Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical and others over surveillance and computer hacking charges


7 Responses to “Greenpeace sues Dow Chemical and others over surveillance and computer hacking charges”

  1. yragentman says:

    “we are going to ask each of the named companies for their side of the story” – talk about a fair and balanced cliff hanger. I am turning blue wondering what Dow Chemical’s PR person will have to say.

  2. Nadreck says:

    Not sure how they can complain about dumpster diving as I believe, as per many cases against social activist groups for diving into corporate dumpsters, that if you throw it out it’s not yours anymore.

    Did they ever sue France when the French government sent out military assassins to kill some of them?

  3. TenInchesTaller says:

    Huh, I just watched Blue Vinyl today. Weird coincidence!

  4. imorgan73 says:

    Perhaps instead some freedom fighter should just post all their shit online in the name of the great god transparency.

  5. JasonsRobot says:

    In related news: In 2006 comedian/actor Kevin Nealon and his wife were wiretapped by investigators hired by Ringling Bros circus because Kevin and his wife are animal rights people.

    “Corporate America, we break the law because we merely get fined as punishment – and can wear you out with decades of paperwork if you sue us”

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