Rules for golfing during the blitz

This sign was purportedly posted in 1940 in a north country British country club, regarding the special rules of play for bombed-out golf greens.

Stiff Upper Lip (via Neatorama)


  1. Quite funny, obviously meant to be humorous (in that certain British way) but I wouldn’t be surprised if the rules were upheld if these situations arose (I mean, what else are you supposed to do).

  2. I’m pretty sure that having an upper lip that stiff provides considerable protection from minor nuisances like shrapnel…

  3. According to research on this thread of the Snopes message board, this list originated during the second world war. Whether or not these rules were ever used at a golf course was not established.

    1. Because, as we all know, proportional fonts and kerning did not exist until the Apple Macintosh. I mean, it’s so obvious that there’s no need to do something like do a Google search for “1940 newspaper” to see if stuff printed back then looked like this.

      1. Yeah. As somebody who is just old enough to have watched a hot lead Linotype machine in operation, I can say that spacebands make right justification a pretty simple operation.

  4. rule 8: shooting at passing bombers is only allowed if that does not interfere with the competition.

  5. I’m not sure ‘north country’ is right. It’s far more likely to be Richmond in London, which has a good 5+ golf clubs.

  6. Not sure if Caddyshack‘s finale is completely covered, but #5 seems to indicate a choice by the player if nearby explosions affect play.
    But I would have difficulty declaring Bill Murray an enemy.

  7. I hereby wave the BOGUS-BS flag on this fakery. Note that the grammar, word choices, and point of view is written in flawlessly modern American-English. If you’ve read much of a) old newspaper articles or b) any genuinely vernacular British-English writing, you’ll see that this pitch-perfect writing style is a bunch of Blarney. It is a caricature based on a modern writer’s stereotype of the times. Think about it. Even in the inhumanity of wartime, telling a golfer to take a one-stroke penalty for circumstances he did not create is just not cricket.

  8. Modern Rule 8 needs to govern situations wheren an undetonated cluster bomblet is mistaken for the player’s ball….

  9. A guy beats his wife to death with a 9-iron. When the police arrive, the guy says “Yup, I did it.” A cop says “I guess you did. How many times did you hit her anyway?” The guy says “I dunno; put me down for a five.”

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