"If you touch my junk" TSA-themed cross-stitch by Steotch.com


From the witty craftsters at STEOTCH.


  1. Exactly. If we don’t do stuff like unwarranted searches, seizures of property, and restriction of speech, how will we protect our way of life?

  2. T-shirts with this same quote are being hawked on all the right-wing new sites.

    It’s funny that it takes touching penises to get the conservatives to suddenly realize that they hate the TSA too. Before the junk-touching started, conservatives laughed at any notion that liberties were being taken away for the sake of safety. But a man’s private parts are more important than his liberties, naturally.

    1. @SamSam: You can imagine how terrifying the idea of having one’s penis touched by a TSA agent is to a conservative – after all, what if the TSA agent is !!GAY!!?!?

      But yeah in general, neither schizophrenic half of the duopoly is real strong on liberties…

  3. A minor correction, which should in no way detract from my enthusiasm for this clever item: that sampler happens to be cross-stitch, not needlepoint.

    Needlepoint is done with yarn, and each stitch goes one way. Cross-stitch is done with thread, and makes crosses on the fabric.

    This is, of course, trivial, but as someone who’s rooting for the success of needle arts, I like to spread knowledge of the right vocabulary :)

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