Saif Gadaffi promises guns and reinforcements to murderous militias

In this video, Saif Gadaffi (the "liberal" Gadaffi scion to whom the London School of Economics awarded a PhD for a plagiarized thesis on soft power and democracy) is seen promising weapons and reinforcements to the militia forces who have been brutally slaughtering peaceful protesters in Libya.

Saif Gaddafi Exposed [ENGLISH SUBTITLES] (via Reddit)


  1. Christ, what an asshole.

    This reminds me…

    25 years ago, some enterprising folks in Dallas made a great short movie called Armageddon Fabulosa, about a crazy preacher, the Reverend Billy Buxton, in the small town of Ovum, who stockpiles weapons and awaits the coming of the Great Beast. An angry neighbor sends him over the edge and he sends his nutty followers out to kill.

    The movie prefigured the Waco standoff, 7 years later.

    The Rev’s rallying speech, played over the final credits, sounds an awful lot like Saif’s call for application of “soft power.”

    The whole movie (all 25 minutes of it) is here:

    I’ve taken the liberty of posting the (15-second) speech here:

    1. You know, that’s a pretty insulting comparison. The Waco folks were never known to have hurt anybody; they certainly had a Texas scale cache of weapons, and there were allegations of child abuse and/or molestation.

      But they never harmed or even threatened anyone outside the compound. it were the feds who, in an awful episode of mass murder, came and burned everybody to death, a pretty awful way to go – including the children they were supposedly “protecting.”

      It’s really sad how that event has been so mis-remembered in the popular consciousness.

      1. Glad to see someone else remembering the ATF(I think) cock-up that went down as another ‘suicide’. Boingers please research, but tired cat recalls some details afforded to a class by Prof. Irving Hexham (new religions class UC). The class took place within a year of the tragedy. Koresh was apparently a gun pal with one of the local officers — sheriff, deputy, or constable. I can’t recall the fellows title. They both attended the same gun shows, and had a more than passing relationship. This policeman lived near the compound, and went on their property during his frequent (if not daily) jogs. Hexham had brought this information up to provide a context of community for those involved, highlighting the lack of immediacy and first-hand relations that the federal authorities did not have when they imposed their will on the group. Anyway, off to bed now. Man, Hexham was a good teacher — I totally disagree with his politics, but…

  2. I hate this evil murderous dude as much as the next sentient being, but was it ever conclusively shown that his thesis was in fact plagiarized?

  3. Like father like son.
    Good that their days are counted, hopefully sooner than later, imagen he would succeed his old man and rule that country for another 40+ years. Horrible.

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