Frozen pizza and frozen cookie-dough, in the same package

Spotted in the freezer aisle by an alert Redditor, a box containing (test-marketing?) both a frozen, uncooked pizza, and frozen, uncooked cookie dough, all together and ready to be roasted of an evening.

Pizza AND the same box?! (via Super Punch)


  1. My local take and bake sells pizza’s and cookie dough, so me thinks this is just the frozen pizza people just trying to jump on those customers.

  2. I’m waiting for them to skip directly to a bucket of lard, a packet of sugar, and a packet of salt.

    That will be the day.

  3. This, a couple Lazy Forever’s and a defibrillator are all I’ll need for a romantic Valentine’s Day!

  4. The take-and-bake places (our local one is called “Homemade Pizza Company”, which always makes me chuckle) also offer salads, though.

    Let’s see DiGiorno pull off a frozen pizza, cookie dough, and Caesar salad combo.

  5. I can just imagine the commercial:

    Kid #1: Mom, I want pizza!
    Kid #2: No, I want cookies!
    Kid #1: Pizza!
    Kid #2: COOKIES!
    Mom: [exasperated look on her face] Why does it have to be so hard to decide?
    Voiceover: Now it doesn’t!…

  6. This…this actually makes sense to me. I’ve roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes for future use while baking other stuff. It’s an efficient use of the oven.

    Yeah, it’s packaged food, but that’s a different rant, right?

    1. I also like it from that perspective: if I’m going to heat up the oven, I might as well bake a few things while I’m at it.

      I’ve been on the fence trying to decide whether this is horrifying or brilliant. I’m leaning toward brilliant: frozen pizza is a treat I try not to indulge in too often, so the cookies are a nice extra once in a while.

    1. I take it you’ve never heard of Domino’s Oreo Pizza? Just doing a google image search for it is enough to give someone diabetes.

  7. They (DiGiorno) also sell a “Pizza & BREADSTICKS!” pack which I think makes more sense. I don’t mind their pizza but the breadsticks are a little gross. But I love me some carbs… now I’m on a no carb diet and it’s sad. :(

  8. Note the 3 separate warnings to cook the cookie dough! Why can’t they just face reality, and clean up whatever it is that makes doing what they damn well know we’re going to do anyway, a bad idea?

  9. Makes perfect sense to me when I first saw it. I’ve already got the oven heated up. While the family enjoys the Digiorno the desert will be baking.

    Of course my wife didn’t agree.

  10. Gross. Like there needed to be another reason to avoid Digiorno’s standard fair – tollhouse cookies.

    I dislike all frozen pizza, but I do love me some raw processed cookie dough. Nostalgia at its best!

  11. Well, considering this IS what I buy for a weekend of smoking weed already, its nice that they put it together in one box, in one place. It will mean that much less time blowing my high while wandering around a supermarket in confusion wondering what the hell is going on, why everything is so shiny, and becoming fascinated with the idea of making brussels sprouts instead.

    1. Don’t forget, this will be placed conveniently before the checkout counter of your local marijuana superstore.

  12. Is this tied in to the “Walmart of Weed” article posted a bit later today? Just about enough time to bake a frozen pizza?

  13. Great idea! Obviously the next iteration will also include some antacid tabs, and a blood glucose monitoring strip.

  14. They should really make tiny, two-bite pizzas. They can go on top of chocolate chip cookies. Like bagel bites, but you die faster.

  15. Interesting that people are mentioning pot. Because right behind where it says “Do not consume raw cookie dough”. Looks like a subliminable pot leaf.

  16. yeah, we have that here in Spring Green, WI. I thought it was just a new normal product, or perhaps I would have posted it somewhere LOLz.
    Personally, I don’t care. I do like DiGiorno pizza, but I won’t buy this. I’m sure the pizza is smaller to fit in that box, for one thing. Besides which, I rarely buy cookies. Also, I don’t see even remotely how cookies and pizza go together.

  17. I hear that if you send in 10 proof-of-purchases you get a free “I Give Up on Life!” t-shirt.

  18. I saw that the last time I was at the store. They also have the the pizza packaged with boneless buffalo wings and one with boneless honey BBQ wings.

  19. They commented on this as one of the most exciting financial news of the week in a Morningstar video.

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