The implosion of security firm HBGary

Illustration: Ars Technica
Ars Technica's Nate Anderson wrote the in-depth story you've been waiting for about security firm HBGary, whose ridiculous plan to attack Wikileaks was exposed by Anonymous, another of its president Aaron Barr's targets.


  1. Love the US Chamber of Commerce saying the first they knew of anything was when the scandal broke. Who were the power point slides for then?

  2. Careful,lads. What you comment here might be socialist engineered and correlated with your facebooks by Aaron Barr, then come and haunt you. You betchah!

  3. This coconut’s crusade against fellow (uber)coconut Assange was most likely inspired by simple burning jealousy. These two share a similar vibe, and Barr was likely butthurt at either not doing something similar and/or Barr tried to make friends with Assange and was told to take a number.

    I bet Barr is just mad with envy now that Dior (I think) is coming out with an Assange label cologne.

    Personally, I think an Assange branded tennis racket would sell much better. I haven’t bothered to Google whether or not Assange plays tennis – but I don’t need to. He does – just look at him…I bet he also plays squash.

  4. I’m sure he had some real information, but of course couldn’t prove it (without search warrants, who can prove anything?) and even worse, couldn’t monetize it. The thing is, there isn’t any money in tracking down Anonymous. Anonymous isn’t rich, isn’t dealing in drugs or stolen goods, doesn’t make any money off of the things it does. So there’s just no profit in attacking or exposing Anonymous.

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