse Obama of fascism?

    What kind of Orwellian, upside-down, Kafkaesque, black-is-white, analog-is-digital, 8tracktape-is-DVD, 13000K-is-absolutezero, extraspicy-is-mild world is Glenn Beck living in?

    [of course the final indignity is that these Conservatives themselves actually have used “Orwellian” to describe Obama’s policies.]

  70. Uh oh Glenn Becks crazy ass is at it again, I think he’s been having a little drinky drinky =P

  71. funniest thing I ever saw was a weepy Beck processed through the medical system he so defended.

  72. Ok Boing Boing. Do some journalism.

    Rather than echo chamber the lefties vs. righties bread and circuses distraction, it would be a wonderful thing to catalog if these things exist, and what their actual purpose is.

  73. Notice what Glenn Beck doesn’t say – that Obama is building concentration camps for Republicans.


  74. FEMA is going to round us all up…. SURE they are.

    Great job Brownie.

    The sort of lunatic fringe frothing this brings about really does scare the hell out of me. Most of the people raving about this stuff should be medicated back to reality before they hurt themselves or someone else.

  75. Why do you have to go and lump that goofy-haired Glenn Beck into the same category as the delightful Nancy Grace?! Oh my gosh I love her so much! I use the fury of her righteous indignation to heat my home and save a bundle on the energy bill.

  76. I think it’s worth pointing out that Bush and his cronies aren’t technically Republicans in the true sense of the word.

  77. #30: Source,

    “KBR awarded Homeland Security contract worth up to $385M
    By Katherine Hunt
    Last Update: 12:19 PM ET Jan 24, 2006

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — KBR, the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton Co. said Tuesday it has been awarded a contingency contract from the Department of Homeland Security to supports its Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities in the event of an emergency. The maximum total value of the contract is $385 million and consists of a 1-year base period with four 1-year options. KBR held the previous ICE contract from 2000 through 2005. The contract, which is effective immediately, provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to expand existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs, KBR said. The contract may also provide migrant detention support to other government organizations in the event of an immigration emergency, as well as the development of a plan to react to a national emergency, such as a natural disaster, the company said.”

    No mention of FEMA, but the locales could repurposed I suppose. Never seen the story in the MSM until Beck here claimed it for the Repugs.
    Obama/Biden do have this odd urgency to get AMTRAK fixed… there’s several YouTube clips of a train station in Beech Grove,IN that looks like it’s gearing up to handle prisoners-?

  78. Hurray for a network that does almost no research on it’s stories and who’s only purpose is to incite panic amongst an already panicky conservative base. Granted all new networks do this to some extent to drive up ratings but Fox news is the worst. I swear, they should have shut that puppet factory down when the Bush administration left office.

    To quote John Stewart, “If you love an administration let it go, if it comes back we’re all screwed.”

  79. The FEMA camps undoubtedly DO exist.

    Their official purpose is to contain a mass influx of illegal immigrants from south of our border, should the need ever arise.

    Less well known are the several hundred thousand hermetically sealable plastic funerary crypts stored near rail-lines in rural Georgia. These are officially overstock from a nearby manufacturer who “makes them in batches”, yet they have sat around for years without their numbers changing. Those are believed to be maintained under FEMA contract in case of any pandemic.

    X-file stuff indeed, but let us NEVER FORGET that the X-file’s successor’s pilot episode portrayed a staged terrorist attack flying a jet plane into one of the Twin Towers, just months before 9/11.

  80. US Rawandan Hate TV? So when will Beck Boy call for taking out the machetes and filling graves?

  81. FEMA is going to round us all up…. SURE they are.

    Pfft… yeah, when has any modern government herded citizens into concentration camps under the pretense of “national security”, “permanent emergency”, or “martial law”?

    Oh, wait

    …and if you don’t think this economic cataclysm couldn’t result in shortages, riots, dislocation, etc. You’re not paying enough attention.

