"Should Be Legalized" Eminem - Love The Way You Lie parody

The polls on Prop 19 to legalize pot in California show likely voters to be split down the middle (with a edge toward keeping it illegal). It would be a shame if this chance to end marijuana prohibition is, er, wasted.

"Should Be Legalized" Eminem - Love The Way You Lie Parody


  1. video starts off sorta meh but then gets better :)

    legalization in one state wouldn’t end narco-terror on our southern border – not even in the slightest tiniest bit (link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101012/ap_on_re_us/us_drug_war_legalization) and for me that’s what I really want to see get fixed/stopped more than anything else.

    So … I guess I’m for legalizing/decriminalizing it *nation-wide* and then making it unpopular just like we did with cigarettes. And also stopping the flow of US guns into mexico. that’d be good too.

    k thx

    1. @Anon 1

      Check out the latest Rand report on prop 19. While they say that CA marijuana sales only account for about 4% of the Mexican Drug Trade Organizations (DTOs) profits, they also put forth the proposition that if CA legalizes MJ then CA will become a net exporter of MJ to the rest of the country (excluding NM and TX because of proximity to Mex.) That would account for around 20% of the DTOs profits is you accept thei outher number of total US MJ sales accounting for 26% of the DTOs profits. Would that pt them out of business? Certainly not. However there are ew businesses that could continue to operate at their present scale after taking that kind of hit to their profits.

      With regards to the flow of guns to Mexico, you need to get your numbers straight. The 80% number is total BS. That is the percentage of guns they send back to the US for testing to see if the US was the country of origin. Those only account for 20% of the guns that were seized or about 16% of the total. Unless of course you were refering to the M16’s that the US government has been sending down there and have been ending up in DTO hands.

      1. Er, that RAND study also predicts that marijuana prices will drop to $40/ounce and that all the vintners in Napa Valley will replace their grape vines with fields of cannabis.

        In other words, the RAND study is a cockup of the worst sort. Marijuana has been effectively decriminalized in CA since 1996 (i.e. it isn’t hard to get legally) and the price hasn’t dropped. In fact, the price is not significantly different in CA than it is in other states. But the Napa Valley passage is the worst part about the published study. For one, if prices drop like RAND predicts then there’s no economic point in large-scale growing in Napa. More importantly, Prop 19 sets area limits for cultivation…which such growing would break. Even more importantly, it’s still a federal crime. How many land holders in Napa Valley would risk their property value for growing $40/ounce weed? (‘Cause you know that the Feds would be all over those confiscations)

        I have a hard time taking the rest of what RAND says on the issue seriously when they’re so out of touch with reality on basic points. Why, it almost sounds like there’s an agenda behind their “research.”

        California already is a net exporter to the rest of the country, and, yes, that would almost certainly increase. That, of course, is where this gets hairy with the tenth amendment and the interstate commerce clause.

        1. Decrim means still illegal.

          The price will only be affected if it’s legal to buy, sell, and grow. Decrim means it’s slightly less illegal for basic possession, but still fully and completely illegal to grow or sell. Sure, you no longer lose your house, job, right to vote, etc, for *possessing* weed, but if you get caught growing or selling, you still go to jail and get a permanent criminal record.

          It’s as easy to grow as tomatoes. The reason it’s FIVE THOUSAND TIMES more expensive than tomatoes, is because of the risk involved in growing and distributing it.

          New York has some of the highest weed prices in the world, even though it’s been decriminalized for decades. Incidentally, NY also has the worlds highest arrest rates and incarceration rates for marijuana. Decrim is a joke, and actually does more harm to the legalization movement than good.

    2. If it were to somehow get legalized nation-wide, good luck with the ‘making it unpopular’ part of that equation.

  2. I’m a Yes on 19 voter even though I don’t smoke. I pretty much expect it to be a waste since even if it passes it will wind up immediately in the courts.

    What will be fun is to see where the Teabaggers wind up on this seeing how this is a States vs Federal rights issue.

    1. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t pass. Oh I don’t live in California, I’m just looking forward to the drama that will fall out from it. I want to see it go to the supreme court and see what the hell the “state’s rights’ crowd has to say about it.

      If it doesn’t pass there won’t be any fun drama and I’ll be disappointed.

  3. There has been a large discrepancy between live caller polls and computer caller polls. Apparently, people are more likely to be honest about their position with a computer caller. I think this was a live caller poll and one with a tiny sample. Hopefully, this will wake the kids up and get them to the voting booths. I doubt it.

  4. Don’t forget that cell phone-only voters aren’t polled.

    If this passes, I might have to move out to California. It would be nice to be less of a criminal (as I’d still be a criminal under federal statute, as well as whatever copyright infringement and computer access crimes 90% of all internet users are guilty of).

  5. It’s hilarious that people think prop. 19 is about legalization, it’s pretty much a way to tax pot, but it doesn’t make pot legal on a federal level. It’s an interesting first step, but most of my 420 friends say “no! You had your chance 20 years ago to legalize pot, but you want to make it legal now just so you can fix our failing economy. No! You had your chance, find another way, I’ll stick to me [easy to obtain] medical version.”

    I’m all for pot despite not being a smoker, but Prop. 19 is a joke.

