Mandelbrot the fractal teddy-bear


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  1. Hentosz says:

    Yeah, I don’t get the “creepy” reaction at all, either. Very cute, Mouse. Next time sprout out the feet, too!

  2. Jake von Slatt says:

    Wow! I’m really surprised out how many people find Mandelbrot creepy! How could you not love something that can hug you on the molecular level?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am reminded of the perfect expression of infinity:

    A tattoo on a butt, OF a butt, with a butt tattoed on the tattoo butt.

    I am totally going to get it one day

  4. Agent 86 says:

    Delightful, and not even creepy! Cpt Mouse (if you happen to be a BB reader) how long did this take to make? Seems like a fun gift for a nerdy Valentines.

  5. eclectro says:

    I have to agree with #8 Maturin, that it is related to the “thing.” It is all nice and cuddly until it gets close enough to paw you with it’s eight heads so it can drink your brains with a straw.

    Kind of like a friendly Cthulhu.

  6. General Specific says:


  7. fogonthetoon says:

    Possibly the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.

  8. GammaBlog says:

    Yes, very creepy, should have been tagged Unhappy Mutants.

  9. Patrick Dodds says:

    Not creepy. Happy.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think it is clever and cool.

  11. Rezpect says:

    I really love this.

  12. maturin says:

    looks live John Carpenter’s THE THING got a hold of a polar bear

  13. Tenn says:

    This is incredible I want one. Great job, Mouse!

  14. gothicgeek says:

    sweet and funny!

    not creepy at all…..

  15. Factran says:

    Look ! Here is an animated gif fractal bear.

    The idea of a fractal bear was also (but less) experimented in this Philip Starck Bear :

    I find this Creepy and happy at the same time !!

  16. kiltreiser says:

    Eww, not too keen on that. Now I have images of a creepy teddy spawning infinite numbers of tiny creepy teddies. So much for sleeping tonight…

  17. Robbo says:

    Want want want want want.

  18. deon says:

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  19. John Markos O'Neill says:

    It reminds me of Matt Groening’s “The 24 Warning Signs of Stress.” The panel is “Weird Dreams,” a rabbit with rabbits growing out of its ears. “Very Weird Dreams” are the same, except with more rabbits growing out of the ear rabbits.

  20. Noelegy says:

    Chernobyl bear!

  21. eustace says:

    As they get smaller (and more numerous) they get happier! Check out the smiles (those available without microscopy, that is).

  22. Cloudform says:

    Very cool—this is very similar, but I think it gets the fractal aspect down better, given what the object itself (nesting doll) is recursive:

  23. bolamig says:

    By far the coolest sewing project I’ve seen. Much cooler than the felt owl pillows that seem all the rage these days. I like that the fur even has a fractally quality to it. I like the unintentional cancer creepiness too. Nice job!

  24. Gexydaf says:

    Certainly a conversation piece :D

  25. Ian70 says:

    Isn’t it enough to know that I ruined a teddy,
    making a gift for you?

  26. palindromic says:

    Not sure if want..

  27. iveexa says:

    #26: “fractally oversexed”? Now that’s a phrase that scares me to death …

  28. arkizzle says:

    “fractally oversexed”

    Yeah, that Julia Set. She just goes on and on and on..

  29. arkizzle says:

    That’s just her porn name though, she’s listed in the phone book, recursively..

  30. Shelby Davis says:

    Love the idea of a fractal plushie–but can’t help thinking of choriocarcinoma from “When You Care, You Love” by Sturgeon.

  31. TharkLord says:

    Yes. Thats what I want.

    When I first heard about those “Build-A-Bear” stores I thought they actually let kids add the arms, legs and head. What a great opportunity for childish creativity and adult irreverance! Sadly, they just get to dress the damn thing. More programming for the consumer society.

    What a great store it would be if they had bins of arms, legs, eyes, tentacles, horns, tails, etc. All in fuzzy, plushy forms!


  32. mightymouse1584 says:

    wow. i hope he makes more of these. i would definitely want one!

  33. Haesae says:

    love love love.
    want want want.

  34. cha0tic says:

    Probably the greatest soft toy in the universe.

  35. urshrew says:

    Appreciate the idea, but:

    Nightmare Fuel.

  36. Takuan says:

    gives me an idea; a crib with mirror sides.

  37. dbarak says:

    The copy editor in me comes out: The L is missing in Mandelbrot in the article title and the HTML page title. Just FYI.

  38. planettom says:

    The problem with making one of these is that you can never finish…you have to keep adding on smaller and smaller Teddy Bear growths…

  39. Brad S. says:

    It’s cute and all, but did it instantly remind anyone else of the two-headed calf???

  40. Takuan says:

    two headed calf? as a stuffed toy? Brilliant!

  41. Takuan says:

    how about a stuffed plushie Beast of Revelation? Leviathan? Behemoth? Pazuzu from the Exorcist?

  42. holtt says:

    I’m waiting for Mandelbrats (fractal sausages) or MandelBratz (fractally oversexed dolls).

    Of course there are Mandelbrains (the closer you look at someone, the smarter you realize they are), Mandelbras (cups within cups) and the Mandelbro of course.

  43. LB says:

    As someone who remember what it was like to anthropomorphize stuffed animals as a kid:


  44. Takuan says:

    Barsoom plushies? Or how about all the beasts from the Heinlein juveniles (star beast, martian bouncer…)

  45. hereaftermouse says:

    AGENT 86: It took about a day of sewing – maybe 11 hours. That doesn’t include trying to find the parts though.

    I had no idea people would find it creepy when I made it… Maybe that says something about me?

  46. Takuan says:

    I think it’s sweet.

  47. GammaBlog says:

    The teddy is sprouting cancerous tumors with eyes and mouths, or it has hand puppets that have hand puppets.

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