Tale from the Disney World trenches, animated

Jeffrey sez, "Here is a true-to-life scene from the trenches at Walt Disney World. his web animation recreates a recurring moment in the average day of a front greeter at the Great Movie Ride, written by a 20 year Disney veteran (flippyshark has been working as an imagineer and cast member at Walt Disney World since 1989). The deadpan delivery that results from the computer generated voices makes this cartoon even funnier. It was created with the free software at a site called xtranormal, and can also be seen at http://www.youtube.com/user/flippyshark#p/a/u/0/L16HHxiSPXA

I've heard and read some very funny true-life stories from the Disney trenches, but this one is a cut above on the facepalm hilarity scale.

Is This A Ride? (Thanks, Jeffrey!)


  1. But is it a ride or isn’t it? And what time does it start? I’m confused.

    On a more serious note: I find it hard to believe that anyone could really be this dense. I have to suspect that either: (a) there was a language barrier (i.e. the woman didn’t understand English very well); (b) the woman was deliberately trolling the greeter; (c) the woman was mentally challenged; (d) this reenactment exaggerated the extent of the woman’s thickheadedness; or (e) some combination of the above. Any guesses as to which?

  2. My strongest memory of that ride, which is actually quite charming, is standing in the queue in around ’98 behind a mother and her kids. At the time one of the props in the line was the “Dip” machine from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The kid asked what movie it was from, and the mother answered, “they tried to put cartoons and real people in the same movie. I don’t think it was very successful, no one really saw it.” I wonder to this day what alternate-universe version of the movie she was talking about.

  3. @sapere_aude:

    You really would be surprised. In my experience, this exact scenario most likely didn’t happen, but each of these questions did. This is probably just a combination of the questions they get on a daily basis. But people are incredibly confused by things like this.

    And if you didn’t know, it IS a ride, a slow-moving tram taking you through scenes (with animatronics) from famous movies. It does not have a “show time”, it constantly loads. Like any other dark ride.

  4. Well of course she couldn’t understand what he was saying – she was speaking american and he was making noices in some strange european lingo…

  5. Am I the only one that would rather just read words instead of watching poorly animated (pigs?) with incessant robot voices?

  6. Many people have very firm ideas of how things are supposed to work, and it’s very difficult to get them to change that idea on the fly. A person who goes into a Disney ride expecting to see a show is absolutely convinced that what they went into is a show. Or a movie. Or whatever. Getting them to change their fundamental idea of what things are is extraordinarily difficult for those who are unused to creative, changing situations.

  7. This is exactly why I decided to take a career in software development. I hate dealing with the general public.

  8. Why is every single text-to-video thing I’ve ever seen ‘reasonable person is frustrated by dialogue with moron’. It’s kind of boring. Surely there’s a better way to illustrate strawmen?

  9. Yes people can really be this dense, people that don’t believe me should go work with the public some time and see just how stupid some people can be.

    I remember some guy at (insert electronics store here) arguing with me for half an hour about how he wanted a square set-top antenna when I had repeatedly explained to him that all the ones we carried were either round, stick, or boomerang shaped. And he thought I was the idiot. A wanted to punch that guy in the face after about the first ten minutes just so he would shut up or talk about something else.

    1. you sure he didn’t mean the analog square-cross patterned antenna that goes on your roof but connects directly to your set top?

  10. I don’t think I’ve seen a single xtranormal video that wasn’t of the “look at the stupid people around me” variety.

    Frankly I don’t enjoy them. They’re the equivalent of a rage thread on a *chan. I really don’t care if it makes you frustrated, pouring it out into one long anonymous straw-man video isn’t funny or entertaining.

  11. This video is sort of an interesting litmus test. Some folks find it hilarious, others find it boring. It infuriates me.

  12. Any ride that involves a *slow-moving tram* and no originally-creative content in exchange for major cash investment on the part of the attendee deserves to be screwed with. I applaud the excellent mind-f*ck that this ride attendee employs. I wish it had resulted in a chain of nervous breakdowns up the entire Disney ladder, but apparently remorse got the best of her at rung one. Too bad.
    Oh, you’re saying it wasn’t intentional? Good for her anyway. One potential baby step closer to the death of the Disney exploito-machine.
    Read Hiaasen’s “Team Disney.” I know Cory likes Hiaasen, ’cause he’s posted as such.

  13. Flippyshark is an extremely patient person. And, yes, conversations JUST LIKE THIS happen every day, with both people speaking the same language.
    It is their holiday, so they want to let their brains rest; we give them that.

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