Visual aid for the deep mine rescue in Chile

Rob Cockerham of says: "I was having trouble visualizing the depth of the escape shaft in Chile, so I created this long web page. Just scroll down to experience the depth of the mine at a scale of 1 pixel per inch (39 pixels per meter)."


  1. I see he omitted the buried alien spacecraft. Obviously drinking the “consensus” kool-aid.

    Samsam von Virginia

  2. Excellent visual, thanks!

    It’s amazing to me that people could even dig a rescue tunnel that long. I have no idea how that would work. Kudos to the rescuers.

  3. That just makes me short of breath just looking at that scale. I’m so glad they got out but there’s nothing in this world that would get me down there.

  4. Woohoo, I love stuff like this! I was just telling my sister about how far away the moon actually is.

  5. Thank you. Creating this helped me understand how critical a precise shaft alignment is. I have no idea how they succeeded.

  6. How long on average did it take to go down the shaft in the rescue pod and then how long did it take to return to the surface?

    Now you should put THAT in scale so the page scrolls itself to represent the slowness of the trip trapped in a 21″ wide rescue pod. These guys clearly didn’t have claustrophobia.

    1. The last report I saw (as they were pulling up the 33rd miner) was that they had it down to 9 minutes each way.

      1. Not as fun as the Tower of Terror or Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, but maybe kind of a fun ride just the same?

        1. No, knoxblox. Not as much fun as Dr. Doom’s Fearfall.

          Especially when the “ride” lasts 69 days and you’ll probably starve to death before you get out.

      2. Ah OK. 9 minutes in a Pod doesn’t seem too bad. You might be peeing yourself with joy on the way back up though. HA!

  7. Now for a model of those poor folks stuck in the small tin can which is the international space station.
    Admittedly they are volunteers have years of training and don’t have to worry about food, communication and rescue, so its not really the same.
    But their still in constant danger of space debris, and errors have happened before.
    There is always something more impressive in scale which humans have achieved, unfortunately these are not always good.

  8. The link is down, but you can get the same effect by imagining the length of the comment thread on any boingboing article about healthcare or real estate.

  9. Nice, but it would be even better to add one of a famous skyscrapers next to it as many times as needed. Transamerica Pyramid – 850ft, WTC with antena 1727ft, the tunnel – 2300ft.

  10. Thanks for this, Who would have thought that half way down the shaft there would be vacuum cleaner ads.

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