Man paddles his canoe through a flooded McDonald's

[Video Link] I can't think of a better soundtrack for this video of a gentleman paddling his canoe through a flooded Brisbane McDonald's than "Fish Heads."


  1. Actually, the Talking Heads’ “(Nothing But) Flowers” is more appropriate.

    Once there were parking lots
    Now it’s a peaceful oasis
    you got it, you got it

    This was a Pizza Hut
    Now it’s all covered with daisies
    you got it, you got it

  2. Silly me! I thought they used that song bcuz that’s what McDonalds Filet of Fish sandwich is made of.

  3. what is even more intresting is that this clearly is a case of real life plagiarizing art. in 2009 the danish art group superflex built a real life replica of a McDonaluds, and flooded it to create a short film, that looks pretty much exactely (a bit more messy) like the video from brisbane:

  4. Great, I forgot to turn down my speakers and everybody is coming over to my station, damn you internetz…

  5. I know the water is brown because of dirt and stuff from outside, but I want to think it’s from greasy burgers and fries.

  6. a strange apocalypse we have made.

    I agree the Talking Heads song would of been much more appropriate. Damn Aussie humor.

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