Whimsical, fantastical matrioshke

Doublefine's sweet matrioshkes are dead lovely -- and backordered. I grew up in a house full of these things, since they were the standard gift every time my grandparents went to Leningrad to see the family, or brought the family over for a visit, and I was delighted to discover that my daughter finds them as fascinating as I do -- especially as there are so many more variations on the designs available today.

Stacking Dolls from Stacking


  1. My daughter loves these, too. Our favorite is smaller and smaller chickens, then a baby chick, then an egg.

  2. These dolls look like they could be the crewmembers for the airships and submarines from yesterday’s post.

  3. These are great, but you missed out the best part: that they’re a tie-in promotion for a WHOLE FRICKING GAME that Doublefine is making about them! Presumably it’ll be like all other Doublefine games – beautiful, flawed genius, made by a team trying their hardest to distil awesome and ending up overdoing it a bit. Sort of like Tactical Nuclear Penguin, for the beer drinkers.

  4. nice matrioshka – reminded me of the set i bought for a friend, a couple of years ago, from bulgaria;


    i called them the ‘axis of evil’ matrioshka (although maybe not strictly politically correct)

  5. Many years ago, while traveling, I came across a set of five pre-made blank matryoshka dolls, which I brought back as a souvenir for one of my housemates. She used them to make nesting-doll portraits of the five of us who shared the house, a project which turned out really cool. I should check if she still has them.

    Meanwhile, the memory of that has inspired me to do a quick internet search and Google shows several sources if you search on “blank matryoshka.” Anyone liking the look of the dolls in the write-up but looking to do their own take on the subject might like to know that ready-made dolls are easily available..

  6. Nice. I have a set of communist Presidents ones.

    BTW, the singular is ‘matrioshka’ and plural is ‘matrioshki’.

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