Gadaffi jams satellite phones and TV, mobile phones


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  1. Teller says:

    When he shoots himself to end this thing, his obit should include the 72 ways to spell his name.

  2. Kingazaz says:

    What’s really bothering me is that Gadaffhi’s government/military/mercenaries are killing citizens and trying to plunge the whole country into darkness by cutting off all communications. It makes me worry that they’re gearing up for wholesale slaughter with no witnesses.

    Maybe that’s my imagination overreacting and I don’t think it’s likely that the could do such a thing. Still, I heard an interview on NPR with a businessman in the rebel controlled area who was saying that “they” don’t want the U.S. or other countries to hang back like they did with Egypt and Tunisia, but would welcome direct support.

    Restraint is great, but this is all very troubling.

  3. Duffong says:

    What a guy… he’s also reportedly offering $12k for the heads of each protester:

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cats: We get signal!

    oh wait, we don’t. =(

  5. AnthonyC says:

    Sir, our signal… it’s been jammed.

    Raspberry. There is only one man who would dare give me the raspberry. Qaddaffi.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like they need to get a pony express of some kind going, then getting that system to deliver the messages to the nearest internet outpost, and then getting stuff in and out of the country, until Mr. Godawful quits trying to be an asshole that claims to not be, and Libya having a proper democracy of some kind afterwards.

  7. Donald Petersen says:

    Not a new point, by any means (if SNL made fun of it thirty years ago), but since I rarely see two news outlets who spell his name the same way, I think I’ll henceforth refer to the guy as Colonel K.o.K.

    Y’know. For King of Kings.

  8. satn says:

    I don’t get why western countries aren’t helping Libyians by destroying the military assets still being controlled by gadaffhi.

    You’d think they would jump at the chance to fight the kind of battle their technology works for, after getting beat up the last 10 years in guerrila warfare.

    • cory says:

      I am insanely, inhumanly pleased that Western countries aren’t attacking Libya right now. They know they could. They’re exercising something called “restraint”, and when it’s over, Libyans will thank them for it–for not turning their country into Iraq.

      • satn says:

        inhumane is correct. cheering from the sidelines while the barely armed people of Libya are being slaughtered with tanks, planes and artillery is pretty inhumane.

        and the west doesn’t have to invade Lybia to destroy gaddafhis tanks and planes, their trillion dollar airforces could do it without anyone setting foot in Libya

  9. abulafia says:

    It seems the people of Libya are asking for help and the rest of the world is ‘in a meeting’.

    As for the israel crack; when the rest of the middle-east represents its people, maybe the disagreements will be less knee-jerk religious and more political accommodation?

    Fingers crossed anyway.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “The desperate Gadaffi regime in Libya has deployed powerful radio jammers”

    Gee, I wonder where he got those. No, really. Anyone know who’s been supplying this goon with jammers and bombs for the last thirty two years?

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