The Australian Floods: a photo gallery


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  1. spriggan says:

    However will they form Devastator now? Oh the irony, he could help them clean up!

  2. funnelbc says:

    If I can plug a thing, if you’re in Sydney, Dan Ilic is rounding up a bunch of comedians for a fundraiser for the floods, it’s on Saturday night and details are here:

    If you haven’t already the premier’s relief fund is here:

    Full disclosure: I’m proud to say I did the poster for Evapor-aid

  3. Anonymous says:

    silly fish, streets are for kids

  4. Tavie says:

    Bad flooding in Sri Lanka, too.

    In fact, this image is a ghastly, horrific follow-up to Cory’s earlier, heartwarming post showing a video of an elephant calf frolicking on the beach.

    These floods are horrific. I hope the people are getting the aid they need, particularly in Sri Lanka, which has historically had trouble with aid allocation in disaster events like these.

  5. Anonymous says:

    1300+ photos of the flood and cleanup can be found @

  6. 5ynic says:

    If anyone wants to Paypal money to help out the flood victims here in Australia, the Hospitality Workers union has set up a dedicated Paypal account which will be forwarded to the State government’s fund. Donate button at:

  7. TharkLord says:

    Anyone who attempts to exploit this tragedy by attacking climate change critics is guilty of “blood libel”!!!

  8. 5ynic says:

    My “cheerful” selection of pics from the Aussie media:

  9. kpkpkp says:

    Note the rainbow slick of petroleum on the surface of the construction equipment photo. This stuff will be the gift that keeps on giving.

  10. encoderboy says:

    This has been a heartbreaking event, but the one positive has been seeing how well people are coming together, helping each other, and offering consideration that they normally wouldn’t.

    I’ve been hoarding some pics that just bring a smile to my face, and really demonstrate “The Queensland Spirit”.

    These people are playing a little backyard cricket – on Coronation Drive (one of Brisbane’s busiest streets).

    This is a statue of local League legend Wally Lewis outside Suncorp Stadium.

    The picture from the post, 2nd from the bottom, of the bloke drinking beer in his garage is another great example of peoples’ attitudes in this crisis. As the floodwaters rose, there were knots of people all around the city watching with beers.

    This has been an incredible tragedy, but it’s also made me fiercely proud of the people who live here.

  11. InsertFingerHere says:

    Into investing?

    Gonna be huge demand for heavy equipment in that area.
    Price of steel is going to shoot up World-wide.

    Just saying.

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