Tron Legacy space-hooker shoe couture by Disney


"Disney's TRON: Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 cult classic will be released shortly. Along with the film, Disney has released a TRON: Legacy couture fashion line, described by the company as 'designed for the young female urbanite.'" These pumps will set you back about $800, but they sure are sweet. Link to photo gallery at HuffPo. (thanks, Aaron Muszalski!)


  1. I like it. I mean, heels are already weapons, but that looks like it was built for busting balls AND stabbing feet.

  2. Nothing more important then to get our younglings drooling over orthopedically disastrous footwear that’ll also make them look cheap and slutty while simultaneously providing a much needed economic stimulus to the fashion industry by way of their parents paychecks.

  3. There’s a big platform in the front, so it’s probably not that bad. Flip flops are supposed to be worse for your feet than heels.

  4. This shoe covers the trifecta of women’s swank shoes:

    1) Insanely expensive.

    2) Cripplingly painful and hazardous to walk in.

    3) Fugly.

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