publishes first leak, gets DDoSed

Via the Boing Boing Submitterator, BB reader Yenisei says,, a website that publishes Russian translations of Wikileaks cables, ran its first own leak on January 18: pics of Putin's alleged $1bn palace on the Black Sea shore. In a few hours a heavy DdoS attack was launched against them and is still raging (also, see link above) Coincidentally, Assange, a possible Nobel Peace nominee has just been invited to Russia by Wikileaks' (creepy) local representative Israel Shamir.


  1. Is it wrong that the first thing I thought when I saw “” is that RuPaul has a water sports blog?

  2. Last link is supposed to be http// (an earlier BB post on Shamir), there’s one letter missing.

      1. Indeed, using a url shortener in a blog post, email, or anything else that doesn’t have space restrictions is very Anti-Web. Would have though BB would be better at best web practices…

        What’s the point in using a shortener in a blog post? Where is that link going to go to when Google ends it’s shortening service? How do the rest of us know where we’re going to end up without clicking on the link?

        Twitter has invaded people’s minds.

  3. I fell that I need to clarify something. has been publishing Russian translations of Wikileaks cables for several weeks now, but the one on Putin’s (OK, we don’t know for sure it’s his, but anyway) megapalace is their first original leak, not connected in any way to Assange and Co.
    In other news: Israel Shamir (who has recently accused The Guardian of censoring the leaks being published by them to suit some sort of cowardly Western agenda) is raising money to invite his best pal Julian to Russia. Where he might just as well accept his Nobel Peace prize from Dmitry Medvedev, you just can’t know these days. Apparently, he’s fine with our duo as long as he keeps leaking all kinds of embarrassing stuff on Americans, but when someone tries to reproduce that success and leaks something about, say, someone else’s evil overlord den (with its own mountain tunnel to the beach!)… Duh.

  4. Considering the treatment Assange has received in the UK, what can he expect if he were to travel to Russia?

  5. First thing I have to say about these pics is that whoever designed this building mustn’t have paid any attention to location. Those shots from the roof showing the walkway pointing directly at a radio tower are a hoot. I’m guessing his BFF Sylvio lent him some palace builders.

    Second thing: I don’t think it’d be difficult to track down who took the photos. A big clue is the photo that appears to show some kind of panel hanging from the rear wall. But it’s not there in the next pic. Looks like they were loading them onto the roof. That, and their coveralls, narrows down the likely culprits.

    reCAPTCHA sez: nor Guartho

  6. Maybe it will look nicer once the garden’s grown in. At least Versailles is only 20 minutes outside of Paris; on the other hand, pretty mountains (googlemap Praskovkeevka) It’s down the coast from Novorossiysk; can’t tell whether that square complex at the end of that winding road is it.

    Man, these guys have balls. For all the chatter about the US or some angry banker disappearing Assange or Applebaum, the Russian leakers are taking much bigger risks.

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