DIY Hallowe'en Costumes: Ghost Rider Johnny Angel


In the voluminous Boing Boing DIY Hallowe'en Costume thread, a reader says,

Favorite Halloween costume a couple of years ago for my son was Ghost Rider Johnny Angel. My son wanted to give each house a present, so the night before we spent making paper flowers on pipe cleaners. We made angel wings out of cardboard, broke open a pillow and glued feathers all of them, put him in a leather jacket and a skull mask.

So, then, my husband playing his accordion, I would sing "Johnny Angel" as my son went up to the door of each house with his bucket of paper flowers, and my son would make a gift of one of the flowers to the household. He was so thrilled giving out those paper flowers.

Image here.


  1. That’s one cool outfit!!! And very nice to want to give people something instead of just taking it! I wonder how they responded…

  2. Thanks. People loved it, they were delighted by the flowers. Only a very few didn’t seem to get the idea of it right off, and they quickly warmed up.

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