All in one pen, screwdriver, level and ruler

Metal-Pen-with-Level-and-Screwdriver_9828-l.jpeg Neatorama has in this metal pen with a level, a screwdriver, and a ruler built-in. All for $15! But ... is it tactical? [Neatorama via Gadget Lab]


  1. Wait, so can you use the pen to make measurements with the ruler on the pen… *mind explodes*

  2. Sorry Rob, I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Were this a tactical pen, the writeup would look something like this:

    Neatorama has in this Mil-spec aerospace grade aluminum pen with knurled, hard anodized finish(in natural or black), shock resistant polycarbonate bubble level, and customizable every-day-carry modular screwdriver loadout.

    (Also note that the device pictured has a simple pocket clip, rather than a Picatinny rail mount. Definitely not Warrior Lifestyle(tm) approved.)

    1. In retrospect, some sort of Kubotan-styled set of grooves and a vaguely-creepy mention of its applications to self-defense and pain compliance would probably also not be out of place…

  3. phisrow beat me to my comment, almost word for word. Including the Picatinny bit.

    However, this also needs to be hard anodized black. Way too visible at night under a full moon as it is.

    1. It would also have to be able to write while being held the wrong way up in a thunder shower…

      I was going to say something about MOLLE compatibility, but interruptedtransmissionpodcast beat me to that.

      More to the point, though, how does the pen write? If it’s just a cheap ballpoint cartridge, then it kinda defeats the point.

      I also note that “” doesn’t give any manufacturer information, suggesting an anonymous manufacturer in China. This is not to say that I am biased against Chinese manufacturers, just that I would like them to be less anonymous so I could get to know where my stuff is coming from, both for labour/ecological ethical reasons and for quality control.

      That Messograf looks pretty cool, comes from a traceable source, and states cross-compatibility with easily-available cartridges.

  4. Now all you need to do is add solar powered vibration and it would be the one thing I would choose to take to a deserted island…

  5. Even though I can buy a screwdriver, pen, ruler, and level for about $2 total, I still want this. I wonder if it is available with a MOLLE compatible carry case, or a bipod adapter?

  6. FWIW: I received a couple of these as a trade show gimme. They work well and are a good way of not getting your handy-pocket-screwdriver confiscated when flying in the US.

  7. Durn. sold out.
    ability to switch between pencil/pen/stylus (this thing is 3/4 old 600, already)
    Ability to fix and store exacto knife blade.

    Extra credit:
    popout integrated sliding caliper ends for use with the ruler.

  8. I’d be leery of such a device, but I’ve been burned before.

    My mom got me a similar pen for Christmas ’09 –

    No level, but it has several other functions. Overall? Its a nice pen. Solid, useful, etc. Always carrying small saws and knives wasn’t something I thought I’d need to do, but it turned out to be quite useful. Just had to be careful not to take it on an airplane.

    Oh, and it was too heavy to stick behind my ear.

    Overall? It was neat, and I really liked it.

    For about 6 months until the ink ran out. Fortunately, it came with a replacement cartridge. That lasted me another 6 months. And now? I seem to be SOL. The box included info about ordering a replacement cartridge online at the site I posted, but they have no info about replacements, just more pens. Repeated emails to the company asking for info about getting replacement cartridges went unanswered.

    In short, I’m really not interested in buying big fancy pens any more unless I’m positive I can get refills for them easily, cheaply, and perpetually.

    Hopefully this pen has easier refills.

    1. Word. No point in getting fancy pens if the ink is just going to run out. Tragic when that happens. (You’d think standardized cartridges that work everywhere would have been developed somewhere along the way. One good reason for sticking with mechanical pencils, that.)

      Anyway, I can’t quite see what good the ruler on this thing is given that the bore is hexagonal. To get an accurate measurement would involve putting the ruler at an awkward angle relative to the surface being measured. At least it has both metric and imperial.

  9. That is really cool. I turn pens on the lathe, and most of the pen kits take a Cross brand refill, or use leads. Hopefully this one uses a standard refill, but it didn’t really say. This looks like center drilled hex stock, with laser etching. Personally, I think they should have made the scale so zero is the top of the pen, then put a sliding collar around the pen with and indicator to use as a gauge.

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