Will Elder documentary project on Kickstarter


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  1. naturegrrl says:

    99% of MAD readers think first about a guy who was only there for the first 25 issues? I love love loved MAD as a kid (I sold my Barbies to buy a 5 year subscription), had a number of their 1960s paperbacks from the used bookstore and I couldn’t place the name when I read this entry and had to do a bit of searching to figure out why.
    I doubt 99% of MAD readers could agree on anything, but if asked to name a MAD artist I suspect most people would name Dave Berg, Don Martin, Sergio Aragones or Al Jaffee.

  2. yupgiboy says:

    I would’ve said Don Martin.

  3. dwdyer says:

    I’ve been tempted to chip in and fund something before, but this one finally did it for me and I chipped in.

    I’m too young to have read Elder’s work in MAD directly, I discovered it in ratty paperback books at garage sales when I was in middle school. Mickey Rodent. Shermlock Shomes. The layering of details and gags. I’d already been reading MAD — the folks mentioned by naturegrrl were dominant at the time — but I could spend hours reading and re-reading Elder’s (and Wood’s) work. (Wood’s reference to Elder and his background details in Julius Caesar is just great, BTW.)

  4. lewis stoole says:

    i enjoyed crumb
    i know i will enjoy this (if it happens)

  5. postscript says:

    This looks fun. Good luck to Mr. VandenBergh on this project.

    I’m proud to say that I’m currently helping out on a documentary about Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson that was also funded on Kickstarter. You can read more about it by searching for ‘Watterson’ on Kickstarter.com.

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