    I really wish the opening ~15 minutes of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade were on YouTube or Google Video…

    A decade after the Great Defeat, our nation finally emerged from the chaos and confusion of occupation rule. Although successful, a policy of aggressive economic growth aimed at rebuilding the nation and rejoining the world also led to serious social unrest and economic hardship for many. The massive unemployment and urban migration that resulted turned large areas of the cities into slums — the breeding grounds of soaring violent crime. More ominous was the rise of
    armed anti-government groups bent on changing society through force. These groups grew so powerful that local police authorities were overwhelmed, raising serious concerns for public safety. To avoid violating the new constitution which restricts the use of the Self-Defense Forces, and to keep local police forces from forming a national power, the government chose an alternate path. With its activities limited to the Capital, a new paramilitary force was established under the direct command of the National Security Committee. This was the birth of the Capital Police Organization, or the Capital Police. Highly mobile and heavily armed, the Capital Police quickly
    expanded its power, and declared itself the guardian of public order. However, facing bans and other legal restrictions, the anti-government forces were forced underground as they split up and regrouped. In the end, a single guerrilla group
    known as “the Sect” emerged, and the situation was
    changed dramatically. Increasingly violent clashes between The Sect and the core “Special Unit” of the Capital Police often turned city streets into urban war zones. This led to a backlash of
    enraged public opinion. As society began to look toward the future and the economic prosperity it promised, the Special Unit and its enemy, The Sect were becoming increasingly marginalized. The Special Unit, once known as “Kerberos” for their armor and weaponry tirelessly fought long and hard for the nation. As they were about to join the pages of history the changing times were about to give them a new and final mission…

  82. Last year those camps were being built by Republicans to intern all the hippie terrorist loving democrats they want you to believe are plotting to destroy America.

  83. It’s all rumors. I heard the same thing as #117.

    Supposedly there was a plan in place for Bush to declare martial law and intern millions of Americans on death trains.


  84. @116 “Oh, wait…”

    What evil Republican President was responsible for the Japanese Internment camps?

  85. I just saw Beck whining on TV that he’s worried about the country. I think he must be drinking again. We finally have a president that is intelligent and can speak in sentences and he’s worried about the country. Why wasn’t he worried when Bush and Cheney were running the country into the ground?

    Someone should tell the Republicans that they lost the election and we don’t want to hear their stale trickle-down solutions anymore. Its time for the real American people (the people with real jobs) to rise up and get their voice heard. We’ve had enough of the Republican empty promises that only help the rich and screw the rest of the country.

  86. empty prison camps scattered about are of passing interest. What I am more curious about is the gulag archipelago of black sites that was established over the past decade all around the world. With the collusion of entire other governments. That is quite a bit of resource.
    I wonder if perhaps part of Obama’s initial orientation briefings included the revelation that there are in fact, thousands of prisoners and torture victims in covert US custody? That would explain his continuation of Bush human rights violations. Perhaps the hidden liability is greater than the US can pay or handle – especially when broke. What to do when handed a great, dirty secret that would cause so much more harm if revealed?

  87. I just saw Beck whining on TV that he’s worried about the country. I think he must be drinking again.

    Ok, there’ve been a bunch of people invoking Glenn Beck’s alcoholism. I also frequently hear people (mainly big-L Liberals) try to tear down Rush Limbaugh based on him being a drug addict.

    It’s lame, and an ad hominem argument.

    Criticize them for their irrational thinking. Criticize them for their hypocrisy. But dismissing them based on their vices is exactly what they would do. Don’t become the monsters you’re fighting with.

  88. ‘There is something happening in our country and it ain’t good.”

    He is right… what is going on is that people like him are on TV instead of being in a facility for loonies. Even though I think that Fox is in fact a facility for loonies that broadcasts like a bad reality show.

    If there are 2 alcoholics that I hate that have recovered from their ‘addiction’ those are Glenn Beck and George Bush jr (just noticed they share their initials). Some people should stay drunk for the better of the rest. Some brain cells DO die with abuse of alcohol, sorry!

