Bamboo utensils & case by Ramshackle Solid

bamboo-utensils.jpgMy friends at Ramshackle Solid have started an Esty store. Their first offering is this set of reusable bamboo utensils with a fabric case. it costs $15, and there are two sets currently available. What a terrific stocking stuffer this would be for someone!

Bamboo utensils and case


  1. OK. I’ll bite. Bamboo is not the best thing in this situation. I have a very nice set that appears to be roughly the same thing. For occasional use this may work. However, two years of daily use have taken its toll.

    My fork has been permanently discolored by turmeric and the finish has warn off parts of my spoon. Hopefully I haven’t ingested a toxic dose of something. As soon as I remember, I will be replacing this set with a set of stainless steel from target or something.

    Here is a picture of the weathered utensils:

  2. There is something irresistible about bamboo and the stuff you can make from it. It is like having a raw materials factory in your backyard.

  3. Where are these made? I didnt see anywhere on both sites.

    There was a health warning back in the late 90’s of bamboo utensils from Africa and South Asia that people caught disease from, and got really sick using them.

    I was told to never use bamboo as utensils, we threw our set out that was a gift few years back.

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