Prince Charles with his margarine tub ukuele


Prince Charles looks badass wielding this margarine tub ukulele. (Via Ukulelia)

REUTERS/Andrew Lloyd


  1. He MUST be Glaswegian. I can tell by how close together his eyes are.

    I know this because a fella from Stirling, I’ll call him Jimmy, told me that Glaswegians talk funny and their eyes are close together.

    Check, and check!

  2. “Prince Charles looks badass wielding this margarine tub ukulele.”

    I think you’ve got a punctuation typo — shouldn’t it be: Prince Charles looks bad. Ass wielding this margarine tub ukulele.

  3. Background cultural infilling:

    Colonials may wish to wait for the fine ukulele break in the this fine piece of British smut. Well – it was the height of smut at the time!

    Fill him full of enough vintage cognac and I’m sure Crown Prince Wingnut would do an impression.

  4. You’d think a man of his heritage he could at least score a cigar box version. I mean even a cardboard King Edward box would sound better.

  5. In the unlikely event that Dr Who regenerations start getting old again, he’d probably do quite well.

  6. Given that the Ukelele is Hawaiian, and Hawaii was briefly occupied by the British in the 1840s, is this a sign of renewed British colonial aspirations in the region?

  7. I’m as big a republican (in the anti monarch sense, not the lunatic right/conservative sense) as the next person, but as one of Charles’ subjects (waves from Australia) there are simply far to few opportunities to put “Prince Charles” and “badass” in the same sentence. I am pleased that you have found one of them, and it’s times like this that I think “If I’m going to be ruled by anyone that’s not me, well, a badass is a good option…”

  8. there are simply far to few opportunities to put “Prince Charles” and “badass” in the same sentence.

    If one gets into the trade of kissing up to the rich and famous, one can certify how bad their asses tastes.

  9. He’s my favourite royal (if I have to have one) by a long shot. He has a lot of the same bad qualities that permeate the british monarchy, but he does do a lot of good charity work. Not like Diana’s ‘get me in the paper’ charity work, real charity work.

  10. What a strange facial expression that is. Is he smiling or crying? It looks a bit like the forced smile of someone trying to hold his eyes open while looking into bright light.

    1. ‘What a strange facial expression that is. Is he smiling or crying?’

      I’m going to go with…’self-deprecating’.

  11. Mark – I think, back on the schoolyard, when you were learning how to curse, someone lied to you about the meaning of “badass”. PROTIP: if it involves Ukeleles or British Royalty, you’re probably looking for another word.

  12. I dunno about badass.

    He looks kinda like one of those caricature puppets from that “Spitting Images” TV program.

  13. Ok. I’m from the US and I’m a republican (little ‘r’) mostly because I really can not even understand why some one would want a hereditary monarchy to begin with if given the option, but his expression is so pathetically cute that I think it qualifies at twee. He looks like one of those paintings of big-eyed kids with broken arms from the 70s.

  14. My daughter was just asking me the other day what exactly it was that Kings and Queens did in England.

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