Glenn Beck believes in four insane things before breakfast

Glenn-Beck Missed in the brouhaha over Sarah Palin's verbal flub about our North Korean "allies," and much more telling:

According to host Glenn Beck's own transcript, Beck's very next utterance was to proclaim that the "mystery" jet contrail recently seen in California (explained weeks ago (even by Fox News online) as almost certainly an optical illusion created by still air and a jet contrail from a known UPS delivery flight) was in fact a secret two-stage missile launch by the Chinese government to assert their power over America, "sending a signal that the world has changed."

Beck then went on to state that the Chinese "control the world."

Did Sarah Palin, would-be leader of the United States, disagree with any of this?  Nope.

Palin's verbatim response: "Well, that's right."

For Beck's (and apparently Palin's*) version of reality to be accurate, of course, these four logical conditions must also be true:

(a) China can launch missiles in or near U.S. waters in broad daylight without provoking any American response; (b) the Pentagon either does not know this, and therefore cannot defend our shores, or they do know, and are now engaged in a massive coverup (either one of which must be sufficient for both Beck and Palin to question their avowed support of the Pentagon); (c) for the missile to have any meaning, China must have assumed that the Pentagon would understand the source and significance, something even Americans ourselves apparently cannot assume, according to (b); and (d) China must have also either assumed that the Pentagon would be cowed and not respond, or been eager to start a hot war with massive loss of life for no explicable reason.

Beck's assertion -- with which Palin showed no disagreement whatsoever -- requires belief in no less than four different insane things -- and that's even if the contrail hadn't already been fully explained. 

And this gets virtually no comment anywhere.

Apparently we've all been numbed by stupidity for so long that while the media can still grok an obvious up-is-down screw-up, the presence of mind-blowing nests of illogic immediately adjacent to the famous gaffe... that's just dismissed as normal. 

*Some may suggest that Palin was agreeing only with Beck's unique notion of Chinese global dominion. After all, Beck's assertion about a Chinese missile occurred a full eight seconds before her statement of agreement. One can defend Palin simply by insisting that eight seconds is an unreasonably long time to retain information. 


  1. What an idiot. Doesn’t Beck know that we owe China over $1,000,000,000,000.00? Maybe after we default on that loan China will start shooting missiles at us. Schmuck.

  2. The worst of these nut-bags are not in real positions of power. (yet.)

    But the fact that such blatant stupidity and rabble-rousing goes on without much comment (except for a few Hyuks on the Daily Show), well, it tells me enough of my countryfolk either don’t care or don’t understand they are being sold a bill of goods by madmen and imbeciles.

    Whom day by day seem more and more. . .electable.

    1. Are you kidding me? You don’t think that being in a position to influence the opinions of MILLIONS of people every day is powerful??

  3. The reason she doesn’t call him on the contrail bit: she has no clue what he’s talking about. And it’s too far off-script for her.

    This particular “gotcha” isn’t as nitpicky as the whole North/South Korea gaff. I mean, sure, you’ve proven that Beck is insane, but this doesn’t say much about Palin.

    What you should really focus on is the fact that she’s borderline illiterate. What the hell is “self-resilience”?

  4. I know people think that logical discussions of these events will have some positive impact, but I doubt it. Instead, I suggest that we STOP GIVING THESE PEOPLE FREE PUBLICITY.

    Dennis McDonald
    Alexandria, Virginia

  5. Only four? I bet if we look again we can find more. What a nut-job.

    Part of the problem is that after a hard day at the office, we don’t have a lot of mojo left over to combat this kind of noise, and right now the whole country is having a hard day at the office.

  6. My guess would be that Palin had no clue what Beck said or meant and just agreed with him because he’s popular and “on the same side” as her. Kinda like us and North Korea!

    1. Well, I sometimes disagree with Beck just because he’s a popular leader diametrically opposed to everything that works in the real world. So far, when facts do later show up, it’s paid off for me.

