Tale from the Disney World trenches, animated

Jeffrey sez, "Here is a true-to-life scene from the trenches at Walt Disney World. his web animation recreates a recurring moment in the average day of a front greeter at the Great Movie Ride, written by a 20 year Disney veteran (flippyshark has been working as an imagineer and cast member at Walt Disney World since 1989). The deadpan delivery that results from the computer generated voices makes this cartoon even funnier. It was created with the free software at a site called xtranormal, and can also be seen at http://www.youtube.com/user/flippyshark#p/a/u/0/L16HHxiSPXA

I've heard and read some very funny true-life stories from the Disney trenches, but this one is a cut above on the facepalm hilarity scale.

Is This A Ride? (Thanks, Jeffrey!)