Rudy Rucker remembers Benoit Mandelbrot


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Poincare proved the earth’s orbit (three body problem) was chaotic and fractal in his paper for the 1887 King Oscar competition.


  2. Michael Smith says:

    This bit interested me:

    I went to Mandelbrot’s house early in 2001, when I was involved in an abortive project to try and make a large screen (IMAX) science movie featuring some huge, prolonged zooms into the Mandelbrot set.

    Prolonged zooms into the Mandelbrot set appeared in the opening credits for The Bank in 2001, so I wonder if some work for Search for Infinity was recycled there. The premise behind The Bank was that this guy discovers an algorithm to predict market fluctuations and misuses his resulting power to… (its worth seeing. I won’t spoil it).

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