Unusual crochet necklace

uniqueBib.jpeg Julianata on Etsy created this unique and feminine freeform crochet bib/necklace. [via]


  1. That is exactly what it looks like when my cat gorges herself on canned cat food and then vomits it back up.

  2. I am happy that craftspeople are out there making what they like to make, so I feel bad about complaining, and I’m sure I’d like some of the artist’s other stuff. However, that looks exactly like my cat’s barf.

    1. I really do hate to say it, but most of the rest of the stuff also looks like it was skimmed off an ocean dumping ground.

  3. I had to check the link to make sure it wasn’t going directly to Regretsy. Because that’s about all it’s good for.

    What a train wreck…

    I try to be nice to makers, but when you enter the commercial market, the gloves come off. And the greatest thing about Regretsy is that every item on there is something that some hapless SOB is trying to sell. Not show off, but sell. Every glass vagina, every puffy-paint sweatshirt, every hideous painting.

  4. I’m glad all the previous commenters said what they did. Generally I have no clue about fashion, taste, whatever. But cat barf came to my mind as well. :D
    I don’t want to be insulting to the artist. Just my humble opinion.

  5. I can’t believe the regretsy cat’s vomit piece made it to bb. Hilarious! “Unusual” is also in the eyes of the beholder apparently.

      1. Well, I’m more inclined to be kind about what I say, especially about something made by a small scale Etsy seller. I like my way of saying things better.

        1. You are indeed a gentleman, who learned well the maxim about what to say if you can’t say anything nice.

          But if you ever lived with a cat, you’d know why everyone’s insulting this objet d’art in precisely the same manner.

          1. I just so happen to have a very fine cat who has the unfortunate habit of eating too fast and vomiting on the carpet. I just chose not to go for the cheap laugh at the expense of someone’s feelings.

            I don’t know what other people are feeding their cats, but what mine regurgitates is pretty homogeneous with no red, blue, or green colors.

        2. Well if kind is lying or awkward silence, I’m going to have to pass.

          It’s not aesthetically-pleasing. I hope she continues doing what she likes to do. It’s also ugly.

          1. I managed to say that I don’t like that particular piece without being mean or insulting. Honesty and tactfulness do not have to be mutually exclusive.

          2. I hate to drag this on forever, but it’s not mean or insulting to say that something is ugly.

            If I were to say that SHE were ugly, or that she was a dumbfacelady for making it, that would be. What you were doing it side-stepping the statement of your opinion with a verbal maneuver. You are utilizing misdirection by immediately following it up with a compliment.

            Most people would rather have the honest answer, as long as you’re not a jerk about saying it. It’s called feedback for a reason.

          3. Saying that something a person put time and effort into looks like cat vomit is pretty insulting.

            I wasn’t sidestepping anything. I said that what she made was well done but I didn’t particularly like the style, and I considered the fact that her creations would look different on a live person with matching clothing than they look an a plastic mannequin. I found something positive to say about it while also acknowledging in a tactful and diplomatic way that I didn’t like it.

            What can I say? I know how to be forthright without being an ass about it, and I honestly do think that some things made in a style which doesn’t appeal to me are nevertheless made well.

          4. I’m sure it’s meticulously put together and took a lot of effort. It’s nice that she has the thought and patience for that. It looks like cat vomit.

            And you have been side-stepping the issue. It’s basically equivalent to saying “That’s sort of a really unappealing coat you have there BUT NICE SHOES”.

          5. Bullshit. I didn’t sidestep anything. I said is was well made but I didn’t like the style. I said what I thought truthfully without being derogatory. That is how I prefer to express myself. If you have a problem with that, well, that’s just going to have to be your problem. Now I see no point in wasting time on an argument that is going in circles, so you’re welcome to have the last word if you would like. Knock yourself out.

          6. Oh, hi dude. You started this discussion by claiming that every person in the thread except you was trying to evade the issue, when we all in fact called it cat vomit. If you’re done then that’s fine, but don’t be a dick about it.

          7. I said no such thing. I tactfully said that I do not like the necklace and expressed disappointment that other people were more mean or derogatory about it. If you feel a need to make things up and put words in my mouth then I have won. Good day.

  6. Although this particular necklace is pretty ugly, some of her other stuff is not soooo bad and at least this woman actually seems to have some skill in what she does compared to a lot of the other ‘makers’ on Etsy where cutting something out of paper is about the height of their skill, and you know what it isn’t even done with a pair of scissors but a die cut which is so basic it probably could be used by the cat that just vomited up that necklace. What hapened to the value of craft?

  7. I’ve read ‘Belle Armoire’ since it was first published. Regular readers particularly like the Gallery section toward the back of the magazine, consisting of photos of pieces done by the readers themselves (and artists). The jewelry section of this magazine was so popular it spunoff it’s own quarterly magazine – Belle Armoire Jewelry.

    There I have seen all manner of personal adornment, including freeform crochet and knitting. Almost all the enteries it into make the magazine (or quarterly) are very, very good. The range of imagination and ingenuity is breathtaking and inspiring. The above piece looks like an exercise in technique, but is lacking any vision. The artist didn’t seem to know where she was going. Even in ‘freeform’ you have to have some idea in mind before you begin of where you want to end up. However, there is an attitude out there among crafters, that if they put the time into making it, it goes up for sale. Some makers take a lot of pride their work and only the best goes before the public…others not so much. I can tell you that despite our opinion of the final product, there are many handcrafting hours in that necklace and some money in the larger beads – not $45 worth though.

    I’ve had several cats. Nothing they ever barfed up looked like this…if only.

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