  7. So if China is our archenemy now doesn’t that mean we need to pull our corporate investments out of there? That means no more cheap stuff for WalMart or parts for Raytheon, or Dell, etc. I think the Repub’s corporate overlords would have a problem with that.

    Glenn and Sarah may be biting the hand that feeds them.

  8. everything that’s said by beck is said for a reason. his viewers’ natural reaction by this highly calculated and very much scripted action will be that it’s all obama’s fault that china can do this because he has made the country weak. Palin agrees with this and the notion is confirmed.

  9. Dear Boingboing Editors,

    I humbly request that you give consideration to a total moratorium on all Glenn Beck articles. Gawking at the media spectacle that is Beck, and his followers, is part of the reason why his ratings are so high. Take it from Paul Anka, “To stop those monsters 1-2-3,
    Here’s a fresh new way that’s trouble-free–Just don’t look!”

    1. I get what you’re saying, and kind of agree with it, that even bad publicity is good publicity. But ignoring the crazies doesn’t make them go away. Especially when they’re aspiring to offices of tremendous power and they’ve got an army of sheep who vote!

      1. Not really. These people aren’t going to wreck havoc in public office. They don’t believe the things they say. They say it to (1) draw the “middle” farther to the right, and (2) maintain a climate of fear/panic which makes the public easier to control and manipulate.

  10. To be fair to Sarah Palin, when confronted by an utter nutjob agreeing and slowly backing away is generally the best option.

  11. It’s nice to know that the FAA and NORAD finally confirmed that this was a “known UPS flight”, rather than it just being a blogger’s theory…

  12. also, that genius Glenn Beck would be able to figure this all out and no one else could.

    @Ceronomus to be fair to all of us it is entirely likely that Sarah Palin has no idea what Glenn Beck was even saying.

  13. Glenn Beck posits crazy theories because it gets him ratings. Sarah Palin agrees because she wants the support of his audience.

    It’s not that they believe these things, they just can’t be bothered to rely on logic when formulating their opinions.

  14. Both Beck and Palin’s talking points are merely vomitous pandering. Neither is capable of truly listening to others or offering anything truly accurate in the way of opinion or analysis.

  15. Well hell, if some batshit loony told me to my face that China controls the world, I’d agree with him too!

  16. This article now spreads the craziness to a bigger audience and is less a “wonderful thing” than an opinion attempting to disprove a negative. It also implies Palin is a has a higher political responsibility than Beck. Thus Beck and Palin are completely successful in broadening their conversation and firing up America.

  17. I doubt very seriously that what Glenn Beck says publicly has anything whatsoever to do with what the man actually believes. He’s a showman, a lightning rod, who makes a living -and a darned good one- by playing to the beliefs of a segment of the public. But his influence exists only in the imagination of his viewers and those who choose to spend time rebutting him.

    If we’re really concerned about the way things are going, better to focus on those who wield real power- our senators and congressmen. Never mind what they say- what are they actually doing? What are they voting for/against? Who finances their campaigns? What -whose- interests do they serve?

    The answers to those questions are relevant and important. Beck’s public utterings -and the noise of others in that business- are not.

  18. In America today, belief trumps knowledge for an unsettlingly large proportion of the population. For most Faux News viewers (save those who are there to monitor or for the amusement value), the network has taken on the veracity of holy writ. Their “commentators” are the prophets. They can now say anything, and their viewers will sit in rapt (if perhaps slack-jawed) attention.

    The difference between this religion and radical Islam is only a matter of canon and (to a shrinking extent) degree.

  19. I’ve been noticing for a while that Beck and Drudge and even Limbaugh have been picking up their fantasies from Alex Jones.

    For those of you who aren’t familiar, Jones is “truther” and conspiracy fabulist whose theories embrace the idea that the “ruling elite” are going to bring about a new world order, kill off the bulk of humanity and live forever in cyber-space.

    That wild-eyed conspiracy theories are now being presented on the same level as rational discourse is deeply unsettling. I’m all for open discussion and vigorous debate, but when your opponent is talking about the secret FEMA death camps and orbiting laser death cannons and the topic is health care…things have taken…a turn.

