Nobel Prize winner Andre Geim: Awesome? Or Really Awesome?


10 Responses to “Nobel Prize winner Andre Geim: Awesome? Or Really Awesome?”

  1. D. Hayes says:

    Does that hamster have an Erdős number?

  2. The Hamster King says:

    We approve.

  3. daen says:

    Searching for “Geim, A. K.” through this link gives an ErdÅ‘s number of 5, so Tisha has an ErdÅ‘s number of 6.

    • JoshuaZ says:

      Daen, that means that Tisha has an Erdős number of at most 6. If Tisha has coautored with someone else on a number paper, the number might be lower.

      • daen says:

        You are right, of course. I made the rather crass assumption that Tisha’s academic output is limited to the single paper, when there is absolutely no evidence to support that. It would be rather lovely were her ErdÅ‘s number to be the same or lower than Geims …

      • querent says:

        Well done.

      • JoshuaZ says:

        And I apologize for the atrocious grammar and spelling. That should say “If Tisha has coauthored with someone else on a paper, the number might be lower.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Meh, he’s 20+ years behind Polly Matzinger who published with her dog.

  5. Smibby says:

    It was the hamster that sent the frog flying IgNobly!
    Tisha was working on the levitation stuff – the document says that “ground-based gyrometric techniques can be radically improved by employing diamagnetic levitation” (3rd paragraph).
    And it’s easy to imagine Tisha The Hamster meeting The Frog Without Name, asking “Want a free ride? A real cool one?”

  6. nanuq says:

    I’m betting this guy is a lot of fun at parties.

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