Jimmy Guterman returns

 Tmp Jimmyg We're happy to welcome back Jimmy Guterman as a Boing Boing guestblogger. He's a senior editor at Harvard Business Review; he's written plenty of books and produced lots of records, too.

We've had him here before; you can see his earlier posts here and here. Last time, Jimmy covered everything from how Garth Hudson defeats gravity to the physics behind flying sharks who can destroy airplanes.

This time we hope he'll blog more about his day job. Some of the other topics Jimmy says are on his mind these days: lessons learned from curating a TEDx, the pros and cons of six discs of Darkness, why Machiavelli seems to be everywhere, what he learned on his Canadian vacation, why divorce attorneys are naming their firms after defunct rock bands, the mysteries of Scott Prior's paintings, and a secret about the great bluesman Robert Johnson.

Welcome aboard again, Jimmy!