    1. Some of Becks theories are not far fetched.

      George Soros is definately trying to creat a Global fund by destroying our dollar.

      Yes I know Jones and Beck can be out there sometimes – however, there are many things that they have both predicted are occurring today.

      Its best to not dismiss all theories but to hear them and make a conclusion

  20. “Beck’s assertion — with which Palin showed no disagreement whatsoever — requires belief in no less than four different insane things…”

    No, it doesn’t require any belief at all. It just requires them to be stupid and/or not think while flapping their gums.

    Quit paying attention to these monkey-brains and giving them a larger audience than they deserve.

  21. I agree with Jason. Reporting on Glen Beck’s crazy rants is like reporting on The World Weekly News. It’s a waste of your and our time.

  22. You’d need a team of eight, all sharp as a tack, to keep up with Beck’s lies and logical fallacies in real time and stay sane while doing so. And why bother? His base wouldn’t let either fact or reason interfere with their opinions anyway.

  23. Good comments. The Beck-and-Palin Watch is tantamount to a step ladder at a basketball hoop. But, hey, I’m for whatever keeps you from getting ulcers.

  24. I’m starting a fund raiser to launch this man into the Sun, all in the name of science of course.

    Otherwise, enjoy your Palin/Beck 2012, America.

    On a serious note, to those who say “reporting on Palin and friend’s idiocy is a waste of time” or “not to give them attention”, I have to counter that there are enough people who believe, agree, and follow these clowns for them to be dangerous. For the love of all that is rational and sane, we need to be reminded of their bullshit, or they really will sneak under the radar to be in a position of power while we think they are not a threat and ignore them.

    And tho those who state what should be obvious, that he probably doesn’t actually believe what he says, doesn’t change the fact that there are plenty of ignorant, uneducated people who do.

  25. Note: All good propagandists do QA/QC. They take steps to make sure their lines of communication are open — discovering new avenues, repairing obsolete channels. They measure the breadth and depth of the messages they broadcast, and they measure the extent to which these messages are retained, believed, and repeated. If this means that occasionally they float bogus or far-fetched balloons of lunacy, the propagandist is fine with that; there are no failures in scientific experimentation.

    This Chinese missile meme is just testing the message delivery system of the past (See: Swift Boat, Birth Certificate, “He is really a Muslim.”) so that they can broadcast effectively in the future. (See: “Stem cells OK’d for cloning new kidneys for Osama Bin Laden,” and “Tunnel under China used to ferry troops, arms from Iran to North Korea.”)

    You heard it here first.

  26. Then, we should boycott China like we do it with Cuba. Nah, probably the US Chamber of Commerce won’t approve it.

  27. When people at my work talk about Beck and Palin, its in a good light.Seriously, one drove to Hamilton to hear her speak. All I can do is go for a walk or sit in my car and blast some Fuck the Facts while I eat my lunch. Now, I’m chuckling and choking…

  28. Glen Beck has made tremendous advances in believe technology. He can hold more and more incompatible beliefs and ideas at the same time. If he works hard, he can belief in all the things we would like to belief, but have no time for, find them inconvenient, are socially unacceptable, or plain stupid. Let Beck believe so you don’t have to, he’s becoming our “electric monk” (read D. Adams for details).

    1. Not at all. Art Bell clearly knows that a good chunk of what his guests/callers are going on about is pure bunkum. He presents the time-travelers, the alien abductees, the demons as all in good fun. Art Bell is winking at us and hoping we’re in on the joke, Beck thinks his audience is a joke and is banking on it.

  29. I believe in two contradictory and insane ideas: Einstein and quantum physics. Am I crazy too?

    Ok, I don’t 100% believe in either, but do believe they are humanity’s best efforts at explaining the universe so far and will continue to use them until we come up with something better.

    My point is that believing in crazy and contradictory stuff isn’t itself evidence of stupidity or insanity. When it crosses the line into not even approximating reality, that’s looney.

