Wooden Ferrari engine

An eBay seller in Sydney, Australia is selling this handcarved wooden Ferrari 365GTB V12 engine replica, carved to approximate 1:1 scale. It's fantastically detailed and weighs 25kg.

Ferrari 365 V12 engine (via Neatorama)


  1. At least it costs less than a real Ferrari engine.

    What do you suppose possessed someone to carve this thing?

  2. May I hazard a guess as to who may have carved this? I’m figuring Thai: I have seen some pretty detailed wooden bikes for sale there in tourist markets (nothing close to this in magnitude, of course). . .but the skill is there. Hell, due to geography I’m betting 100% on South East Asia: who else would have the patience?

  3. Six Webber twin-choke carburetors.

    Legend goes that you have to be of Italian decent to tune one of these.

  4. For me, the beauty in an engine is in its potential to provide life to machinery. This thing only has the potential to light up a bonfire for a couple of hours. What a complete and utter waste of forest hardwoods.

    1. The piece of art which this hardwood now is can provide much more than function. It is a form to contemplate on and respect. I’m sure it was an adventure to make, but the journey of it so far has probably put a few smiles on academics, car fans and artists. Art is never a waste.

  5. Frankly, I’d rather have one of these than a Ferrari. This is nice sculpture. A Ferrari meets almost none of my criteria for being an interesting vehicle.

    There are other sculptures I’d rather have, but this is pretty, well done, and in its way is a nice backhanded comment on the sports-car cult.

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