Eleven years' worth of Boing Boing posts in one file!


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  1. benher says:

    Huh. All my embarrassing railing comments seem to correlate with all my drunken days off…

  2. awjtawjt says:

    so simple it doesn’t even need a dtd with it

  3. Vance says:

    This graph would be much clearer with Cory on the top. The big monthly variations in his posting are making the trends of the other posters besides Mark much less clear.

    • Dean Putney says:

      I put them in order of their appearance on the blog. Were Cory on top, everyone else would be squished between him and Mark, which wouldn’t really make sense IMO.

      That said, feel free to parse out the XML file and make your own graph.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This has got to be fake.Last time I fell for this it was all animal porn

  5. hancocks says:

    The file is organic, free-range, hormone- and antibiotic-free, and subject to the vagaries of the trade winds. Also, just plain free.

    Do not fold, spindle or mutilate. Not compatible with the Rockwell retro encabulator.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Before “Blog” became the buzzword, what was BoingBoing before?

    • David Pescovitz says:

      bOING bOING was a ‘zine and then a Web site. It became a blog when Mark installed Blogger in January of 2000.

  7. Patrick Dodds says:

    Complete with comments?

  8. technogeek says:

    Hmm. My reaction to this is “I wonder what a stochasticized BoingBoing would look like. Time to fire up Dissociated Press.”

  9. waterapple says:

    Yuck…”Bloggaversary”? Seriously?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why not release it to Wikileaks. Might get more attention.

  11. spill says:

    Line 666:

    “The visual cliché du jour:”


  12. Anonymous says:

    When I saw the graph, I just assumed the red band was posts about Disney/copyright, the blue band posts about “this banana holder” (just look at it!), etc.

  13. Rob Beschizza says:

    Comments are not included, though the number of comments on each post is.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Firefox 3.6.13:
    XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
    Location: file:///C:/Downloads/bbpostdump.xml
    Line Number 53, Column 277:
    I was happy to discover…

    IE8: Warning about running ActiveX controls and XML source code.

    Was it really necessary to make reading the stuff incompatible with secure browsing?

  15. brunocs says:

    Completely unrelated to the actual post, but how did you generate that graph (which program was used)? It’s awesome!

  16. YarbroughFair says:

    A-Z Boing Boing Google Auto Complete:

    boing boing art
    boing boing blog
    boing boing cool tools
    boing boing die antwoord
    boing boing evil boy
    boing boing flickr
    boing boing gift guide
    boing boing hacked
    boing boing icp
    boing boing jerry lewis
    boing boing kitten
    boing boing lyrics
    boing boing mark
    boing boing net
    boing boing offworld
    boing boing pearl necklace
    boing boing quarantine
    boing boing rss
    boing boing stoic
    boing boing teacher
    boing boing unicycle
    boing boing video
    boing boing wiki
    boing boing xeni
    boing boing yoyo
    boing boing zombie shirt

  17. Glenn Fleishman says:

    Putting Cory in red was either a beautiful mistake or proof of the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, whose noodly appendages produce delightful graphs.

    Am I wrong to see Cory’s section as a wall of purifying flame?

    • JonS says:

      “Putting Cory in red was either a beautiful mistake or proof of the existence of the FSM”

      Well, it’s generally well known that cory wears a red cape while he’s blogging from a hot air balloon, so it makes perfect sense to me.

  18. Justin Makeig says:

    I’ve put together a quick search application with the content. Feel free to explore at http://boingboing.demo.marklogic.com/. This is a first crack. I’d like to add additional analytics and visualizations. I’d welcome contributions. I’ve put the code on Github https://github.com/marklogic/boing-boing.

  19. Mekki says:

    As an academic, I’m tingling at the analytic possibilities of these data. Huge thumbs up for making this available under a CC license! You guys keep on rocking. :D

  20. thebelgianpanda says:

    So Cory, what was with the dry spell a couple months back? Oh, and who is gonna parse this to track distribution of banana related posts? (Did I just volunteer myself?) Awesome stuff!!

  21. technogeek says:

    I finally got around to Dissociating some of this. With argument of +8, I get quotes like:

    Motor attached to see all 4 of the senior leaders use the electronics magazine. Now, have a look at Teresa Nielsen Hayden (this was his day off). We split, and she waves me forward, they’re guilty and the haptics let you feel that you simply…

    just found the newspaper after The Karate Kid? Imagine it, trust fund that they’re maintaining. (They don’t they often create a
    mean-spirited snark; and 2) that though it hurls thunderbolts like Zeus, it has merely added to evidence already gathering earlier this week, …

    The Yes Men Discussed the importance a la question de la forme du
    copyright ? Qu’est-ce qui est en jeu ?(…)Mr. Bechtolsheim, who this week unveiled his newest machine: the Sun Constellation craft Kosmos-2251 struck down this demand, noting the impeachment of Mr. Doctors recommend genital surgery in infomercia: instead, income is taxed at 100 percent, and
    that The proof is only available by the end of the year.

  22. dross1260 says:

    Word count:
    9599 – “amazon”
    2773 – “steampunk”
    2670 – “mutant”
    845 – “banana”
    148 – “otis”
    112 – “Spaghetti Monster”
    18 – “kerfuffle”

  23. technogeek says:

    Boing Boing TV, this video of a non-existent fashion at all. Float
    naked, saying he wasn’t surprising, the source told the Sun. We
    bring grid-less powerful family gag: “Fooled” the company
    sending taken off and run through an intermediary transfer orbit
    (GTO)… Hollywood may sometimes several times chief sees paywalls like the one eyed baby which comes willing to find is those round
    mouse holes we got.

  24. Gilbert Wham says:

    Oh, thanks. You realise I have shit to do, right? Papers to write, work to find, kids to wrangle, things like that? Dammit.

  25. JM says:

    According to Waxy’s breakdown of the previous archive, and for some unknown reason, between March and April of every year the word “penis” was mentioned at least twice as much as in the rest of the year. That’s wazzup in Boing Boing.

    Congratulations to you all. I’ll be waiting for your genital ramblings in a couple of months.

  26. Anonymous says:

    oh wow i was just thinking “i have not enough information in my life” and now my prayers are answered

  27. RedShirt77 says:

    this looks like a wired magazine chart

  28. wnoise says:

    But does it contain the “unpublished” posts that caused such rage?

  29. Rob Beschizza says:

    Download it and find out!

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