    Oh and the answer to my quiz: Yes, I’m crazy. But not THAT kind of crazy.

  30. I’m certainly no fan of Glenn Beck or Palin by any stretch of the imagination. However, I DO believe that the contrail over California was not that of a jet. Watch the video on youtube carefully and you’ll see the booster flame. This was absolutely not an airplane. Just because Glenn Beck says so too doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  31. So, here’s what I’m taking issue with…

    “(a) China can launch missiles in or near U.S. waters in broad daylight without provoking any American response; (b) the Pentagon either does not know this, and therefore cannot defend our shores, or they do know, and are now engaged in a massive coverup (either one of which must be sufficient for both Beck and Palin to question their avowed support of the Pentagon);”

    I’m going to leave personal political view’s out of this and talk about the issue its self, as opposed to bashing politicians and media personalities.

    China is something to worry about. They have a huge geographical advantage, they have tremendous amounts of resources (both natural resources, and due to their population), and they are at this point the worlds bank, since we have borrowed so much money from them.

    They are also a communist country, which by definition means they don’t like the way we do things.

    I work in aviation, I have an office that overlooks an airfield, and I see planes come and go all day and night long. I have also traveled the country, seen the strange atmospheric conditions that can occur on the west coast, and have seen a fair amount of rocket missile launches from both near and far.

    I don’t think it was a plane, but I’m not sure who lit that candle.

    The pentagon doesn’t want anything to do with this, and have done their standard response of saying it wasn’t us, and that’s all we are saying.

    I propose both a, and b could be, and possibly are true. I’m not a foreign policy expert, but I don’t think its beyond the realm of possibility that they posses the technology to pull up on our coast and launch something from it, for no other reason than to say “look what we can do”.

    Do I think the Chinese are knocking at our door to steal our puppies? No, but I’m not discounting the possibility of them flexing their muscles to see what we do about it.

    1. “They are also a communist country,…”

      China isn’t a communist country. It’s ruled by a party dictatorship that utilizes pseudo-communist doctrine to keep its massive population in check and employs capitalist strategies in all but name to power its economy.

      Militarily speaking, China also isn’t anywhere near the military capability of the U.S. No single country is. Though I hear they are No.1 in cyber warfare.

  32. This is all about the fascist technique The Big Lie.

    (See the book /Mein Kampf/ for more details on it.)

    If the Light Side has a true story out, then the Dark Side _must_ counter with a big, simple, fear-mongering lie.

    The true story is, “Obama has kept us much, much safer from both terrorists and East Asians than Bush ever did. Bush used ‘strategic incompetence’ to push his agenda.”

    So the Big Lie simply replaces the positions of Bush and Obama in that statement. This appeals to people with “authoritarian personality” – Beck & Palin’s audience – because one of their symptoms is “projectivity”. They are more than willing to endow their enemies with their own faults.

    I would link in WikiPedia’s entries for “Authoritarian personality” and “Psychological projection” here, but A> I don’t know if I can link, and B> I’m sure we’ve all had enough of Jimmy Wales’s face by now.

    1. Another component of The Big Lie is you anchor it on something that’s ALREADY DEBUNKED. That way your butt is covered, while your dupes resist the debunkers mindlessly.

      Compare the “9/11 Truth Movement” – financed by the Saudis to divert attention from them…

  33. The mystery contrail has NOT been explained, it has been dis-info’ed… I am an aviation expert and what I saw on video has a single point of flame at the rear, no matter what it WAS, it was NOT a regular jet contrail. My actual 1st take on this is it must have been launched from a sub toward the ocean to demonstrate that someone could get close enough to wipe out L.A. and we couldn’t stop them…My 1st thought was China but I now believe it would have to be north Korea because this would be right in line with their recent actions and war-like rhetoric. China is not crazy and would just do it with no warning or demonstration if we went to war with them. North Korea, however is bug-nuts crazy and is trying to pick a fight.

