Wedding reception on the Wisconsin protest line

Heather Allen and David Sensenbrenner were Wisconsin high-school sweethearts who moved back to Madison just in time to get married and then rush back to the pro-labor protests outside the state capitol:
"We are just so extremely saddened by the budget repair bill and the threat to teachers and all public workers in Wisconsin," said Allen, adding that there were two teachers and a childhood speech pathologist in the wedding party.

She and several members of the wedding party even slept overnight inside the capitol Tuesday and Wednesday night in protest...

"Everyone was just really excited to see people taking time out of a really important day," Dilley said, pointing out that it made for great art, too. "It's always fun when you can incorporate what's important to the couple." (See WISN 12 news video of Allen and Sensenbrenner at the capitol.)

Cue Union Maid: "A union man's got a happy life when he's got a union wife."

Going to the Chapel, But First a Stop at the Wisconsin Statehouse (Thanks, Kevin!)

(Image: Becca Dilley)