  6. The tea partiers don’t give a damn about states’ rights, just like they didn’t give a damn about out-of-control federal spending until a black democrat became president and it sent a jolt of fear into their tiny reptilian hearts.

    1. tiny reptilian hearts

      I thought that they had tiny arachnid brains. They must be chimeras.

    2. Nice. But did you also know lizards have small brains to match those diminutive hearts?

      [cow frantically flapping towel up & down fanning flames]

  7. If it gets the state in a better financial situation by the taxation, yes please! I do not wish to receive an IOU for my tax refund this year. ;)

  8. @ Anon 5

    Your friends are delusional if they think that they will ever have truly legal MJ without a tax. Take a look at alcohol. Even MMJ is taxed albeit only at normal sales tax levels. But then again they have to commit fraud to get a card, so there’s that. (unless they actually do have an honest reason for having one, doubtful most likely writer’s cramp or some BS) The way I see it, your friends are greedy pigs that are basically saying “I’ve got mine so fuck you”. They are correct however that it won’t make it legal at the federal level. But then again, alcohol wasn’t legalized at the federal level until 10 years after it was legalized by NY, so there’s precedent. Everyone who can vote in CA and smokes pot should get out there and vote YES on 19. Or be a douchebag hypocrite.

  9. Estimates for California are 21% of voters are affiliates of or sympathetic to the Tea Party. And 37% of Cal voters smoke pot. Both those numbers sound er high to me. But if the pot smokers can remember (a) where their polling place is and (b) when it’s Election Day, they should be successful.

    1. yeah but how many of those pot smokers are actually eligible to vote after decades of incarceration for a victimless crime. That coupled with the aversion to jury duty always increases my pessimism.

      1. I assume the number reflects voters who can vote who smoke pot. But I see the point you wanted to make.

  10. I’ll probably decide how to vote in the voting booth itself. Schwarzenegger took away my main reason for voting yes when he decriminalized it a few weeks ago – the crazy prison system.

    1. That was the whole point of that maneuver, to demotivate the average pot smoker by taking away the possibility of a prison term. But what about the person you get your weed from? Yeah, fuck ’em.

    2. but if its legal, you can grow! Its way the fuck cheaper to grow your own man! That should be your main motivation! If it gets legal, cut down every forest and plant a different kind of tree!

  11. I think there’s data out there of Prop. 19 passing and it caused “them” (idk who “them” might be, we’ll say lawmakers and the corporate leaders they answer to) to really look at those implications. Something about it meant less money for them and now they’re taking steps to un-motivate the pro-voters. Regardless of what “they” say or do I believe that if Prop. 19 passes it would really send a message and jump-start change.

  12. Slow motion video of girl in bikini walking towards camera is like slow motion video of guy walking away from big explosion without flinching.

  13. My boyfriend and I are from Canada… He has a criminal charge for being in possession of “too much weed” & he can travle pretty much everwhere except the United States… it’d be nice to be able to cross the boarder, since besides smoking pot were good law abiding poeple.

  14. When it comes down to it, the government is supposed to listen to us, because we voted them in. I know a lot of them have Big Pharma handing them shit for free, but what use is all that money when you’re not essentially free?

    Hey, Gubmint: A lot of us out here are law abiding with the exception of having to deal with people who traffic in stuff that we should be able to buy at CVS. Come on now, people.

  15. Videos like this are fun and cool but they’re not doing anything positive for the fight for legalization. We should be presenting the facts that would have the biggest affect on those who are on the fence about the issue. It doesn’t target the right demographic.

  16. What’s the Harvard T-shirt all about towards the end “FHGK P… Harvard” before it’s folded?

  17. has anyone realized that if its legalized than it will just be harder for minors to get it?? and it will just be more expensive anyways, its better illegal, because then the people at the grow ops have a job, its cheaper, and easier for minors to get

  18. Awesome song/video! Wish that I could personally tell the makers that but I’ll just write it here and hope that they see it.

  19. I don’t give a crap what the pros or cons are on smoking pot and whatever.

    Who the hell wants to feel like that? I mean, who really wants to feel all out of it? If you need to relax find something that DOESN’T INVOLVE INHALING THE SMOKE FROM BURNING LEAVES.

    “God put it on this earth, so we should use it.” Yeah and “God” also made poison ivy, arsenic, and dandelions, but that doesn’t mean that we should get a pound of that stuff and smoke it too.

  20. I agree with the message. Making pot illegal is the same as making alcohol illegal during Prohibition. It’s idiotic. When used in moderation, it’s a good substitute for alcohol. I miss my pot-smoking days. (I’m a pilot so drugs are out of the question.)

    The problem I have with this video is the two beautiful people getting high in the middle of the day and going shopping, swimming, playing miniature golf, etc. To me, getting high = getting drunk. Is that something most people do during the day? Is that the message we really want to send to support our cause?

    And yes, I do realize there are degrees of highness (like there are degrees in drunkenness). But substitute a bottle of vodka for the joint in these videos….is that the right message to send?

  21. Fantastic video! Too bad over 21 million people have been arrested for this plant that never killed anyone… well except for the prohibition that has killed thousands and we’ve spent over a $1,000,000,000 just for nothing!

  22. These fools singing about “make it legal” and they don’t show the Mexican drug lords laughing at them ?

  23. Since You Tube has flagged this I think every damn video I watch on You Tube will be flagged. Screw you Tube!

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