    1. From Anon – re “I am an aviation expert” – snort – chuckle – cough

      1) North Korea doesn’t have missiles than can reach California. Let’s say they did for a second, it would be at the end of its range, coming down, and it would hit something.

      2) A missile would have triggered so many alerts and alarms there is no way it would have been kept secret.

      3) Again – it didn’t strike anything.

      4) China could reach the US, but they aren’t bat-shit crazy enough to start a war with a country that not only buys the bulk of their products, but owes them $800 birrion dollars.

  34. To me it looks like MSM is comfortable going after Palin for stupidity (ever since Tina Fey made it okay), but they are afraid to call out Beck.

  35. I’m a pilot and a scientist. It looks like a jet contrail.

    >Beck’s assertion … requires belief in no less than four different insane things

    If they’re possible, they they’re not insane. All four are possible.

    (a) China can launch missiles in or near U.S. waters in broad daylight without provoking any American response;

    China has missile equipped submarines in it’s fleet.
    What government would risk a panic by confirming it was a missile? The power elites of both parties treat the rest of us like we are sheep.

    (b) the Pentagon either does not know this, and therefore cannot defend our shores, or they do know, and are now engaged in a massive coverup (either one of which must be sufficient for both Beck and Palin to question their avowed support of the Pentagon);

    The military tracks every single military submarine in the world. The military tracks every single missile launch in the world. The ‘massive coverup’ could also be seen as routine classification of secret info. Wouldn’t involve many people. Those involved are doing their duty, so, yeah, this could be kept quiet.

    (c) for the missile to have any meaning, China must have assumed that the Pentagon would understand the source and significance, something even Americans ourselves apparently cannot assume, according to (b); and

    China would have known, not assumed, the Pentagon would understand the source (see b)

    (d) China must have also either assumed that the Pentagon would be cowed and not respond, or been eager to start a hot war with massive loss of life for no explicable reason.

    It’s not the pentagon that’s cowed, it’s the US administrations since the Korean War sort of ended. China tests the US limits through it’s ally North Korea. Each time the NorKos mess with S Korea, US administrations protest and do nothing. This sends the same message as bending over and saying ‘Please Sir, may I have another one?’

  36. Firstly, that contrail looks unlike any conventional airliner contrail I’ve ever seen before.
    Secondly, are we supposed to believe that since the pentagon couldn’t explain it, they can’t track airliners?

  37. It really doesn’t help your case to take things out of context. The “North Korea” slip-up is much more understandable when taken in context (still not necessarily acceptable). The same goes for her “agreement” here.

    Let’s go to the transcript:

    GLENN: How do we press China? I mean, Sarah, I’m going to go way out on a lunatic fringe here
    but I’ve talked to enough people are in this missile business who say that was not an airplane
    contrail that we saw off the coast of California. It is my belief that that was a two‑stage missile
    launched by China telling, sending a signal that the world has changed. They’re dropping the
    dollar in their trade with Russia today. I mean, they control the world. The world has changed.
    We’re no longer the superpower that we were even two years ago.

    SARAH PALIN: Well, that’s right. And China’s going to own our notes because we are becoming
    so beholden on them. And a lot of this has to do with energy. When we’re not allowed to
    responsibly exploit our own natural resources, and that’s, of course, one of the ways that
    America grew into such a prosperous nation.

    When you see it in context, she’s responding to the _last_ thing he said, not the first.

    I don’t like the woman, but you don’t have to stoop this low.

  38. Glenn Beck is a fucking clown. I caught a few of his radio shows before he got on TV, and he wasn’t as bad as he is now. Now he just says anything thing to stir the pot and rile shit up. Just an utter clown. If you watch it, it should only be for the Springer-esque train wreck.

  39. You should definitely accept that China has the capability to launch a missile near our coast. Need I point you to the Song class Chinese sub that surfaced a couple years ago within torpedo range of the USS Kitty Hawk carrier during Navy training manoeuvres? The US military seriously underestimated the stealth capabilities of the Chinese subs, or seriously overestimated the efficacy of US sonar systems. If a Chinese sub can walk up to a carrier in the midst of a suite a ships designed to make sure that never happens, they can probably also evade our coastal listening posts.