  89. Is it really that difficult to be conservative and not a giant spastic too?

    I’m not conservative, but I know that there are thoughtful, intelligent, erudite and educated conservatives that do have something valuable to add to the debate. Why are they being drowned out by people who are incapable of coherent rational thought.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are conservative or liberal (or whatever), both get it wrong and both get it right – that’s why we bother with having the debate in the first place: to get the best from both.

    For God’s sake, if you are conservative you need to fight for representatives that are worthy of your support. Not people who aren’t just an embarrassment to themselves, but to you also.

  90. Good reading, all, thanks. #97 posted by MarkM and Takuan’s last summary right above here win this one. ribbons.

    I like picking favorites!

    I enjoyed Beck talking about building concentration camps with the off-hand injunction “if you trust our government, it’s fine.” Classic infuriating blind conservative exceptionalist hypocrisy. First they came for the prisoners, then they came for the Mexicans…

    Tak, I often wonder about that initial briefing for Congresspeoples – I imagine men in black demonstrating how quickly they can destroy what the politician loves most (children, bank account) and then, with sinister, slightly mocking smiles, handing them a list of forbidden acts.

    But it’s probably more subtle than that. Tak paints a much more evocative, plausible picture.

    EVEN SO! Imagine that briefing if EVERYTHING was true: “By the way, Mr. President, we plan on placing all far-right and far-left citizens in concentration camps, we have thousands of illegal, often tortured detainees spread around the world, we murdered New Orleans, we planned 9/11, the CIA has been psychically monitoring everyone on Earth and putting minute amounts of LSD in the water of every major population center since 1966, we brought crack into the inner cities and armed the gangs, we read every email and listen to every phone call, we tried to kill Chavez twenty times just last year, if we stop supporting Israel we will be defenseless against the army of Golems they will unleash on our major cities and Jesus will never be reborn, we’ve been suppressing clean, virtually free energy technology since 1912, we nuked Russia three times during the cold war, we’ve been in a secret magical war with an international group of sorcerer hippies for the last 40 years, we have 5 undersea cities we cohabit with Dolphins, who can talk and were the original residents of Atlantis, Putin nuked Kentucky last week, Global Warming is actually due to the wormhole the aliens use to travel back and forth from Sirius, they say they’re upgrading it but it’s hard to tell if they’re mocking us or not, the Federal Reserve now owns Kentucky outright, Hitler is alive and well and lives under the North Pole and we pay him taxes, and the world ends in 2012 when Loki finally escapes from his prison and brings about Ragnarok. We’re in talks with Odin.

  91. Allesandro @56: I for one am thankful that our Constitution and separation of powers held up at all under the Bush administration. We could have been looking at behavior something like Putin or Chavez if they thought they could get away with it.

    OTOH, I don’t exactly see the Obama administration relinquishing much executive power just yet. The agenda is different, but the desire to concentrate power and patronize lobbyist/donors is still there.

  92. hah! Ridl, you’ve a talent! I can see it now; a few minor aides get together – and since Obama has to believe whoever presented to him is who they say they are – sit him down prepped for a NSA/CIA deep, deep initial briefing, and with straight faces feed him that whole screed! Think about it, these are folks who brought us the Goat Starers, ANYTHING is possible!

