Meet the "Atlanta Magnet Man" — a street cleaning hero

In Atlanta, the streets are safer for car tires, thanks to the efforts of a guy known as the "Atlanta Magnet Man." Alex Benigno has taken it upon himself to remove nails, screws, and other metal bits from the streets by biking around with a magnet-equipped trailer.

Benigno started his DIY project during the COVID-19 pandemic when he noticed a lot of sharp metal debris on roads, which was causing damage to his own car and motorcycle tires. His efforts have since evolved into a daily routine, covering approximately ten miles and collecting around six pounds of debris each day.

As reported by WABE, the Atlanta Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works are underfunded, with Atlanta's transportation department facing a 12% budget cut last year. This shortfall had left Atlanta's streets and bike lanes filled with debris, posing risks not only to cars but also to cyclists, scooter users, and pedestrians.

Benigno's daily bike rides have resulted in the collection of 410 pounds of tire puncturing junk, which he has donated to a scrap metal artist. His efforts have not gone unnoticed; with a growing Instagram following and a successful GoFundMe campaign, his mission is now a crowdfunded effort. He's like a city service supported directly by appreciative Atlanta residents.

Benigno is the opposite of this gentleman who takes pleasure filming cars being damaged by a large rock he placed in his driveway.