  40. To ridicule beck and palin is one thing, but to analyze the noise coming out of their mouth is like deciphering a couple of monkeys’ screeching about politics.

    The reason why millions upon millions of right-wing supposedly “humans”, religiously following two monkeys’ screeching is another puzzle altogether.

  41. People have fallen into a weird state where they either believe or disbelieve whatever they’re told, by the sources they choose to embrace or despise.

    One wonders whether the missile people have even looked at the contrailscience page. Or have spent any time in California. That’s what big contrails LOOK LIKE over the Pacific at sunset. That was a NORMAL PACIFIC SUNSET CONTRAIL, and the explanation (a) made sense, (b) in great detail, (c) to everybody who bothered to look at it, (d) was available within a few days, and (e) anybody can move to L.A. and look at the sky and see the same damn thing whenever the same kind of weather system moves in.

    But no, in cyberspace you’re either for or against “conspiracy theories” and your position depends on which side you’re on. Was WTC7 a normal spontaneous building collapse, just like lots of others that can be independently observed on a regular basis all over the world, according to an explanation that did not take years to cook up? Er, no, it wasn’t. It’s not all the same thing.

  42. What, like anyone REALLY DOUBTED that Glenn Beck was insane? Please. In other news, water is still wet and rocks aren’t edible!

  43. The PRC has had ICBM capability for some time – and they manufacture plenty of parts that our own weapons and defense systems are dependent on – so such capabilities shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    Still, China ‘controlling the world’ is pretty far fetched. There are big buildings in Shanghai, but one only has to walk a few blocks away to see chickens beheaded in broad daylight and people pooping on the street. Their economic rollercoaster is on the verge of a dip and all they have from us is a lot of IOUs basically. If I were the PRC Bank, I wouldn’t bet on getting paid…

    I would guess that IF the PRC had been responsible, it would be something (anything) to distract from failed domestic policy rather than to directly tweak America’s nose. Although who knows – all the hubbub over a teeny weeny island and a drunk Chinese boat captain’s detainment in Japan was likely a stunt to test US response.

  44. The best way to understand Glenn Beck is to remember that he spent most of his career in radio, and most of that in the Morning Zoo format. He developed a well honed ability to say and do outrageous things to attract attention. It isn’t clear he believes any of it. It’s simply a business model.

  45. Bob, look at it this way. The National Enquirer has declared bankruptcy, and Nature abhors a vacuum.

  46. WRONG, ignoring Glenn Beck is not going to make him go away, because there are too many Fox News viewers who watch every single day, and who take his word as gospel. We NEED to point and laugh and make his fans feel like the fools they are, we NEED to point out to them, personally if possible, all the logical reasons why Glenn Beck is not only wrong but taking advantage of his viewers with this ripoff and overpriced heirloom seeds; he’s got his viewers hoping for an imminent apocalypse (because if it doesn’t come, why did they waste all this money on hoarding gold and seeds and canned goods?)

    I wish somebody would give Glenn Beck some acid about an hour or two before he tapes his show, so in the fury of the tirade he really loses his sh!t and goes completely Howard Beale on us.

    Speaking of which, in the movie “Network” Howard Beale finally does get reprimanded for pointing out his employers contacts with Saudi business interests, I wonder if Beck could get canned for pointing out that same fact to his viewers.

  47. The military tracks every single military submarine in the world.

    This turns out to be untrue. Most nations with serious navy ambitions *attempt* to track submarines and all of them fail very nearly all the time. Hell, most of the time most of them can’t even be sure where their own vessels are, by design.

