Wonderful Japanese pudding ad

Here's an hypnotic Japanese ad for "Giga Pudding" -- traditional pudding, but made in a bucket. My two year old practically crawled through the computer when I put this on, and demanded to watch it five times in a row.

Giga Pudding (Thanks, Schadenfraulein!)


    1. It could be worse; they could be eating each other like some kind of Pudding Centipede.

      And dammit, I’m going to have “pudding pudding!” running through my head for days now. What’s the opposite of a unicorn chaser? I need to get that relentless cheerfulness out of my head.

  1. I’d like to request a pudding commercial directed by Miike Takashi and starring Asano Tadanobu.

  2. Just watching this gave me diabetes.

    It’s a solid gallon of carbohydrates. And there’s a baby voice relentlessly cheering. It’s haunting. I expect the camera to zoom out and we find out that this is the only food product left on the planet, and this is the propaganda they’re using to make people feel good about having it.

    “You thought you were a grown-up, but you’re a baby, so enjoy your gelatinous brick of sugar.”

    I don’t know whether I’m creeped out more by the commercial, or by the discovery of my own cynicism.

    1. “It’s a solid gallon of carbohydrates.”

      A “pudding” like this is mainly milk, sweetened but not massively so, and usually thickened with egg. (Although could be chemicals here.) Not exactly evil, as desserts go, and certainly not carb heavy.

      A British “pudding” is an entirely different beast, maybe that’s what you were thinking of?

      1. Yes, it look suspiciously like creme caramel – which, thankfully, I dislike intensely.

        I think I’ll stick to spotted dick and custard, thanks very much. Stodge never did me any harm *burp*

        1. Custard is essentially what an American would call pudding. We have no words to describe spotted dick.

  3. Very cool . but who would air an ad 2:11 long ??? ah .. i see .. it is a promo which probably ended up in some press kit … hoping to go viral someday :)

    1. In that bit the Jap text says “Do not eat by yourself”
      I like that it comes with some health advice :-)

    2. My take on the scene: the guy is upset she’s arrived and so now he’ll have to (oh noes!!1!) share his Giga pudding…and she’s upset that he obviously doesn’t want to share with her.

      funkioto: thanks for your post @ #28 explaining what was said during that scene.

  4. This has sort of a Teletubbies vibe to it-the tune somewhat resembles the Teletubbies theme song. I dare not show this to my 7-year-old for fear that she would want to watch it repeatedly, too. Also, I am now hallucinating the taste of flan. I’ll have to see about making some this weekend.

  5. Search on “ギガプリン” ? Gigapudding fail:

    2008 footage of gigapudding in the wild

    1. The website photo gallery would appear to answer the Seattle question. There is a series of Giant Giga Pudding ™ towering over various landmarks; Pisa, Paris, Giza, etc.

  6. Oh I hope your child did not dream of it at night. I’m not sure if it will be a nightmare or a sweet dream.

  7. All you need now is ‘Mr Sparkle!’ to clean up the plates afterwards!

    It is disrespectful to dirt!

  8. I found this a year ago and have been bugging my colleagues ever since with the video because it really cracks me up.
    I suspect Cory is one of my (un)fortunate colleagues without me ever realizing it, but then again he would have to live some 2000 km south from where he is now. The Engrish in the vid is fantastic.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks red hat girl is a midget?

    Raise the roof, pudding holla at 1:04.

    J-Hipster at 1:50.

    Namco lawsuit due to Pac-Man eyes?

  10. In the near future, all those over 30 have vanished.

    Coincidentally, a gelatinous substance is available for consumption in mass quantities.

  11. Hmmm…another advertisement to children (and those caught in the clutches of faux naif) for a food product of questionable nutritional value given the quantity you are expected to consume.

    What’s next, a Chicken McNugget the size of a volley ball?


  12. @ JayConverse: “Never eat anything bigger than your head” was the first thing that went through my mind as well. Wow, that dates us.

  13. the irony of it all – if your pudding starts shaking that violently in japan it means earthquake and certain death!

  14. “What am I supposed to do?”

    “What you’re supposed to do, you’re supposed to EAT IT, that’s all; you eat it and eat as much of it as you can and you KEEP eating it!”

    The Stuff – 1985

  15. I’m waiting for the remix where a (live) monkey’s head replaces the pudding. Something like Indiana Jones.

  16. There’s an interesting social-cohesion-reinforcement aspect to this colossal pudding– not just kids at a birthday party (a very Westernized birthday party– eating it together, but work colleagues, as well. And the idea is that you really shouldn’t eat it by yourself (as much as you may want to).
    It would be more typical for us, in the West, to have our own individual servings, even if served from one gigantic pudding. Im trying to think of a similar Western/European communal food, and fondue is the only thing that comes to mind at the moment, although I am sure there are many more.

  17. ..And this is why we don’t let toy companies release food products in the US! At least not yet…

    Yes, it also reminded me of the Monty Python “Blancmange” sketch

  18. That giant smiling pudding towering over the cityscape makes me think this is Japan’s answer to the Staypuft Marshmallow Man.

    If Godzilla is on vacation, we can but hope there’s a local Ghostbuster franchise to take care of business! :-)

    Seems there’s a CD single, if you want more versions of that jingle:


  19. I confess. I shared a giant ‘pudding’ like this with three other people in a restaurant in Japan about five years ago. Needless to say, it was fun. Although not as much fun as sharing a bucket of cocktail in Thailand. But that’s another story.

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