  93. Ah yes, the old FEMA Concentration camp thing. I first read it in a book by a man claiming to have insider info on the “secret government” I won’t mention who or what book but I will mention that among other claims he makes include that at the time of his writing the planet Jupiter was rigged with nuclear weapons and that the powers that be were going to blow it up (yes blow up Jupiter) in the year 2000. Since then every maniac and polemicist with an agenda has used it to stir the pot and rouse fear and hatred against the government in hopes, as far as I can tell, to cause some sort of uprising. I did my own research on the latest surge of reports and found that it originated in part with the help of a neo nazi who was arrested for robbing banks and generally causing things to explode (he was of course framed/sarcasm). A list of locations was made and found to be an utter hoax after people everywhere went to just about every location named and found among other things abandoned buildings and empty fields. While FEMA does have camps the purposes for which they exist seem to be far less sinister. I would imagine that such facilities could be used to house displaced people in the event of a disaster, and yes possibly large amounts of illegal immigrants prior to being deported. The number of these camps also is certainly greatly exagerated. I was once a moonbat conspiracy theorist and lived every moment of every day in mind shattering terror, and have nothing but contempt and disgust for the fear merchants who peddle this garbage to misguided people looking for answers. enough said

  94. This from one of the foremost apologists for untrammelled and unfettered presidential power, whilst HIS guy was in power….
    Ignore this clown, he’s a hate-monger: he too thrives on the suffering and hurt felt by others.
    This man still wants to attack Iran for some reason, does he not?
    And he supports the use of nuclear weapons to do so, does he not?

  95. In Canada, it is a crime to spread hatred against identifiable ethnic groups: my guess is that Beck’s anti-Islam rants on CNN Headline News, night after night, played some role in that station being knocked off the cheaper tier of Canadian Cable TV: I did not complain to TPTB, but I think that some of my fellow-citizens may have, and I would have joined them, had the offending station had not been removed: a demagogue for war and violence, based on ethnicity and religion, on the air.
    Remember how Rwanda transpired: “freedom of speech” on the mass media (radio/TV in Rwanda) in the service of genocide.

  96. I remember hearing stories during the Bush administration that linked the construction of these facilities with the proposed guest worker program that was being pushed hard by (mostly Texan) Republicans. That would explain the legislative language evoking invading hordes of criminal illegal aliens, although permanent housing seems strangely counterproductive to this purpose.

  97. Look, the new internment camp idiocy is just that. Of course,most of us have heard the ravings of the tin-foil hat club about how the camps are for…

    Locking away conservatives.

    Locking away Liberals when President George Bush seizes power and postpones the Presidential election.

    Locking away illegal immigrants.

    Locking away everyone when Y2k caused the collapse of our society.

    For those pointing to the Japanese internment camps of WWII as proof? Frankly? Shut the hell up. We’ve put up with over a decade of rabble-rousing about how these evil camps will soon be hold to X portion of our population and how that time is just around the corner.

    It has been a decade. Just stop. Even the Seventh Day Advantists stopped claiming that Jesus was going to arrive NEXT week after a while.

    This sort of panicked lunacy is dangerous. Not because it has an effect on right thinking people, but because it gives the dangerous portion of the lunatic fringe something to cling to. The whole internment camp issue is the political equivalent of a “Pro-Ana” site.

    Beck either needs psychological care (as he is now always either screaming or weeping on the air it seems), or he needs to be pulled from the air because he is sane and knows what he is doing.

    The time where FOX NEWS’ obvious bias was funny is long past. We’ve moved to scary and dangerous.

  98. For those pointing to the Japanese internment camps of WWII as proof? Frankly? Shut the hell up.

    Now that‘s a convincing argument. ::eyeroll::

  99. What’s amusing is that these Haliburton camps were just fine under the Republican watch while the obscure “enemy combatant” term was on the books. Such “enemy combatants” could be nothing more than rowdy anti-Bush protesters, and as long as the police rounding them up were “deputized” as military personnel (which the law that created the camps allowed for), these prisoners could be sent to these military camps. And as “enemy combatants,” these prisoners would have no right to challenge their detention. But citizens had no need to worry, because once they proved they were citizens, they would be released or sent to a regular jail. Of course, since seeing a judge might never happen, the opportunity to prove you don’t belong there may well never come. Ah, gulags. Of course, now that the government is led entirely by Democrats, only now does Glen Beck suddenly see the problem. Hindsight, my friend. Hindsight. At least Obama is doing away with the “enemy combatant” notion, which takes most of the bite out of the problem.