  48. Here lately I’ve begun to suspect that Glenn Beck is actually a troll, and is perpetrating the most elaborate prank in all of broadcast history. His antics – especially with his recent foray into puppet theatre – are becoming more and more absurd by the minute. It really reminds me of the way a prankster might see how far he can push a practical joke before his victims realize that they’re being punked. I wouldn’t be surprised if some day in the not-too-distant future it is revealed that Glenn Beck doesn’t believe a word of what he’s saying and doesn’t even have a political agenda, but is just trying to get rich off the gullible rubes who fall for his act, all the while laughing at them for their stupidity. Given his background as a sophomoric comedian and “morning zoo” DJ with no apparent interest in politics until he got a job in a talk radio, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that this is nothing but a more elaborate form of the sort of pranks Beck used to pull as a DJ – that the “Glenn Beck” radio/TV persona is no more real than the “Stephen Colbert” TV persona, or Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat”, “Ali G”, and “Brüno” characters.

    But, regardless of whether Beck is trolling or is being sincere, I think it’s a bit naïve for us to assume that if we ignore him he’ll go away, or that criticizing and making fun of him only feeds the beast. In spite of the resemblance, Beck is not simply that annoying kid in 3rd grade who tries to be popular by telling tall tales and insulting anyone who doesn’t believe him. Beck is a popular radio and television personality who draws in millions of listeners/viewers, and has the support of not only the Tea Party movement, but also überwealthy media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, who will keep Beck on the air as long as he continues to draw in viewers for Fox News so it can remain #1 in the Nielsen ratings. With that kind of support, Beck is not going away anytime soon.

    It doesn’t matter if those of us who don’t listen to him on the radio or watch him on TV decide to ignore him, or criticize him, or ridicule him; because we don’t matter. Just because we ignore him doesn’t mean that the Tea Party faithful will ignore him. Just because we criticize and ridicule him doesn’t mean that people who disagree with him will suddenly come to his defense. I seriously doubt that a single post about Glenn Beck on Boing Boing – or even a thousand posts for that matter – will have any impact, positive or negative, on his popularity. We’re not giving him free publicity, because he doesn’t need any more publicity. The people who are willing to buy the sort of Obama bashing and lunatic-fringe conspiracy theorizing that Glenn Beck is peddling are already his loyal customers. Those of us who are not willing to buy what he’s selling will never become his disciples, no matter how often his name comes up in news stories, late-night comedy shows, or blogs. Ignoring him won’t make him, or his followers, go away. It will just leave us blissfully ignorant of – and, therefore, vulnerable to – the craziness and virulent anti-liberalism that emanates from the warped mind of Glenn Beck to poison our nation’s political discourse.

    And, as for the contrail question: There is actual evidence pointing to the fact that it was an airplane contrail. Whereas there is no evidence to suggest that it was a missile launch, apart from the opinion of some self-proclaimed “experts” who say that it didn’t look like an ordinary airplane contrail to them. But there are just as many, if not more, “experts” who insist that it was an ordinary jet contrail. So, unless anyone has some actual hard evidence that it was a missile launch, I’m going with Mr. Ockham on this one.

    BTW, North Korea doesn’t have the capability to launch missiles from submarines (it has enough trouble launching them from land). And, while China does have two ballistic missile submarines, neither is currently operational.

    1. Beck has already said openly that anyone who takes him seriously is crazy. I agree with the other posters who’ve had enough of the Faux News freak show. As long as he gets attention, he’s not going away.

      P.S. The Democrats are not 100% in charge now. Didn’t you vote in the midterms?

  49. “When a candidate for public office faces the voters he does not face men of sense; he faces a mob of men whose chief distinguishing mark is the fact that they are quite incapable of weighing ideas, or even of comprehending any save the most elemental — men whose whole thinking is done in terms of emotion, and whose dominant emotion is dread of what they cannot understand. So confronted, the candidate must either bark with the pack or be lost… All the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum. The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.
    –H. L. Mencken, Baltimore Sun (26 July 1920)

    And I thought Bush was bad. It grieves me to think that Palin is the biggest contender for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012. Oy vey. I guess Marx was right. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

  50. Palin won’t run for president in 2012. Why would she? She gets far more money and gets to bask in the glow of a far superior perks-to-responsibilities ratio as a King Maker sniping from FoxNews than she would as president. That also makes her far more dangerous, as she gets to mouth the talkingpoints, repeating and spreading the Big Lie, moving the rhetoric on the Right even more out into the Nut-O-Sphere with no need, no reason, to moderate her speech. “Death Panels” alone should indicate just how damaging to the public dialogue she is.
    And Beck does the same thing, but he blames everything in a remarkably dense narrative wrapped around Soros. Soros!

