Gizmodo's Mat Honan submits to a "social media background check"


Mat Honan of Gizmodo volunteered to submit to a "social media background check" along with a handful of fellow Gawker Media colleagues. What the heck does that mean? Well, first, the investigation by Social Intelligence doesn't pass on actual identifiable photos of you to a prospective employer.

In other words, your drunken kegstand photos are probably fine as long as you're not wearing a T-shirt with a swastika or naked from the waist down. Basically, it just wants to know if you're the kind of asshole who will cause legal hassles for an employer. Which brings us back to my report. We ran background checks on six Gizmodo employees, including our editor in chief Joe Brown, and all but one came back clean.
Yes, that's right. All of them except Mat's, because Mat wrote something about enjoying coke and acid once. That's our Mat!