Pious Indian town gets a bank with no door-locks

India's UCO bank has opened a lockless branch in Shani Shinganapur in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, a town known for its piety and with a reputation for being crime-free:
The legislator said bank officials carefully studied households in the township before starting the branch. "All houses here have no doors. We are following a more or less similar practice. Our branch has doors, but they will never be locked. Adequate precautions are being taken for the safety of lockers and important documents," he said, adding that in months to come, the branch is planning to start an ATM near the temple.

Gadakh explained that, by and large, it is believed that because of Lord Shani's power, the village has not witnessed a single theft or robbery in the recent past. "People here fear that if there is a theft or robbery, then the culprit and their family have to bear the wrath of Lord Shani," he said.

God as guard: Bank opens 'lockless' branch (via Derren Brown)

(Image: Shani.jpg, Pierre Sonnerat/Wikimedia Commons)