  51. I agree it’s best NOT to ignore the type of corrosive discourse offered by FoxNews/Palin/Jones. It’s like a leaky pipe. The drip, drip, drip of misinformation and stupidity is as destructive as a flood.

  52. There’s no sense in telling me
    The wisdom of a fool won’t set you free
    But that’s the way that it goes and its what nobody knows
    Every day my confusion grows

    (even a dead clock is right twice a day)

  53. Don’t you get it. This Tea Party crap is the only way die-hard republicans who don’t know why they are republicans (about 40% of america) could be “tricked into” seeing the real enemy that the establishment elite have been covering up for decades, the cause that leftist radicals of america mostly gave up by now after being called stinking hippies for too long, or becoming complacent.

    I’m not saying China isn’t a speeding locomotive headed toward a cliff face, and I’m also not saying China is nothing to be concerned about. I just don’t think you can completely close your mind to someone’s ideas just because they’ve been wrong before and might be wrong again (or in some cases, again and again ad nauseum). Sometimes it even makes sense to be wrong on purpose.

  54. I am a former missile launch officer. It was a missile. We have been mystified since 2007 by stealth subs belonging to the Chinese. If you check news archives, the Chinese popped up a missile launching sub right in the middle of our Pacific fleet and no one saw it coming, nor could they find it when it submerged again. This missile launch happened just as Obama was hitting Korea for the G-20. Coincidence? Do you really all believe in coincidences? The launch projectile rose up from sea level near an area reserved for such sea-to-air launches, and the path of the missile was up and then arching to the west, so it brought no threat to the coastline. We have no missile defense, so what would you have us do? Scream that they had penetrated our airspace and we are helpless? Or simply say “nothing to see here folks, move along.”

    1. “I am a former missile launch officer. It was a missile. We have been mystified since 2007 by stealth subs belonging to the Chinese.”
      I used to be anon’s boss at this supah secret facility, and I am afraid we had to let him go. It wasn’t the sexual harassment claims, or the peyote use. It wasn’t that he masturbated in the loo. It was because Phil was consistently wrong in every decision, whether it was intelligence analysis, or simply saying “I bet it’s lunch time!” (it was 10 am, I can still smell the breakfast biscuits through the funk of your un-brushed teeth, Phil.)

  55. Glenn Beck believes insane things? No kidding?

    Bob says, “And this gets virtually no comment anywhere.”

    Earth to Bob: If time was to be spent commenting on every insane thing Glenn Beck says, or Palin’s apparent lack of critical thinking skills, there would be no time left for anyone to report much else.

  56. Maybe Beck and Palin could pal up together and attend that symposium on time-traveling dolphins… come back and tell us what they learned.

  57. Well, Beck has gone from race-baiting to just be a lunatic. I remember he had one decent episode while he was on Headline News. People who have watched him, noticed that he really got a lot more crazy after he moved to Fox. I think he throws read meat to the crazies on purpose, just to get money.

    political forums

  58. And why shouldn’t two dangerously insane people agree with one another? What’s scary is that other people believe them…

  59. okay, anonymous missile launch officer, i’m calling a “feynmann”. where is the missile? it went up, it came down, it must be somewhere.

    on the other hand, someone in phoenix can probably show you a fedex plane that travels to hawaii and back.

    1. How dare you doubt him! As Lord Zozzelfozzel III, King and Emperor of Atlantis, I can vouch for and assure you that this man is indeed a missile launch officer. Or what ever they are calling gay men in the navy now.

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