Cities made of broken technology

NYC's Agora gallery is showing the marvellous junk-tech sculptures of Italy's Franco Recchia: " he approaches each subject with that sense of innocent amazement, instinctively following a compositive and rigorous logic until each piece is laid in its correct place. What results are wonderfully distinctive pieces rich in detail, marked by crisp, clean lines and colors that work to delineate the overall composition."

Franco Recchia (Thanks, Mr G!)


  1. Semi-related parenting/babysitting tip: If you’ve got an obsolete computer or what-have-you that nobody (including you) is interested in anymore, and a child you want to amuse for a while, give the kid a screwdriver and let him or her dismantle it.

    You will, of course, end up with a lot of pieces like those in Mr. Recchia’s sculptures.

    NB: [a] Give the kid a container (preferably with a lid) for the screws and small pieces; [b] Obviously, this isn’t for kids who still put stuff in their mouths; and [c] The kid should be clear that he or she is not allowed to dismantle your other computers.

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