Lovely packaging for maple-bacon ice-cream

Portland ice-cream maker Fifty Licks has some sweet (heh) packaging for their products, which include this delicious-sounding maple bacon flavor.

fifty-licks maple bacon ice cream (via Super Punch)


  1. There’s one of those in my freezer right now! At home. Where I am not. DANG. (It is, indeed, delicious)

  2. I’m sure its quite good. The maple-bacon sundaee at Denny’s is wonderful, so I am sure this is too. The saltiness of the bacon, the sweetness of the maple and ice cream really go well together.

  3. Maple bacon plays a leading role in a video of a conversation between a guy and his dog, last seen at

    funniest thing I’ve seen all year.

  4. this post just achieved what all the idiots in the previous thread could not. i changed my mind, there is a god. :-)

  5. Lake Street Creamery, an LA food truck, has some great design to go with their amazing flavors, including Pancake Breakfast (which is a pancake with maple syrup flavored ice cream with bacon bits and the genius addition of ground coffee on top).

    1. It’s actually maple ice cream with chunks of bacon in it. I’ve always enjoyed dabbling bacon in pancake syrup, so this is a natural to me.

      Anon #1: Yes, the bacon maple bar is my favorite! I don’t think I’d eat these two at the same time without paramedics standing by, though :)

      It was definitely the packaging that caught my eye first; the shape really stands out among all the round pint cartons. Then I saw this flavor and had to have it. Total impulse buy. Well done, Fifty Licks!

  6. It really is delicious. The flavor is familiar to anyone who has had syrupy pancakes with a side of bacon. The ice cream gives a wonderful base flavor that the maple-bacon combo can shine through and then fade back into. Wonderful!

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