Police medic wields magic wellness stick

Police_Medic_-_Hell_Beat_You_Well_With_His_Magic_Wellness_Stick.jpg "Primum non nocere." Unless you have a cool-looking baton and you just can't help yourself.


  1. Hey there, subjects! If I were here for your health and welfare I’d be wearing a “protester medic” sign…

  2. “Don’t worry, it’s a medical grade truncheon. Sterile violence.” — Spider Jerusalem

  3. No, no, he’s a police medic, not a hoi polloi medic. The rest of you can bloody well faff off.

  4. He’s the cleric in the back rank, tapping front-rank fighter with his Rod of Resurrection as they run out of hit points.

    (My spellcheck suggested “Insurrection” as a typo-fix when I misspelled “Resurrection”. A “Rod of Insurrection” would be handy in China Miéville’s New Crobuzon.)

    1. Not to call you out, but I bet you smoke the herb. Seem like the stoned abstract thinker type. Not that I’d know.

      Also, +1 for the D&D references, -1 for the Hippocratic oath.

  5. Please people, have some faith in a medical professional. If you look closely and project the arc of his bludgeon you will see that it is intended to land squarely on the hat of the cop in front of him who is intent on doing harm to some fallen citizen below him.
    Thus he is planning on *saving* someone from harm with a well placed blow to a nerve point intended on quickly rendering the out of control cop unconscious.

  6. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: “Police Medic, the ultimate make work project”.

    1. It’s been floating around for a while. Came up shortly after the Ian Tomlinson incident if I remember correctly.

  7. To be fair – medicine is so much more socialized over there. Perhaps there simply were not enough patients for medics to attend to. If year end reports show that there are too many medics for too few patients they stand to lose funding and have to lay off medics.

    So this is a win-win situation. If he goes out there and wallops a few people, he gets to practice and secure his profession, and the people get free medical care and possibly a cool scar that you could use to impress chicks.

  8. It seems like a conflict of interest to me and should not be allowed. To make an absurd comparison, that would be like starting a pre-emptive war to preserve peace, or a Nobel Peace Prize winner starting a war, or…oh, never mind.

  9. Medic: “When I run out of bandages, I like to whip out Old Thumpy here. It’s real satisfying. Here, feel the weight.”

  10. The Terminator: I have detailed files on human anatomy.

    Sarah Connor: I’ll bet. Makes you a more efficient killer, right?

    The Terminator: Correct.

    1. oooh, that was AMAZING! That was an amazing WHU?!TF look from the colleague on his immediate right.

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