  100. Let them talk. Make fun of them, but don’t start saying it’s unpatriotic or whatever crap like they did in the Bush years whenever somebody criticized the president. It doesn’t matter whether it’s patriotic or not. It’s just dumb and stupid, that’s what counts.

    And it’s true that you hear more and more right-wingers mentioning a term they don’t understand: Orwellian, to describe Obamas policies. I wonder if they know that Orwell was a socialist (and there’s nothing wrong with socialism).

  101. Yes ZUZU, when you ignore the REST of the statement it certainly loses strength as a statement. Read the REST of the statement. I’m damn tired of “Tomorrow is the day that the evil government will launch it’s evil internment plan” warnings…coming every month for a decade.

    Give it up.

    The sky hasn’t fallen, just the DOW. How about infusing a bit of REALITY into the world instead of more hysteria? IS that REALLY too much to ask? Are tinfoil hats REALLY that fashionable?

  102. The sky hasn’t fallen, just the DOW. How about infusing a bit of REALITY into the world instead of more hysteria? IS that REALLY too much to ask? Are tinfoil hats REALLY that fashionable?

    I find Peter Schiff’s analysis that the US Dollar is headed to hyperinflation and that we should expect Soviet-style shortages to be a credible concern. I can easily imagine this pre-existing infrastructure for interning displaced populations coming in handy to the government then.

    Maybe it won’t happen, but like a condom, it’s better to be prepared and not need it then need it and not have it.

    How significant is the opportunity cost to be prepared? Stock up on dried beans and rice; install a natural gas or wind powered backup generator, own a shortwave radio (or better, a freeband amateur radio transceiver), and to own and safely use a combat shotgun to defend from desperate looters.

    If there was even just a 25% chance of the world going Children of Men on us, would you just sit back and rely on those odds?

  103. So, worrying about the possibility of Financial disaster means you have to BELIEVE in the idiotic rumors of US Concentration camps? Tell me how you make THAT leap of “logic.”

  104. Hm… nobody’s compared this to that other post about the penis panics. Allow me to be the first.


    ‘Hey, that makes about as much sense as that other post about the penis panic.’

    Actually, the wingers’d probably get halfway decent traction from Houston to roughly about Sarasota if Glen Beck came on TV and said liberal witches had stolen his penis.

  105. @ZUZU:

    “There isn’t? How are are you defining “socialism” to mean?”

    I mean “socialism” like the one that’s called socialism. It’s a valid political and economic theory, unlike fascism to which it is often compared. Socialism doesn’t require totalitarianism. Just as an example, one of the leading parties in Germany (in coalition with the Christian Union (CDU)) is the SPD which stands for democratic socialism.

  106. It’s a valid political and economic theory, unlike fascism to which it is often compared. Socialism doesn’t require totalitarianism.

    Coercive force by any name is still injurious, no matter how you try to justify it.

    Just as an example, one of the leading parties in Germany (in coalition with the Christian Union (CDU)) is the SPD which stands for democratic socialism.

    I’ll stick with the FDP while in Germany, thanks.

  107. jskehanpro – Considering that the website you mention is a raving Right-Wing site that claims to have a decent agenda…Save that it is Anti Gay-rights and states that you must believe in God.

    Sure, other than that, and the rampant propaganda this is a great site…really….

    I mean, it is at least more sane than Glenn Beck.,

  108. Oh look, it *IS* Glenn Beck. Just one of his more lucid moments…which still isn’t saying much.

  109. “Coercive force by any name is still injurious, no matter how you try to justify it.”

    What coercion do you mean? I just gave an example of socialism (democratic socialism) that doesn’t use more coercive force than any other western democratic country. You know, socialism ISN’T a synonym of coercive force, that’s what I’ve been trying to explain.

    “I’ll stick with the FDP while in Germany, thanks.”

    My point was just that socialism isn’t always the evil totalitarian orwellian stuff many people talk about. I didn’t ask you to agree to the SPD ideology, I don’t care with what party you wanna stick with.

