EPIC.org hosts TSA Screening summit: "The Stripping of Freedom"


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  1. kam says:

    on the way out of the US, had no Porno-scan or pat down. TSA experience generally ok.

    Flight back (from AMS on essentially the same flight the underwear bomber took) got the porno-scan and a pat-down from Netherlands security “officer”.

    no biggee. It may not be popular to say in this forum, but isn’t flying a privilege and not a RIGHT? If you really want to opt out of the security protocol you can stay home.

    • sapere_aude says:

      isn’t flying a privilege and not a RIGHT?

      Nope. It’s a right; at least according to federal statute and the U.S. Supreme Court.

      49 USC 40103(a)(2) – “A citizen of the United States has a public right of transit through the navigable airspace.”

      Kent v. Dulles (1958) – “The right to travel is a part of the ‘liberty’ of which a citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment”

  2. Tim says:

    Personally, I have never really been inconvenienced or bothered by the backscatter scanners. That doesn’t mean I support or like them–I find them ineffective and I can see why people could be bothered by them. I’m just personally not bothered. If someone wants to get their jollies looking at my junk through a backscatter image, then they clearly have never Googled ANYTHING with the safe-search turned off.

    I do get annoyed by the TSA repeatedly shouting their mantra of “Security is not optional” and the fact that (what seems like) a majority of people are ok with the TSA doing whatever they want because “it’s a small price to pay for security”.

    The TSA is NOT security. It’s psychological comfort to a lot of people, but it is NOT security. Not by a long shot.

  3. Cowicide says:

    dammut, sometimes I really wish I still lived in D.C. – thanks for the head’s up. boing boing!!

  4. Neon Tooth says:

    Since it’s never said I’ll mention that I had an absolutely body-scan/pat-down free trip away, and then back home again over the holidays. All TSA workers were friendly enough too.

  5. Phil Ward says:

    Thank you Anon for doing exactly what I was just about to :)

  6. Demetri says:

    Just got home from the summit, what an amazing group of Speakers. Edward Luttwak and Bruce Schneier were the highlights for me.

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