JFK's birthday cake for sale

Call J. Peterman! This unappetizing piece of cake is up for auction right now with a current bid of $2,500. Why? It's from JFK's 45th birthday party in 1962, the one where Marilyn Monroe seductively sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." From Collectors Weekly:
 Articles Wp-Content Uploads 2010 11 Jfkcake2The piece of cake up for auction is actually a sugar-frosted decoration on cardboard–it was spirited away from the ceremony by a police officer who was part of the event’s security staff. Along with a program from the event, the piece is expected to bring between $5,000 and $10,000.
"Let Them Eat JFK’s Birthday Cake"


  1. I could have swore I’ve heard about this before. Did it sell to the current owners in like the last 10 years? I don’t think I would have heard about it any other way.

    1. “spirited away” eh? That is to say stolen?

      “Spirited away” is said of kidnapping victims, or others taken swiftly against their interests, e.g.: “Martha Mitchell was spirited away to a private sanatorium, where she soon died.” (Or words to that effect, I forget the exact quote.)

      That cake decoration is JFK mana.

  2. PETERMAN: Do you know what happens to a butter-based frosting after six decades in a poorly ventilated English basement?

    ELAINE: Uh, I guess I hadn’t–

    PETERMAN: Well, I have a feeling that what you are about to go through is punishment enough. Dismissed.

  3. Just wait ’til his brain re-appears for sale on ebay. It was also “spirited away” before the autopsy.

  4. +1 CHA, +1 LUCK while in inventory. Can be consumed for a one-time bonus of -20 food, +50 max HP, +300 radiation.

    Found in a locker in section 4D in Raven Rock.

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