    (In Germany they say that the FDP’s heart is at the left, but their wallet is at the right. ;) )

  110. The so-called Concentration Camps Mr Beck is referring to are actually allowed and were begun with a quiet (not secret) spending bill passed by the Republican Congress and signed by President Bush (I refer to the Washington Post of a couple of years ago and a very recent rant by Michael Weiner aka Savage on his radio program).

  111. Beck has been correct far more often than he has been wrong. The appalling ignorance rampant in the Obama Administration and among their marxist/socialist/freaskist me-too sycophants is enough to cause any reasonable taxpaying person to get a bit twitchy.

    We have no homeland security, we have no foreign policy except “Let’s chat over your yellowcake,” we have the junior varsity Keystone Cops doing a radical health system-ectomy, we’ve got raving Clinton hatchetmen in CIA and Justice … and we’re pissing away about four trillions of dollars on some seat-of-the-pants Grand Experiment to bring Change. WTF?

    Obama is keeping himself entertained by flying everywhere other than the US and by making sweeping Messiah speeches when he is in town.

    Rather than mock Beck, you need to keep an eye on the ball, budzo, and your wallet.

  112. It sounds to me that Glenn Beck is back on the booze. I liked him for a long time but he is off my viewing list.

  113. All of the Liberals on this site seem to suffer from the same delusion: that they can “win” the argument by saying “Bush did (something)” or complaining about the commentators from the Right side of the debate. What they can never dispute, in almost every single case, are the facts.

    In only 6 months, Obama increased our national debt more than the previous 40+ presidents COMBINED. I know, I know, Liberals, “But Bush (insert random whine here).” IT’S NOT ABOUT BUSH!!! His time is done.

    Focus, for once, on what is actually happening, and try to find some facts to back up your opinions. I, for one, like to use the Constitution as a source. Obama has explained that he doesn’t think the Constitution is viable any more… Any disputes on that?

    Also, this country was founded and has historically operated on Judaic-Christian beliefs. The decline of these values in America correlates directly with the decline of our society in education, the sciences, and the moral character of our officials and citizens.

    National Healthcare is another hot topic right now. And it is the worst idea (tied with the bailout bill and the 2009 stimulus) to get this close to passing the legislative branch. The government is THE REASON healthcare (and health insurance) are so expensive. Then they (the Liberals) want to turn around and blame the health insurance companies for the price… No other industry in America is mandated like healthcare, and no other industry is forced to give its services to people whether or not there is any hope of payment. It is hypocrisy in its truest form to say it is the industry’s fault that its prices are high.

    I know, Liberals, you want to blame it on Bush… I agree that Bush made some horrible mistakes in office, but at this time last year, 100% of American businesses were owned by American citizens. Right now, Almost 20% are owned, at least in part, by our government, which does not believe it is a part of the people. If we controlled the government (like we are supposed to) WE would own these companies, and, unlike our government, we actually know how to run businesses. Instead, we get no benefit from the billions of tax dollars our increasingly socialist government spent to buy up these businesses…

    Obama has already spent all the taxes I will ever pay in my lifetime, as well as the taxes from my children and their children, and maybe their children… It has to stop. And the government ownership of businesses, no matter how you try to explain it, is SOCIALISM. See the plans of this administration for what they are:

    Socialized medicine
    Socialist redistribution of wealth
    Socialized government ownership of business
    Social welfare growth
    Socialist finger-pointing and cries of racism at all opposition (If I remember correctly the last leader of a powerful nation so concerned with race was…)

    I will let you figure that one out.

    Want to know more? Check out my blog at

  114. Glenn Beck is so off the wall, it is scary.. I now think he is going to crash and burn.. It is insane the way he is behaving, and the things he is saying..

  115. Can anyone out there tell me how to get an Email to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh? I tried going through but had no luck. If you can help me send the answer to acphallock.
    thanks Alice

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